Check These 12 Awesome Benefits of Dreamfields Pasta (No.5 Good for Diabetes)

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Since a long time ago, pasta has been people’s favorite to serve as staple food, along with other popular Italian cuisines, such as pizza, spaghetti, and lasagne. It can be found in many restaurants. Its popularity is not limited to Western countries, many people in Asia and Africa also choose pasta as their main dish. Not only because its delicious and unique taste, but it also has some benefits to the consumer.

Typically, the main ingredient to make pasta is dough of durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs. Other additional ingredients may also be included to improve the taste, and the shape of each pasta is up to the producer. Pasta is either dried or fresh before cooked. In summary, pasta can be served in different forms, and in many flavors.

Unlike common Italian foods, such as pizza and spaghetti, pasta can be slightly harder to find. In some Asian countries, for example, pasta is more common in five star restaurant (mostly Italian restaurant). But, consumer can also make their own pasta, although it’s not as good as eating pasta in food court.

In summary, pasta is an elite food, that provides many benefits for consumer and health benefits of low gi bread. In this writing you’ll find out about benefits of dreamfields pasta. A manufactured pasta. Check them out.

Nutrition Facts of Dreamfields Pasta

Dreamfields pasta ingredients are not unlike other regular pastas. But, it does contain extra ingredients, to give more benefits. Here are the constituents found in 100 g serving size dreamfields pasta :

  • 660 kJ energy (160 kcal)
  • 30.9 g carbohydrates
  • 26.0 g starch
  • 0.6 g sugar
  • 1.8 g dietary fiber
  • 0.9 g fat
  • 5.8 g protein
  • 0.02 mg thiamine (B1)
  • 0.02 mg riboflavin (B2)
  • 0.4 mg niacin (B3)
  • 0.11 mg pantothenic acid (B5)
  • 0.05 mg vitamin B6
  • 7 μg folate (B9)
  • 0 mg vitamin C
  • 0.06 mg vitamin E
  • 7 mg calcium
  • 0.5 mg iron
  • 18 mg magnesium
  • 0.32 mg manganese
  • 58 mg phosphorus
  • 44 mg potassium
  • 0.2 mg sodium
  • 0.5 mg zinc
  • 62 g water

OK, so, here are the benefits of dreamfields pasta :

1. It is rich in folic acid

Well, unlike common pasta, dreamfields pasta provides more folic acid for consumer. This is very beneficial especially for pregnant women. Consuming pasta combined with supplement will supply enough folic acid to fulfill recommended daily intake. According to scientists’ research, folic acid can also prevent anemia, and neural tube defects in pregnant women.

2. It is quite affordable

Another benefits of dreamfields pasta. These days, pasta is cheaper and easier to get in contrast to early production of pasta when it is still an exclusive food. This is due to cheaper ingredients resulting in less production cost.

Pasta can be easily found in local supermarket or restaurant. Some companies also allow its consumer to order pasta online. Dreamfields also produce many variants of pasta, each with different flavour and benefits like benefits of splitting saliva.

3. It is always fun eating dreamfields pasta

Well, eating same food for long period of time can be monotonous sometimes. You should try something new. But, luckily, dreamfields produced many types of pasta with different shapes and tastes. Especially for little kids, eating dreamfields pasta will make them happy due to its catchy and unique shapes.

4. Dreamfields pasta helps you in weight loss

One of the best benefits of dreamfields pasta for your health. Based on its nutrition facts, we can see that dreamfields pasta only contains less than 1 g fat. This is, of course, a good news for those who want to lose weight and health benefits of corn chapati . Now you can taste the delicious pasta without worries.

5. Dreamfields pasta is low in sugar

This is another healthy benefits of dreamfields pasta. According to analysis, dreamfields pasta contains low amount of sugar at only 0.6 g per 100 g serving size. This less sugar property will prevent many diseases such as diabetes type 2, kidney diseases, and so forth. Also, some type of dreamfields pasta do not contain sugar at all, depend on the variant. 

6. It is easy to cook and serve

Well, for those who prefer to eat pasta at home, they can buy instant dreamfields pasta instead. Dreamfields pasta is easy and simple to prepare and serve, even the beginner can cook it just fine. Dreamfields also come with the instruction of how to make it. Also, it does not take much time to prepare.

7. It makes you feel full for a long time

Well, sometimes maybe you have this problem. You just ate your meal four hours ago, but now you already feel hungry and want to eat again. Possibly, the food you eat is the problem. To keep fullness inside your stomach, you have to eat rich in fiber foods. Dreamfields pasta is a good example.

It is proven that this pasta can help keeping you from being hungry longer than most Italian foods. As a result, your productivity would increase benefits of snail slime on the skin.

8. Dreamfields pasta can stimulate appetite

Dreamfields pasta has such inducing aroma, and excellent taste. This particular property is what makes it good as appetizer. You can incorporate it to your lunch or dinner main dish.

9. Dreamfields pasta is very low in sodium which is a positive point

One of the good benefits of dreamfields pasta. Analyst found that dream fields pasta is exceptionally low in sodium, which is a good thing. This makes dreamfields pasta a healthy dish that can prevent most diseases caused by excess sodium. 

10. Dreamfields pasta is a rich source of potassium

Another benefits of dreamfields pasta that often overlooked. Research has it that dreamfields pasta contain abundant amount of potassium. It allows this pasta to be an excellent source of potassium, comparable to plantain or banana. It says in the description that dreamfields pasta contains approximately 44 mg. That is plenty for a cooked dish.

Also, according to health experts, potassium is needed for maintain health, benefits of chamomile tea for fertility health, and prevent some diseases that caused by its deficiency.

11. Dreamfields pasta helps prevent obesity

As already stated before, dreamfields contains low level of sugar. That means, it has low glycemic index, which is vital in preventing obesity.

12. Dreamfields pasta can be stored for later use

Yes, like other packed foods, dreamfields pasta is designed to be able to remain fresh and consumable for extended period of time. Even longer if dreamfields pasta is stored inside refrigerator or freezer.

Recommendation Intake of Dreamfields Pasta

It is highly recommended not to consume dreamfields pasta more than 3 times a day.