38 Proven Tai Chi Benefits (No. 21-38 Will Suprise You)

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Tai-Chi is a kind of sport that develops in China since 16th century. This sport combines body movements, respiratory practice, and meditation. It is also called as a meditative “gymnastic” that is beneficial both for our body and soul. Tai-Chi is different from other gymnastics since its movements tend to be slow because it focuses to the balance of the movements and respiratory. Every movement in Tai-Chi is considered safe so that it is practicable by all people in all ages.

13 Elements in Tai-Chi (8 hand basics and 5 feet basics)

The 13 elements in Tai-Chi refers to Eight Diagram (Bagua) dan Five Elements (Wuxing).

The eight diagrams that are the basic of the hand movements are explained below:

  1. Peng = halting
  2. Lu = twisting
  3. Qi = pressing
  4. An = pushing
  5. Lie = scattering
  6. Cau = taking
  7. Zhou =elbowing
  8. Kao = leaning

Five Elements that are used as the basic of feet movements are explained below:

  1. Jin = move forward
  2. Tui =move backward
  3. Ku = move to left
  4. Pan = move to right
  5. Ding = within middle

The combination of those two basic movements from Eight Diagram and Five Elements will be clearer during practice and perform. It is better if we ask our Master/Sifu. Numerous benefits we gain after practicing Tai-Chi. Based on Jing Qi Shen theory, Tai Chi is purifying our energy. If we reach spiritual energy we can select six senses and seven energies that are 13 in total. If those 13 elements control our mind, they will ruin and disturb us. Tai-Chi helps us to purify those elements. As a result, we will be more relax, more cheerful, calmer and younger.

Kind of Tai-Chi Streams

Tai-Chi has various streams even though they have only one root. There are five main streams of Tai-Chi that are based on the suhu who bequeathed their knowledge to their students:

  1. Chen stream, bequeathed byChen Wangting (1580–1660)
  2. Yang stream, bequeathed by oleh Yang Lu-ch’an(1799–1872)
  3. Wu/Hao stream, bequeathed by oleh Wu Yu-hsiang(1812–1880)
  4. Wu stream, bequeathed by Wu Ch’uan-yu (1834–1902)
  5. Sun stream, bequeathed by oleh Sun Lu-t’ang(1861–1932)

Those five streams are the main streams that are considered as the root of Tai Chi. Even though the names are different but they have the same main basics and principles: focus and balance ourselves and Chi energy.

Since Tai-Chi is a sport, its beneficial for our health is of course undeniably important. It is also useful for increasing our sexual activity and performance. Last but not least, Tai-Chi is beneficial for healing.

1-15 : Proven benefits of Tai-Chi for your health

tai chi

  1. Relieving Stress.

Movements in Tai-Chi are soothing and structured to neutralize stress. Our stressful mind will disturb our body. During practicing Tai-Chi, we focus ourselves only to our mind. By doing so, we release the stress burden in our mind. Consequently, we become more relax. Tai-Chi trains both of our body and mind in order to perform excellently. Benefits of yoga almost same, could decrease your stress level.

  1. Strengthening Our Bones.

It is believed to strengthen the bones of women during their menopause period. It has been already proven by several studies.

  1. Lighten Our Muscles.

Tai-Chi focuses on our muscles differently from the usual sports. Its internal practices are helpful in strengthening our power without maximal effort. While practicing Tai-Chi, our muscles do not experience certain pressure. Naturally it can be practiced by everybody, either someone in his healthy condition or he who is under recovery.

  1. Strengthening Our Upper Body

Despite the fact that we do not lift any load while practicing Tai-Chi but it can strengthen our upper body. It happens because we need to train our hand without any additional equipment.

  1. Tai-Chi for Elderly

The advantages of tai-Chi are mostly felt by elderly. It is proven to strengthen our balance between our movements so that the risk of falling down can be minimized. People above 60 years old tend to be inactive which later will influence their health and life quality. Several medical cases experienced by elderly are: osteoporosis, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal disturbance. Therefore, elderly should choose a safe sport that can prevent them from any risk that indeed will worsen their condition. The characteristic of Tai-Chi makes this sport becomes elderly favourite.

  1. Relieving Arthritis.

Based on the result of the study, practicing Tai-Chi can indeed increase muscles and joints flexibility so that it can lessen the pain and makes the movement faster.

  1. Strengthening Our Respiratory

Most people believe that aerobic is good for strengthening our heart and lung. However, it is not only aerobic that serves its beneficial because Tai-Chi plays the same function too. Inhaling slowly, deeply, and regularly as well as energetic movements work hand in hand to supply the oxygen to our deepest tissues. The results are more maximal than the usual practice. Practicing Tai-Chi helps us building a good breathing habit.  We usually use our upper part of our chest when we breathe. Then we exhale in panting.  It makes the supply of oxygen in our body is not sufficient so that it can work maximally.

