Unpredictable Health Benefits of Zucchini Noodles

Maybe some of the readers are not familiar enough with the name zucchini especially in the form of processed zucchini noodles like the health benefits of Chinese noodles. But, in western foods, zucchini is often the main choice. Zucchini is a type of vegetable from the species of Cucurbita pepo and is often also called […]

Is Thukpa Soup Healthy, Check The 13th Health Benefit Lists Below

Thukpa soup is an authentic food coming from eastern part of Tibet. This kind of food is rarely can find in the restaurant around us. Made of various ingredients, many people question is thukpa soup healthy or not. If refer to the history of this food in Tibet, apparently the soup is an authentic dish […]

Health Benefits of Pad See Ew – The Healthy Thai Rice Noodle

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular Asian cuisines in the world, well loved by people from the east and the west. Thai cuisine is distinct in combining a refreshing and rejuvenating hot and sour flavours, as evident in pad thai as well as benefits of tom yum Thai soup, Thailand’s national dish and […]