Amazing Health Benefits of Banana for Constipation

Can you mention one type of fruit which is tasty and healthy, available all seasons and could be found around the world? Yes, it is banana. Banana is loved by people around the world because this fruit is relatively cheap and easy to find. Moreover, there are a lot of health benefits of banana for […]

10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy at Third Trimester

Every body know the benefit of fruits, including the health benefits of guava during pregnancy. The fruits are bring many benefits if consume in daily habit. Not only can help to bring a strong body and immune, fruits contain various vitamins and minerals that good for the body. Guava is one of the fruits with […]

15 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kiwi for Weight Loss

Dietary program? in processing weight loss?. Most people hope to have an ideal body shape, especially women. Women always desire to have a “model” type body with minimal weight. Many ways taken for weight loss.such as fitness, dietary program, have no carbohydrate and many more. Sometimes, the take an extreme ways such as liposuction or […]

16 Incredible Jackfruit Benefits for Diabetes Prevention

As we know, diabetics have some problems with sugar and sweetness. But what do you think about jack fruit? Isn’t in sweet? So, how jackfruit can be beneficial for diabetics? Well, you may know jackfruit as sweet yellow fruit wrapped in spiky thick skin. However, do you know that the mature raw jackfruit is also […]

16 Health Benefits of Lemon Seeds (#10 is Amazing)

When we consume fruit, it is common to take the fruit meat and leave the seeds. The same thing also happens when we consume lemon. Some people try hard to avoid including the seeds as they taste slightly bitter and may decrease the good taste of your juice and smoothies. However, the seeds actually can […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado for Bodybuilding

Avocado. Known as alpukat for Indonesian. Who is loved and banned for some people. This fruit has great combination with sweet milk or others sweetness. Avocado might not has sweet taste, but its entertain you with its delicacy of much more benefits. Not only good for health, it is really useful in forming your body […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ramphal Fruit (Custard Apple)

Ramphal, sounds so Indian right? Ramphal is kind of fruit that belongs to annonaceae family, which has oily taste like. Ramphal fruit also known as custard apple, it has so many name and popular among tropical countries. It is pronounce as an apple, but, actually, ramphal fruit does not look or taste like apple at […]

12 Proven Health Benefits of Guinep Fruit (Spanish Lime)

Here it comes, the most unfamiliar fruit for your healthy daily consumption. Guinep, or you might call it with Spanish lime to see what kind of fruit guinep is. Lime, but actually it is quiet strange for Indonesian people to see it as a lime. Well, on the outside, guinep is mostly looks like another […]

20 Impressive Health Benefits of Golden Apple Fruit

Golden apple or also known as June plum is a juicy fruit with greenish yellow color and pineapple like scent. It is commonly found in Caribbean and South Pacific. The golden apple grows abundantly in Suriname and considered to be tropical fruit. The fruit is mainly consumed for its high level of vitamin C, just […]

8 Health Benefits of Balsam Apple Fruit

The Bright Orange apple or balsam apple fruit is unlike the apples that are popular with their numerous, glossy and sticky seeds. Additionally, the fruit is usually found in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and Australia. Although the taste is bitter and the appearance may not good, but it has plenty of health benefits. […]