20 Proven Irish Moss Benefits (No.11 Unbelievable)

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Irish Moss is seaweed and usually seems to be red. It has been known to have the nature to fight colds, bronchitis and many lung healing problems. In Ireland, MOSS (chondurus) are also used as food such as red seaweed, dilsea, is said to have been the source of the rounge was used by the women of Athens and Rome. the first term for cosmetics in the United Kingdom is “Fucus” which indicates some relationship between seaweed and this product.

Irish Moss is a type of thickener, emulsifier and Stabilizer. The latin name of Irish Moss is Chondrus Crispus. This reddish purple Moss, in the Atlantic Ocean coastline, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Chondrus Crispus talus flat-shaped, edible, and many contain albumin, mineral, iodine, and sulfur.

Irish moss benefits for the medical world

Some species of Bryophyte made medicine to overcome some of the disease. Type of Bryophyte normally used as ingredient are mosses and liverworts also. Types of MOSS, could be used as a drug to help human health such as:

  1. drug-making materials As leather

This is the first time in China, where the State did in ancient Lichen communities in china to make a traditional herb to resolve skin diseases. Currently, the Irish moss in the mix with chemicals, and in use as a medicine skin. E.g. itchy skin disease, skin allergies and skin wounds can be healed with Irish moss.

  1. drug-making Materials eyes

MOSS has a good nature that is allowed as antibacterial. It is these properties that are used by the medical world to treat some eye diseases. Moss in the mix with herbs, then drops into eyes though.

  1. for medicinal hepatitis

Not only for the eye, a disease that attacks the liver such as hepatitis can also be treated with the drug made of Irish moss. Disease hepatitis is very tough medicine, but if taking medication inimitable Moss, hepatitis disease could be lost in slowly.

  1. As an antiseptic remedy

irish mossMOSS is also used as an antiseptic astringent that helps kill germs. Antiseptic substance often encounter in making SOAP-SOAP health and also the cleaner mouth mouthwash. To make antiseptic substances in need-frullania tamaricis Moss. MOSS is usually in the mix at the time of processing materials for making SOAP. The skin will not itch because Moss does not have side effects. Is suitable for all skin types.

  1. Cure heart disease

For those who have heart disease are certainly familiar with the medicines to cope with the heart. Notice that one of them made of MOSS. Cratoneuron Moss is more precisely which can be made into medications to normalize heart rate. If you want heart disease soon lost, then look for the drug using MOSS as a base.

  1. Cure pneumonia

MOSS has indeed played an important role in the medical world. Not just the eyes, skin, liver, and heart. Mosses are also useful in the manufacture of a drug for a disease pneumonia.

  1. Treat burns and cuts out

You never experienced burns or wounds due to falling or sharp objects scraped? For the people of china in the past when experiencing similar things, they use MOSS to address them.

Now the medical world was hardly a more sterile, antiseptic properties in MOSS kinds of canocphalum in use to overcome the drug burns and wounds.

  1. anti cancer Substance

Antibacterial properties on the believe Moss also became an anti cancer cells. The growth of cancer cells in the body can be prevented with medication made of MOSS. Before the cancer invades the body, should be prevented with routine consume herbs made of MOSS.

  1. As anti fungal drugs

Mushrooms are indeed often attacked the outer shell. Usually fungus invades the skin folds of skin parts such as necks, feet, to the thigh. It currently has a lot of medicinal mushrooms are also made of MOSS. Mushrooms growing on the outside of the skin, as the skin is often exposed to various types of germs, making mushrooms grow quickly. Stricken with skin feels itchy and red mushrooms. Medicate immediately, because if not immediately treated, mold grew widespread deployment.

  1. Made dope

Dope is urgently needed in the medical world, especially for the benefit of the operation. The drug is used by medical made also from Moss rhodobryum giganteum types. The drug is used to make someone unconscious and does not feel pain during surgery.

  1. Cure Hypertension

Types of liverworts in addition used to dope was also used as the manufacture of high blood medications. The nature of a tranquilizer on MOSS can make drugs to control blood pressure. Hypertension is a disease which no cure. MOSS did not make of diseases of hypertension cured, but only makes the blood pressure becomes normal.

  1. Addressing the snake venom

MOSS can also eliminate toxins caused by a snake can bite us. MOSS is a MOSS kind of marchantia polymorpha. If there is a snake that bit off part of our body, immediately apply the MOSS around the wound that’s been bitten by the snake.

