15 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kiwi for Weight Loss

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Dietary program? in processing weight loss?. Most people hope to have an ideal body shape, especially women. Women always desire to have a “model” type body with minimal weight. Many ways taken for weight loss.such as fitness, dietary program, have no carbohydrate and many more. Sometimes, the take an extreme ways such as liposuction or regurgitate their eaten foods.

Nowadays, there are many ways better to got an ideal weight. There are by regular exercise, improving lifestyle and improve diet routine. One of that may way is by consumes some specific fruit such as dragon fruit, avocado, ripe banana, coconut and kiwi. it’s a very delicious way to do weight loss.

This time, we will discussed about kiwi as a great source for weight loss. Some research found that kiwi help the dietary program because it contains some useful substance that are helping weight loss.

Here are the nutrients of 177 gr of fresh raw Kiwi :

  • calories              108 gr
  • dietary fiber      5,3 gr
  • Vitamin C         164 mg
  • Vitamin K         71,3 mcg
  • Vitamin B9       44,2 mcg
  • Potassium         552 mg
  • Magnesium       30,1 mg
  • Calcium              60,2 mg
  • Copper                0,2 mg
  • Manganese        0,2 mg

With those substance containing in kiwi, here are several Reasons why consumes kiwi is really good for weight loss:

  1. Low Calories , High Fiber

Research shows that fiber may lower food intake, because it make eat less by creating the feeling of satiety. When you eat less, it means you consume fewer calories which leads to weight loss. Fiber decrease absorption of nutrients from the gut and also interacting secretion of gut hormones.

And importantly, health authorities worldwide recommend increasing fiber intake by consuming more Fruit and vegetables to reduce the risk of obesity as people tend not to eat fiber. Also read: Health Benefits of Kiwi Seed Extract

  1. Maintain Weight with Calcium

There are many health benefits of kiwi for weight loss. Some studies suggest consumption of dairy  product and calcium rich foods may decrease the dietary fat intake and helping maintain actual weight. As kiwi is calcium rich fruit, regular consumption of kiwi may help maintain weight and may leads to weight loss benefits.  Also read: Health Benefits of Golden Kiwi Fruit

  1. Lower Blood Triglycerides

One of worldwide crucial issues is obesity. it’s usually associated with dyslipidemia. Dyslipidemia is an abnormal amount of lipids,such as triglycerides, cholesterol and fat phospolipids. Dyslipidemia in an over weighed person usually include high blood triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol levels.  Also read: Health Benefits of Kiwi and Strawberry Infused Water

As kiwi is high in pholyphenols and antioxidants which may reduce lipid values so the consumption of kiwi will work. There is a study that showed people who consume at least 1 kiwi per week had higher blood levels of HDL Cholesterol and lower triglycerides than those doesn’t consume kiwi.

  1. Fat Burning

Some studies suggest that people with rich levels of vitamin C in blood could burn 30% more fat while exercising than people with low vitamin C levels. other research also shows that people with lack of vitamin C find it very difficult even impossible in losing fat mass. And kiwi is one of the richest source of vitamin C. So consumes it regularly may helping maintain adequate vitamin C levels in Blood system which leads to fat burning.  Also read: Benefits of Kiwi for bodybuilding

  1. Help Protein digestions

Kiwifruit contains proteolytic enzymes (mainly actinidin), which helps in protein digestion.High protein diet may promote weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness (satiety) and by stimulating postprandial insulin secretion. So, kiwi is the best choice for loss weight program, since it also help the protein digestions.  Also read: Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

There also some more benefits in consuming kiwi, such as :

  • Stimulate immune system, considering the high content of antioxidant.
  • Maintain respiratory health, reduce asthma symptoms and other respiratory diseases.
  • Maintain eye health the high of Vitamin A contain on it.
  • Lowers osteoporosis since it contains high of vitamin k.
  • Kiwi improves sleep quality as it contains serotonin. This molecule boosts your memory and acts in the prevention of depression and anxiety

Yes, kiwi is good for overall health.

Risks may come along kiwi

By now, we know how much reason that make kiwi great for weight loss and how much health benefits kiwi could gives. But beside those great thing kiwi can do, it also several thing to be considered as consume Kiwi.Kiwi may interact with blood thinning medication and increase bleeding. So It is better if avoiding eat kiwi during blood thinners like Warfarin (Coumadin), etc. without prior consent of the physician.

Also, some people are allergic to kiwi fruit. Some people experience severe itching, rash, breathing problems, sweating and any other symptoms of a possible allergic reaction after eating a kiwi. If this ever happen, get an immediate medical attention and stop eating kiwis.

And when you buy kiwi, chose the firm kiwis and let them ripe in a closed paper bag at a room temperature. Then store them in your refrigerator and consume in a week. It will also prevent any other bad thing happen during consuming kiwis. 

How are the best way to consume kiwi?

There are many ways in enjoying kiwis, only one rule should be considered. Never cook kiwis as any heat processing, it will results in significant nutrient loss. It’s way better to eat it fresh and plain without any cook processes.

And here are some of the most popular ways in enjoying kiwi:

  1. Eat Directly

First thing to do is to make sure washes the kiwi before eating it. Then cut the raised end of the kiwi and it the kiwi with a tea spoon. other ways to eat kiwi directly is by rub the skin as if you rub a peach, then slice it into pieces and enjoy it.

  1. mix in fruit salad

Other way to eat kiwi is by mixing with other fruits as salad. Peel some of kiwis and slice them into small cube. then, add other fruits like strawberries, orange, avocado, dragon fruit, banana, grape and many more. Then, mix them and enjoy the delicious and nutrient fruit salad. You may add milk or cream.

Concluding from those explanation above about health benefits of kiwi for weight loss, we can say that eating kiwi has many benefits for health. Such as, maintain the weight, losing weight, maintain eye and respiratory organ and some more. and also we should considered the bad thing may caused by eating kiwi. More over, there are also many delicious and easy way in consuming kiwi.