10 Scientific Benefits of Wearing Hijab for Women

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The hijab in Arabic word means “cover”, worn by Muslims women to cover their hair and neck. Furthermore, most Muslims women wear the hijab as well as avoid wear tight clothes that will form the curve of the body. Holy Quran published the benefits, which said that: “And when you ask (the Prophet’s wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen: that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts.” (Quran, Al-Ahzab: 53)

In Holy Quran, the obligation of Muslims women to wear hijab mentioned with: “This is more appropriate so that they may be known [as Muslim women] and thus not be harassed [or molested].”(Quran, 33:59). So, it is clearly mentioned that Muslims women have to wear hijab, while the benefits of wearing hijab you can read with the details:

  1. Protects the women from harassment especially from men

Men tend to amuse their self by noticing the curves and private parts of women while it can trigger harassment to the women. In addition, wearing hijab will protect the women from any harassment especially from men because the body of the women is covered by their hijab.

  1. Enhances the purity of women:

Hijab will enlighten Muslims women of their purity. The benefit of wearing hijab is to represent how the women are protected from all the evil so they tend to be pure. However, the good personality of the person will support for the purity of hijab itself.

  1. Acts as representation of dedication

The other benefit of wearing hijab is to represent dedication of women towards any single man. No one has the right to seek pleasure from them because they are sacred only for their husbands. Furthermore, it represents how the person has dedication to God or to the religion, known as Islam.

  1. To focus on personality

Wearing hijab means it hides physical traits and beauty of the person, while makes other people to focus on the personality. Consequently, physical traits are not something to be proud of but the beauty from the inside is.

  1. Reduces the competition of fashion

Fashion competition with expensive clothes is very attached to women, where hijab will reduce how the competition can degrade the value of other women. Furthermore, all women with hijab are the same and they are less likely to be judged by how expensive their clothes are.

  1. Supports for the improving of self-esteem

As well as hijab enhances the purity of women, it can improve their self-esteems. The self-esteem of women can be looked at by how they are dressed, where women with hijab mean that they appreciate their body. It is the way to increase the self-esteem of women and in addition, the good personality may add the value.

  1. Promotes hygienic

The purity of wearing hijab also means the cleanliness. Since the body of the women is covered by hijab, it also protects from the dust or anything that probably will harm the body. A study found that those who are wearing hijab lost 40-60% of heat through head. On the other hand, head covering or wear hijab during cold months can help you to keep healthy.

  1. To focus on intellect

While the body is covered by hijab, other people tend to be focus in different things as well as intellect. The good personality and their intellect of women with hijab, probably make them have more value in society especially in front of men. It is because the women are not only can appreciate their body, but also from the inside.

  1. Feels calm and peaceful

Since wearing hijab can reduce the risk of harassment, the soul will feel calm and peaceful. Those feeling probably come because they have been followed the obligation as Muslim, while they also tend to feel pure from the sins.

  1. Reduces sin

All of the Muslims women have the obligation to cover their head and the body with hijab. Since it is one of the obligations from God, those who are not wearing hijab probably will make more sins. Furthermore, less of sins will make the person probably get closer to heaven.

Those are some benefits of wearing hijab to Muslims women, while the benefits of other Muslims activities you can read in health benefits of listening to quran, health benefits of wudu, benefits of reading surah yasin on Friday, benefits of zamzam water and health benefits performing salah namaz.