20 Top Health Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer for Mental Health

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tahajjud prayerIn Islam, there is a name tahajjud prayer. Prayer tahajjud proved to have many benefits when done on a regular basis. Therefore, this prayer is one of the prayers that are highly recommended for Muslims.

In the Qur’an and hadith also described some of the benefits that can be obtained by performing tahajjud prayer. To find out these benefits, see the explanation below:

  1. Improve immunity

In fact, implementing the health benefits of tahajjud prayer can boost one’s immune system. This statement is reinforced by a study conducted by prof. Dr. Mohammad Shaleh

  1. Expel disease

In addition to boosting immunity, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sholeh also explained that performing tahajjud prayers can also expel various diseases. This has something to do with the rise of the immune system while performing this sunnah prayer

  1. Make the face glow

Often performing tahajjud prayer can also make the face be brighter glow. This is because before the prayer must first perform ablution. Water washed during wudu can clean the dirt on the skin, especially on the face. Surely this will make the face more clean and shiny

  1. Improve blood circulation

During prayer, many limbs are moved. Starting from lifting both palms up to head right and left. These simple movements that can accelerate blood circulation in the body in health benefits of blood donation regularly

  1. Raising the lung cavity

Movement lifts both palms during tahajjud prayer can open the lung cavity becomes wider. In effect, the blood flow to the lungs becomes more fluent. So the lungs become healthier

  1. Good for mental health

When one performs a prayer, their mind will be much calmer and more relaxed. Positive energy is more dominant than negative energy. That way, someone who runs tahajjud prayer has better mental health in benefits exercises mental health than those who do not run it

  1. Make someone smarter

In prayer tahajjud, there is a prostration movement. This movement helps blood flow to the brain becomes more. The function both the human brain became more leverage. When brain function is maximal, it is not impossible that someone will become more intelligent in health benefits of dates and creative

  1. Prevent pain in the legs

Movement sitting on tahajjud prayer proved to prevent pain in the legs in health benefits of avocado leaves. This is because the foot pressed so that the blood circulation will be pumped more leverage 

  1. Relax the neck muscles

Often we feel the neck muscles become stiff. Try to pray tahajjud to remove the stiffness. Because the greeting movement on tahajjud prayer can relax the stiff neck muscles and facilitate the flow of blood in the section

  1. Prevent back pain

This is because the movement bends forward to the contraction of the back and buttocks. read more about benefits of sleeping on the floor for back pain

More benefits of Tahajjud Prayer

  1. Makes you more religious person
  2. Makes you feel okay again
  3. Psychological booster
  4. Makes you think clearer
  5. Makes you a better person
  6. Gets you close to God
  7. Inspires you to be greater
  8. Teaches you how to thankful about everything we had
  9. Makes you feel loved
  10. You feel safe and sound


To get the most out of the health benefits of tahajjud prayer, you should do it regularly