What Are the Health Benefits of Standing Desk for You?

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Do you work in an office which requires you to sit for hours on your desk? Are you one of the office workers who sick of this dull routine? Maybe you should suggest your office to provide some standing desk for the workers. These standing desks are quite popular these days. It is mentioned that the standing desk is healthier than the conventional sitting desk. So, what are the health benefits of standing desk? You will find more benefits on this page, so keep reading.

But first, do you know what kind of desk the standing desk is? For you who never known about this desk before, it is a desk which is usually adjustable to your height.  For the material, various material and design are available to meet your interest. You can chose the metal desk which meets your industrial sense of interior design, or else, you can choose the minimalist wooden standing desk for your simple and comfort working space.

This desk enables you to work while you standing, instead of sitting. So, there is no chair available for this desk. This way, you can have more free and flexible motion while you work on your paper or computer. A vast working area, with standing desks and no cubicles is quite a trend the days.

The Health Benefits of Standing Desk

People may think that standing desk is tiring, and question about what are the health benefits of standing desk. Some research proved that standing desk is beneficial for your health. At least, you can imagine how the standing activities are healthier than the sitting for hours of activities.

What are the health benefits of standing desk for you? This is the same comparison for standing desk and common desk with chair. And here are some of the health benefits of standing desk.

  1. Manage Weight

Some studies proved that we burn more calories in standing position rather than in sitting position. It convinces us that standing desk will enable us in controlling our weight better than using the sitting desk. This way, using standing desk is able to control our weight, lose some, and further avoid us from getting obese.

  1. Improve Metabolism

Body metabolism is also better while we are standing. In this position, the energy resources can be quickly transformed into energy. Therefore, there will be no fat stacking which leads through weight gain or sugar increase in your blood which improves the risk of developing diabetes type 2. This is also the reason why Health Benefits of Walking 60 Minutes a Day are good for you.

  1. Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Research proved that most of the cancer patients spent the time mostly with sitting. The research underlined that some types of cancer caused by this position are colon, prostate, breast, and lung cancer. Therefore, it is better if you can use the standing desk to give you more standing time. It can also reduce the risk of developing cancer.

  1. Fix Your Posture

While you are sitting, you might not realize that you are in bad posture. All you need is comfort. But sometimes, comfort doesn’t give you the proper posture. And by standing, you can fix your bad posture, and prevent the problem caused by the bad posture habit. 

  1. Improve Cardiovascular Health

What are the health benefits of standing desk for you? Standing desk allows the better blood circulation. As we know, the better blood circulation is the key for cardiovascular health.

In addition, it has been scientifically proven that people who sit more than two hours in a day may have 125% higher risk of getting heart diseases. To improve cardiovascular health, diet is also important. Therefore, it is better if you can also have the Health Benefits of Garlic Leaves For Cardiovascular.

  1. Increase Productivity

Standing desk enable you to get more energy supply from the improved metabolism process. This way, you can also improve your productivity. So why don’t you switch your conventional desk with standing desk if it can give you more health benefits and productivity? You may also work while listen to your favorite songs to improve your mood and performance as included in Health Benefits of Listening to Your Favorite Song.

  1. Prevent Hemorrhoids

As we know, hemorrhoids are painful. Do you know that one of the risk factors in hemorrhoids is the prolonged sitting? So, it is clear that standing desk will be more evitable for you to prevent hemorrhoid. In addition, you should have the healthy lifestyle such as applying the Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water First Thing in the Morning.

More Health Benefits of Standing Desk for You

What are the health benefits of standing desk for you? There are more things to know about what are the benefits of standing desk. Here are the other benefits of standing desk you can get.

  1. Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes
  2. Lower Cholesterol Level
  3. Improve Internal Organ Functioning
  4. Strengthen Bones
  5. Improve Digestion
  6. Increase Brain Activity
  7. Slower Degeneration
  8. Reduce Back Pain
  9. Prevent Neck Strain
  10. Increase Lung Capacity
  11. Strengthen Core
  12. Improve Mood
  13. Improve Self-Esteem

Considerations in Using the Standing Desk

Now you have known what the health benefits of standing desk are. However, there are some considerations you should take to get the health benefits of standing desk. You know, following trends without knowing the precautions of it make you nothing more than a victim of trend. Here are some considerations you should take in using standing desk.

  • Start moderately

If you are accustomed to use the sitting desk, do not change your habit immediately into the standing desk. You may cause some health problems if you immediately change your habit. First, you can try to stand for about 20 minutes and sit when you feel tired. Next time, add your standing time. This way, you can gradually make the standing position.

  • Use a mat

Using mat makes your toes, knees, hips, and ankles at ease. It is recommended to use the gel mat or anti-fatigue mat if you plan to stand for hours. In this case, the supportive and confortable shoes are also important for you.

  • Take sitting time

Sometimes you may feel that it is hard to focus while you standing. In this time, take your time to sit for a while. It helps you to be more focused and get your work done efficiently.

  • Find the suitable setting

In using the standing desk, make sure you choose the adjustable standing desk. This way, you can set your desk according to your measurement. Make sure the setting is suitable and evitable for your posture.

  • Keep in motion

While you are standing, make sure you move a little. It will optimize your body and give you the health benefits. The stay still standing will not give you the significant effect, just not far from the effect of sitting. People who work in the conventional desk may even rely on the Health Benefits of Walking Up and Down Stairs to keep the motion and stay healthy.

Those are the health benefits of standing desk. Take the considerations, and maybe you can start to transform your working space with this sophisticated standing desk.