16 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel

There are many health benefits of drinking water from copper vessel is said according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing system based in India. Storing water in copper vessels overnight believed to be beneficial for our health. There are many studies who support that theory. Many scientists have […]

17 Benefits of Good Health – Lifestyle – Mental Well-Being – Safety Standard

A wise man once said that being healthy is one the greatest gift that you will ever get in your life. That statement is completely true. This is because with a good health condition, then basically you can make the full use of your life compared to those who live with various health issues. But, […]

20 Top Benefits of Yoga for Students – Physical – Mental Health

Yoga is considered as the ancient tradition that deals with your postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and ethical principles. Nowadays, yoga becomes very popular among adults and teenager because it will bring you a lot of health benefits. In the matter of fact, certain people have already concluded that yoga is becoming a part of their […]

15 Social Benefits of Exercise for Youth and Elderly (#Research Base)

There is no surprise that exercise would bring a lot of health benefits for your body. Everybody already knows about that fact. Doing exercises on a regular basis would boost your energy, control the body weight, prevent you from many diseases, and alleviate all of the symptoms of depression. But, what if we told you […]

22 Health Benefits of Quitting Caffeine for A Better Lifestyle – Psychology – Mentally Treatments

Who doesn’t know about caffeine? Yes, caffeine is psychoactive drugs that commonly contained in some of the most popular beverages in the world, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and sodas. Because of that, there is no surprise that caffeine is considered as the most widely used drugs in the world right now. But, do you […]