  1. Increasing Our Strength and Malleability.

When our body reaches its malleability, at the same our muscles become flexible and stronger. It also helps to strengthen our bones in order not to get broken easily. Tai Chi lengthen our muscles. The stretching movement in Tai-Chi makes our muscles elastic like a rubber. This elasticity eventually makes us stay young.

  1. Increasing Our Immunity.

Tai-Chi movement activates our inner organs. For example: our spleen so that it can function well in detoxification. If our organs develop better, automatically our immune system grows better.

  1. Increasing Relaxation.

Breathing deeply and slowly will calm our body and mind since the nerves in our nerves center experiences the same way too. Short breathing and fast will trigger our tension and sometimes our anger. Since its movements are mostly about body malleability, concentration in the form of meditation and respiratory practice, it can makes us relax and placid. Our blood will be flown without increasing pressure to our heart. Tai chi does not make heart push the blood stronger. Otherwise, it increases the elasticity of our vascular system so that our heart does not have to perform severely. As a result it can relax better and longer.

  1. Drain the “Chi” energy.

Routinely practicing Tai-Chi will make us sense the energy. We can learn how to keep, manage and develop the energy unless we learn and practice it well.  Set the schedule for practicing Tai-Chi. Even it is only for five minutes it will bring you a lot of advantages.

  1. Enumerating the Performance of Our Joints

Tai-Chi maximizes the synovial liquid in our body. Synovial liquid is the liquid layer between the joints that role as lubricants that prevent our bones from friction to one another. Tai-Chi develops the synovial liquid and prevents us from joints disturbance and relieves our rheumatic and arthritis.

  1. Preventing us from illnesses

Tai-Chi experts say that tai-Chi helps in reducing the pain by preserving the energy and strengthening our inner organs by increasing our immune system. Basically lymph fluid is moved by small muscles contraction. Tai-Chi works efficiently to increase that contraction so that lymph fluid can be flown efficiently from all system. It also releases T4 white cells blood that cleans the pathogen.

  1. Fixing Our Posture and Relieving Back Pain

Tai-Chi fixes our posture that prevents us from falling and it also relieves the pain in our muscles as well as         our joints.

  1. Increasing Our Awareness

Practicing Ta-chi regularly will increase our awareness, clear our mind and make our mood better.

16 – 20. Tai Chi Increase Sexual Life

Tai-Chi Joys your Sexual Life. Gaining a satisfying sexual life is other benefits from practicing Tai-Chi. Several Tao masters from generation to generation were assigned by Chinese Emperor (begin from Qin Emperor) to develop Dragon Tai-Chi. It is only taught for Emperor environment in the past. Practicing Tai-Chi facilitate them to increase and develop their sexual superiority. Therefore, they can have several concubines as their supremacy sign at that time.

The essence of Dragon tai-Chi is “Locking and Using the Chi energy” around their genital organ. It is the same as Tai -Chi-Kung that uses CHI tfor health and heart, lung, digestion, and joints revitalization.  The practice covers “Simple Meditation, Lower Tan Thien Breathing, and Inner Muscles” contraction. Practically, most of these Dragon Tai-Chi movements can be done everywhere without being notice by others.

  1. Increasing our strength and malleability

The intercourse satisfaction as well as its duration requires perfect stamina. Less malleability will decrease our passion. Practicing Tai-Chi regularly will not only elevate our malleability during sexual activity but also make our feeling better and sensitive.

  1. Practicing Tai-Chi Build a Precise Breathing Habit.

It will therefore increase our vitality and ability to have active intercourse. Breathing well in Tai-Chi is important to control the orgasm and keep the strength of our back.

  1. Elevating Relaxation.

A well-arranged malleability movements, full concentration as a part of meditation in movement, breathing practice are the “content” in Tai-Chi that make our body reach its absolute relaxation. That condition will activate our “sex hormone” such as endomorphins and increase our sensitive nerves. We will sense such a thrilling experience for every kiss, touch, look from our partner after we practice Tai-Chi.

