6 Health Benefits of Farting – Why You Should Just Let it Out!

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“Ugh, were you farted?”, “disgusting”, “OMG its smells so bad!”; that’s probably the usual reaction you get when you fart in the presence of others, whether it is voluntary or involuntary. Though we all know farting is something natural and something that everyone experiences, Farting, especially on that’s done in public can be embarrassing and will cause a disgusted reaction from people who hear or smells it. Let us start this blasting journey with a basic question, what is fart actually is?

Flatulence, or as we commonly know, fart, is a release of intestinal gas, which typically composed from 20-90% Nitrogen, 0-50% Hydrogen, 10-30% Carbon Dioxide, 0–10% Methane and 0-10% Oxygen. It all really depends on what you eat, how much air you ingest, and the bacteria in your particular gut.

Farting are caused by buildup of gas in our bodies, typically due to Air we swallowed throughout the day you’re anxious, drinking a carbonated beverage, or when we’re chewing our food; Overgrowth of bacteria in digestive systems caused by conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, celiac disease, liver disease, and inflammatory bowel disease; or partially digested carbs that doesn’t get fully digested by the enzymes when it finally reach the small intestines. Some of these gasses can be absorbed by the body, but there are some amount of gasses gathers in your tummy you need to release it into the air by farting or burping.

Fart can be disgusting, but who knows there are actually health benefits of farting. Here are 6 health benefits of farting and why you should just let it out.

1. Ease Yourself

No farts are equal. As a natural farter, we all know some of the farts are easy to hold but some are not. While embarrassing, relief of passing gas is worth it. Holding it in can make you grumpy, uncomfortable and easily irritated. You may not want to let one fly every time you feel the need to, but doing so in moderation may boost your mood significantly.

2. Reduces Bloating

Surely, there are many health benefits of farting. The term bloating refers to a stretched or swollen abdominal area that occurs when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air or gas. These abdominal filled with a gas can cause pain, frequent burping or belching, and abdominal rumbling that even though not dangerous, can be annoying and uncomfortable. Bloating is not caused by a certain food, rather by the way that the body has broken it down.

Though there are some of the food that causes more gasses when broken down in the stomach such as beans, lentils, carbonated drinks, wheat, a cruciferous vegetable, onions, barley, and rye. Now that the gasses produced by your body settle on your stomach, your tummy will feel swollen an bigger until you get rid of the gas. The gas needs to escape as it will continue to build up, causing the discomfort and swelling get worse, leaving you feeling heavier and fatter.

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3. Saves Your Colon

For someone who has severe obstructions in their colons. Holding in gas or trying to manipulate the way it is released can harm your colon and inflame your hemorrhoids. Your colon could blow up like a balloon because of the blockage and eventually could lead to bursting of there are any weaknesses in the walls.

While its something uncommon, holding in fart could also push your gastrointestinal tract upward and cause bloating and discomfort around your midsection. So it is better to just let it out than holding it.

4. Helps Balance Your Diet

Health benefits of farting are revealed here! We want to lose weight, get fit, and start eating healthily. A healthy diet is something we always yearn, but staying disciplined is somewhat hard. Here is how your naturally produced gasses can help you stay on track: by analyzing it. Different types of food produce different kinds of gas. With this fact, you can determine what you may need or what you should cut down in your daily diet.

Ever wonder sometimes when you find your fart smell more unpleasant than usual? There are foods that cause your gas to smell bad, some of them are cruciferous vegetables, Brussel sprouts, bok choy, pork, and meat. While vegetables and lean meat are good for you, they have a high level of sulfur that causes your fart to smells stink. Also fat from meat slows digestion, making food spends more time in your gut to ferment. Thus, when your gas smells start being a bother, you might need to cut out these high sulfur contain food.

Aside from that, infrequent flatulence could mean you don’t consume enough fiber. Fiber is essential in your diet as fiber produce softer and heavier waste, making it move easily along your intestinal tract. If you notice you fart a lot less you might need to try raspberries, flaxseed, oat bran, chia seeds, avocado, and almond as they are a good source of fiber.

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5. The Smell is Good for You

Surprise! Hydrogen sulfide, a mere 1 percent part of your fart that causes rotten egg smell might be the key from your longevity. While hydrogen sulfide is dangerous in large quantities, research shows that in small doses, it may prevent mitochondrial damage that can save you from heart attacks and strokes in the future. It also helps you from Dementia, by changing the way enzymes function in the disease.

6. Excellent Health Indicator

Analyzing changes in you flatulence smells probably one of the ways you can save your money by predicting major health issues early. An increased amount of fart with bad smells along with gas pains can be warning signs of gastrointestinal problems such as lactose intolerance or colon cancer, though cancer is a bit more rare cases. You should discuss all of your flatulence changes with your physician.

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In that event, we should naturalize farting as something that can occur anytime to anyone. While it probably disgusts everyone around you, you should just go ahead and let your farts out as often as you would like because farting is a sign of healthy body and can also bring benefits for the people who smell it.