What Are the Health Benefits of Standing Desk for You?

Do you work in an office which requires you to sit for hours on your desk? Are you one of the office workers who sick of this dull routine? Maybe you should suggest your office to provide some standing desk for the workers. These standing desks are quite popular these days. It is mentioned that […]

20 Top Health Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer for Mental Health

In Islam, there is a name tahajjud prayer. Prayer tahajjud proved to have many benefits when done on a regular basis. Therefore, this prayer is one of the prayers that are highly recommended for Muslims. In the Qur’an and hadith also described some of the benefits that can be obtained by performing tahajjud prayer. To […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Watching Cat Videos for Psychology

Who does not get upset when you see a cat in action? The fur, the shape of his face, the way he walks, almost every part of his body and his behavior makes everyone want to embrace him immediately. Recently also viral about the benefits of health benefits of watching cat videos. Based on a […]

12 Health Benefits of Japanese Soaking Tubs (Ofuro)

One of modern incarnations of the old tradition from Japan is called as Japanese soaking tubs or usually known as ‘Ofuro’. Those tubes have the depth to the shoulders of average adult when sitting upright, where the sizes you can find in a wide range. There are the tubs for single person even for two […]

10 Scientific Benefits of Wearing Hijab for Women

The hijab in Arabic word means “cover”, worn by Muslims women to cover their hair and neck. Furthermore, most Muslims women wear the hijab as well as avoid wear tight clothes that will form the curve of the body. Holy Quran published the benefits, which said that: “And when you ask (the Prophet’s wives) for […]

10 Health Benefits of Taking Foods From Home

American society has a staple trend named social eating. The people do not eat home-made cooking but together eat at restaurants, café and other, including by ordering take out or to-go. Nowadays, the activity is becoming a habit to socialize with others not only in America, but also in the most of countries in the […]

6 Health Benefits of Drinking 6 to 8 Glasses of Water A Day

Almost more than 60% of our body is water. The water we can get not only from plain water, but also from beverages like milk and juice of fruits and vegetables. Source of the rule to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day has not been confirmed. One theory assumes that it probably […]

8 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Rice Everyday

Rice is commonly known as one of the healthiest foods over the world. In the combining with various vegetables and spices, makes it as an incredible meal. However, we almost eat rice every day due to the health benefits. Whether brown or white rice, the health benefits are priceless to our body.  For more detail, […]

8 Proven Health Benefits of Sleeping for College Students

Keep a sleep schedule regularly is difficult for college students. It is because of some factors such as in the residence hall living, studying hard due to exams, taking many classes and socializing. Furthermore, how well you sleep is probably based on your daily habits including activities. Take a better sleep may help you get […]

6 Proven Nutritional Benefits of Fruits, Vegetables and Pulses

Nutrients can we obtain through fruits, vegetables and pulses. Those are important because they have vital effect on physical growth and development, maintenance of normal body function, physical activity and health. Also, The American Heart Association recommends 4 ½ cups of each per day or at least eat fruits and vegetables half of your plate. […]