16 Incredible Jackfruit Benefits for Diabetes Prevention

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As we know, diabetics have some problems with sugar and sweetness. But what do you think about jack fruit? Isn’t in sweet? So, how jackfruit can be beneficial for diabetics? Well, you may know jackfruit as sweet yellow fruit wrapped in spiky thick skin.

However, do you know that the mature raw jackfruit is also edible? The mature raw jackfruit is just similar with the sweet ripe jackfruit you usually have. The raw jackfruit is less yellow, less delicate, and the most important thing is, less sweet than the ripe jackfruit as it contains lower glycemic index. This is how we can draw the jackfruit benefits for diabetes.

When the ripe jackfruit with Health Benefits of Jackfruits is commonly eaten as fruit, the mature raw jackfruit is usually cooked into side dish and some other foods. This way, raw jackfruit can offer you more jackfruit benefits for diabetes as it provide diabetics with many recommended food for diabetics with the beneficial nutritional value. People in Asia particularly South Asia and South East Asia are quite familiar with jackfruit dishes.

Nutritional Information of Jackfruit

Underlining the jackfruit benefits for diabetes, we can have the mature raw jackfruit with many beneficial values. From every 100 grams of raw jackfruit we can have the following value:

  • Energy 7 kcal
  • Total Fat 0.7 g
  • Saturated fat 0.1 g
  • Sodium 15.7 mg
  • Carbohydrate 91 g
  • Total dietary fiber 6.5 g
  • Soluble fiber 2.6 g
  • Insoluble fiber 3.9 g
  • Sugar 10.2 g
  • Protein 3.6 g
  • Manganese 0.6 mg

Jackfruit Benefits for Diabetes

There are some beneficial values of jackfruit for diabetes, especially the raw jackfruit. Although the sweetness in jackfruit is still considered to be safe for diabetes, the raw jackfruit tends to bring more jackfruit benefits for diabetes as listed below.

  1. Low glycemic index

The clinical study at Sydney University proved that raw jackfruit has a lower glycemic index compared to the ripe jackfruit.

It means, when you eat some raw jackfruit meals you may have the jackfruit benefits of diabetes without raising your blood glucose level. In addition, it is topped with fibers. As we know, fiber is very beneficial for diabetics as most of diabetics are initially have very low fiber intake.

  1. Add variety for diabetic menu

Aside for the jackfruit benefits for diabetes, the raw fruit can flexibly cooked into some kinds of foods. In Yogyakarta of Indonesia, the raw jackfruit is famous to be cooked as Gudeg. In Gudeg, the mature raw jackfruit is diced, and cooked into delicious, sweet and soft food with coconut milk broth.

It is usually eaten along with chicken and boiled egg. However, this dish may not be good for diabetes as this sweet dish contains high fat and sugar. If you plan to cook raw jackfruit, you can choose the Indian jackfruit curry with yellow light broth and delicious spices. The spices in curry are also beneficial for your health, such the Health Benefits of Turmeric for Diabetes

  1. Prevent cravings

The meaty flesh of raw jackfruit is rich with insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is slowly digested in the intestine. As the result, your tummy feel fuller a little longer after you eat jackfruit compared to the other food with low fiber content.

This way, you’ll suppress your appetite and prevent too much snacking between the mealtimes. In addition, the fiber is also very good for digestion as it prevent many digestive problems such constipation and stomach upset.

  1. Replace your usual carbohydrate

It is a must for diabetic to manage their menu to get the healthy and beneficial food combination for diabetics. In this case, you can get the jackfruit benefits for diabetes. Beside the low glycemic index of raw jackfruit which prevents the spike of blood sugar, the fiber content in the food cannot be simply ignored.

The high fiber content in raw jackfruit even enable us to use jackfruit as the replacement of your main carbohydrate such rice and bread as jackfruit can also give you the fullness you usually get from carbohydrate. But if you insist of the usual carbohydrate instead of fruit as your staple food, you may also try the Health Benefits of Jowar as it high in carbohydrate yet low of sugar. 

  1. Gluten free

People with diabetes should also reduce the consumption of food with high in gluten. It is usually found in flour, such wheat. However, we nearly cannot avoid the use of flour in our daily menu. In this case, the spiky exotic fruit we know as jackfruit can also offer you the jackfruit benefits for diabetes as the replacement of wheat flour.

You can dry the fruit and make it into flour. This jackfruit gluten free flour is totally safe for diabetic and for those with hypersensitivity toward gluten.

  1. Increase longevity

A study from National Health Service of United Kingdom reveals that low consumption of fiber is more dangerous than the lack of exercise. It means that the consumption of fiber from fruit and vegetable is very important for us. In this case, the jackfruit benefits for diabetes offer you a solution in replacing some sugary food with jackfruit.

For example, you have jackfruit in the bigger portion on your daily diet as jackfruit can make you full, healthy, and delicious as it can be used for many kinds of foods. So that, you can make sure you take more fiber than taking the junk food and the other unhealthy snacking habit. You can also have the Health Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds .

  1. Replace insulin injection

People with diabetes sometimes need insulin injection to control their blood sugar level. In case of a diabetic patient in India, he increases the consumption of jackfruit and gradually reduces the insulin intake, and everything is fine. However, it hasn’t been scientifically proven as it based on a trial.

The effective result may be contributed by the jackfruit benefits for diabetes. Otherwise, it can also be credited to the suggestive thought of the patient that taking more jackfruit will fix his blood glucose problems. He replaces his regular dinner of a cup of rice, vegetable, and followed by insulin injection with three cups of jackfruit meal, vegetable, and no insulin injection.

  1. Reduce weight

It is proven that obese people possess higher risk of diabetes. In this case, the consumption of jackfruit helps you to control your weight and also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It is possible since jackfruit is healthy fruit with low glycemic index with high sugar content. This is the main characteristic of the best food to maintain your health while controlling your weight. Plus, it is good for people with diabetes.

The other jackfruit benefits for diabetes are:

  1. Lower cholesterol
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Prevent cardiovascular complication
  4. Maintain healthy eyes
  5. Cure wounds
  6. Anti-inflammatory property
  7. Stop bleeding in an open wound
  8. Enhance energy

Precautions of Raw Jackfruit Consumption

Aside from jackfruit benefits from diabetes, there are few precautions you should aware regarding to some side effects of jackfruit consumption.

People with diabetes usually go through the constant medication to control the blood sugar. And in case you are diabetic and intend to consume jackfruit for the benefits for diabetes, you’d better to see your doctor first. The consumption of unripe jackfruit has been proven to reduce the insulin intake.

However the ability of raw jackfruit in managing blood sugar may lead to hypoglycemic. But as long as the consumption of jackfruit is under the doctor supervision, you can have the proper jackfruit benefits for diabetes. In addition, you can also have the Jackfruit Leaves Benefits for Diabetes.