Irish moss benefits for Ecological Function

These plants play an important role in ecosystem. The esteemed nature being opening space for other plants around it. For the human nature shared by plants is very beneficial in maintaining the balance of the environment.

The thick Bryophyte in the sockets and the trees in the forest are extremely beneficial to the lives of creatures around. Not only to other plants, but also for human beings.

The usefulness of Bryophyte for our environment are:

  1. Hold the soil erosion

Removal of land could also be in barring the presence of MOSS. Well water absorbent properties owned by MOSS helped land maintained its density and not prone to erosion. Currently, the erosion in the world is making a restless public. Erosion happens make an impact which is very unusual. If the erosion is not barring in seriously, then land in the world will be eroded and no longer which helps the absorption of water.

  1. Reduce the danger of flooding

MOSS also plays a role in preventing catastrophic floods, as water rain down absorbed properly by the Bryophyte. At the time of the rainy season, all areas will be affected by floods, because there is no MOSS that helps the absorption of rain. Preferably, planting Moss around the House to prevent major floods.

  1. Improving water sources

Benefits of Bryophyte also felt when the dry season comes. The next potentially season dryness it provides threat lack the availability of water for human beings. MOSS helped solve it, because Moss accelerate the process of absorption of water when the drought so were able to maintain the availability of ground water or well water. In addition to protecting from rain great, MOSS is also helpful at the time of the dry season. If there is Moss near the residence, do not turn off or on in the exhaust. Because if rains come then Moss will soon absorb rainwater, and save the water for it to be in use at the time of drought water.

  1. Supply of oxygen

Moss was also part of a plant that has a green substance. Like other plants, MOSS also performs photosynthesis. The result of this one is photosynthesis produces oxygen benefits for humans. Oxygen is very needed by all living things. Plants that exist today are still less if the oxygen flow should be. MOSS could help the entry of oxygen, so that the flow of oxygen in the world could be enough, don’t ruin the Irish moss around the residence.

Other Irish moss benefits:

Not only as medical and ecological functions only. This plant has a soft structure and properties similar to a sponge. A structure that looks smooth homogeneous color can be an ornament to complement the beauty of the House.

Other Bryophyte benefits is as follows:

  1. As an ornamental plant

For those who want to beautify the exterior of the House could use the benefits of ornamental plants from Moss, to embellish the ornament of a room or home page. Select the MOSS is clean and free of germs, in order that the House be clean and fresh. Ornamental plants using a dead MOSS can also. Usually a lot of people prefer ornamental plants form of Irish moss. The shape is small and can be put in a flower pot or table decoration. MOSS died on d way dry with dry or in the heat of the Sun.

  1. materials of manufacture of sanitary pads

MOSS type spagnhum that is similar to the structure of sponge has a pretty good absorption. MOSS Foundation as ingredients of making pads and can also to replace cotton. Many patches that make the skin become irritations or allergies. The skin becomes red and itchy every day. Side effects of cotton was making a hot part of the skin and the water is not absorbed properly. Select the patches contained MOSS as an ingredient to make dressing. If using pads of MOSS, then a skin allergy and water will not be absorbed properly.

  1. helps hair growth

MOSS fissidens japonicum are used as medicinal hair grower. This medicine is usually used for drugs outside and on DAB on the head who wants to speed up hair growth. Many manufacturers make hair vitamins by adding Moss in drug content. Damaged hair will make your hair growth reduced, and hair can be a loss. Use the shampoo is not enough if you want to grow your hair with a dense. Shampoo works only as a cleanser dirty hair. The original serum vitamins or usually use MOSS as a mixture of ingredients. If you use the exclamation point, then the hair can grow quickly and the hair becomes thicker and do not fall out again. Use hair vitamins every day to get maximum results.

  1. dead Moss so fertilizer

MOSS is indeed very useful, even though the MOSS is dead but still provide the benefit with the inherent organic function though is dead. Benefits of dead MOSS can be used as fertilizer for other crops. In order to be used commercially farmed ingredients, as media culture bacteria and other organisms as well as for other purposes, resulting from several genera of red algae. MOSS called Ireland is the source of karaginan, a substance widely used in emulsion stabilization as the ingredients and ice cream.

  • Irish Moss has no nutrient content
  • Irish moss-no side effects

That’s the Irish moss benefits which can be use to human life. Chondrus crispus is a species of the Rhodophyta. The body of the Rhodophyta are generally multicellular, shaped twine or sheet. MOSS frequently grows in damp places, so we assume the existence of lower Bryophyte anywhere. But one type of Lichen has very many properties, such as Irish moss.