12 Health Benefits of Japanese Soaking Tubs (Ofuro)

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One of modern incarnations of the old tradition from Japan is called as Japanese soaking tubs or usually known as ‘Ofuro’. Those tubes have the depth to the shoulders of average adult when sitting upright, where the sizes you can find in a wide range. There are the tubs for single person even for two or more people with larger sizes.

With its popularity, some materials are being used to make the tubs such as: cedar, stone, copper, steel, and acrylic tubs. In addition, traditional tubs were made of fragrant cypress wood named Hinkoki or it is the wood that being used to build temples. However, any tubes the person used to soak the body will make a great effect for the health of the body. The health benefits of Japanese soaking tubs are:

  1. Supports for the health of cardiovascular

It has been believed that Japanese soaking tub supports for the health of cardiovascular. Doing Japanese soaking tub also means that the body is taking workout for cardiovascular, while it probably will normalize how the cardiovascular works to the body.

  1. Dilates blood vessels

The combination benefits of Japanese to improve blood circulation and dilate blood vessel will support to make the body healthier. That also means the body is protected from some diseases that may happen as well as to boost immune system.

  1. Improves blood circulation

One of the health benefits of Japanese soaking tubs is to improve blood circulation. Since then, it makes nutrients from foods you consume absorbed well in the body and consequently, the organs function also tend to be increased.

  1. Increases the processes of healing

Japanese soaking tub will speed up the process of healing as the blood circulation improves. The reason is because when the blood circulation improves, your body will probably repair itself the cell that doesn’t work properly. Furthermore, it also can relieve the pain as well as makes you feel better.

  1. Acts as detoxification

Since the organs in the body can work properly, it helps detoxification where you can get just by doing Japanese soaking tubs. It is necessary because the toxins probably will harm the health of the body. Or you can also read benefits of oxygen.

  1. Relieves stress

Stress is a condition that probably happens to people because they are having some problems with mental health and brain. Japanese soaking tub is believed can relive stress because the circulation of oxygen in the blood works well to the brain. In addition, it is better than you have to consume medicine.

  1. Treats headache

Some people are used to take medicine to relieve headache, while it can be done by Japanese soaking tub. The benefit is also related to how the brain is having a good circulation of blood and oxygen.  Furthermore, if the headache is getting worse then it is better to consult the doctor.

  1. Heals cold and flu

When the body is having cold and flu, doing something to warm the body probably will reduce the conditions, as well as Japanese soaking tubs. Japanese soaking tub will give warm feeling that comes to the body where it helps to relieve even treat the main cause of cold and flu, or you can read the symptoms in symptoms of flu.

  1. Helps to cure chronic back and joint pain

Chronic back and joint pain probably will reduce by taking Japanese soaking tub regularly. Studies also prove it since then it becomes effective therapeutic for runners. They also do the soaking tub after running to relieve the pain on their back and joint.

  1. Gives relaxation

Relax feeling of the body and brain is something important because it will supports for overall health. The feeling comes when the body is in Japanese soaking tub since it improves oxygen to all of the body moreover to the brain as well as the dilated of blood vessels.

The other health benefits of Japanese soaking tubs are:

  1. Cures skin irritation
  2. Acts as anti-aging

The health benefits of Japanese soaking tubs are almost similar to the benefits of other traditions from Japan, or you can read in health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach, health benefits of Japanese water therapy and health benefits of drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water.