  1. Increasing Our Energy Stream and Our Chi

Our body is full with energy and small mass particles. Practicing Tai-Chi will increase our knowledge about energy stream and sex. For example, the “thrilling” sensation that you feel before orgasm is influenced  by the energy that is caused by the movements of simple particles called Chi. If we want to focus Tai-Chi movement that focuses only  for the sexual joy, we can practice  specific Tai-Chi movement called Tantra. Practicing Tai-Chi regularly brings a mutual connection between our body energy and our sexual energy. In Tai-Chi, we do not only practice to collect the energy in our body but also how to use it effectively and efficiently. In order to increase the usage of our energy so that we are always fit and healthy, we should learn these two things:

  • Recognize our energy ability. If we feel that our energy has not reached its maximum strength, we should avoid sexual activity which usually taken out all of your energy.
  • We should learn how to save the energy, manage, and develop it. We will learn this a lot better after you routinely practicing Tai-Chi.
  1. Increasing the ability to “Stop in One Spot”

Practicing Tai-Chi helps us to concentrate and “stop in one spot” so our mind won’t wander. We well be easily arrange every “moment” in our mind. You will be surprised by your ability to concentrate after practicing Tai-Chi.

By focusing our mind, we will be totally enjoy our sexual activity. We can feel the energy urge that is needed on the bed. Healthy body and healthy mind will make our sexual life become closer and more passionate.

Tai-Chi has its excellent power in healing illnesses like asthma, rheumatic, or even stroke. How does Tai-Chi do the healing? The answer is quite simple: PRACTICING. Its preparation posture either it is in dynamic or static condition is able to keep the balance point of ming men. Keeping the ming men means conditioning ourselves bot to give pressure to blood vessel, nerve, and meridian so that blood, qi dan body liquid (jin Ye) can flow smoothly.And the metabolism process will work normally. We can use one or more than one Tai-Chi style for 10-30 minutes every day for healing.  We can ask our master for certain styles to cure certain illnesses. For example:

  • Wu Ji Zhuang style for healing stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Formless Tai Chi for healing TBC and motoric function rehabilitation of stroke.

There are two groups of Dragon Tai-Chi:


This group is addressed for starter. The materials are about Simple Meditation, Lower Tan Thien Breathing, Flowing The Ching-Chi, and Power Lock (locking “Chi” in lower part of the stomach). They are the basic of Dragon Tai-Chi.


After we are able to control and to lock “Chi” under our stomach, the practice is continued to Dance of Penis, Testicle Breathing, Dance of Testes, and Refining The Golden Nectar. By practicing those 4 unique movements routinely and consistently, all function and genital organ will gain benefits, such as:

  1. The increasing of Erection Quality.
  2. Penis grows bigger.
  3. The increasing of sperm quality and quantity.
  4. Recover from premature ejaculation.
  5. Curing prostate issue
  6. Curing impotence.

21 – 38 What kind of illness that can be cured by Tai-Chi

a-p are the kind of illnesses that can be cured by practicing Tai-Chi:

  1. migraine
  2. headache.
  3. insomnia
  4. backpain
  5. rheumatic
  6. arthritis
  7. osteoporosis
  8. fibriomyalgia
  9. heart
  10. hypertension
  11. cholesterol
  12. uric acid
  13. stress
  14. anxiety
  15. motoric function of because of stroke.
  16. leveling concentration for study.
  17. elevating self-confidence for performance and take decision.

Before practicing Tai-Chi we should

  1. Meditation. Meditation is the very first step to do prior to practicing Tai-Chi since it can calm our mind. The effect of meditation is the same important as physical exercise.
  2. Warming up. Do simple movement to facilitate blood circulation. Full our focus on the area below our navel that is considered as the center of gravity. And after finish practicing, we should cool down ourselves. Tai-Chi might not hard but its movement that forces our joints and muscles is somehow tiring.
  3. Practice every Tai-Chi movement based on our instructor’s instruction. Do every movement with deep breathing. We should comprehend every movement formation, such as White Stork Spread Wings or Left Grasp Bird’s Tail.
  4. If we have joints issue, we should ask our doctor to know things we should avoid.
  5. It is indeed we can learn tai-Chi from videos. However, it is suggested that we learn from the masters of Tai-Chi since they can monitor our movements.
  6. Modifying movements are suggested. For example for someone who suffers from arthritis, he/she should adjust the movements that might give certain burden to his/her knee so that he/she still feel the comfort during practice.
  7. If our joints are swollen, we’d better not to push ourselves to practice even though Tai-Chi experts say that we can still practice under that condition as long as we do it gently and carefully.
  8. Measure every movement. Pushing ourselves during practice will be meaningless. Practicing Tai-Chi is different from the usual sports because it trains our inner power, instead of our outer power.

Tai Chi Video

Now we can do self-healing cheaply and safely without worrying about side effect as we can practice Tai Chi everywhere. We do need only healing and manage the limitless QI  days and nights. In that way we can minimize the budget for medication for our illness since we can do the healing with Tai-Chi, either for our physical and mental health.