The Powerful Health Benefits of Tuwo Rice from Nigeria

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Have you ever heard “ Tuwo Rice”? If you have not heard it before, here we will explain more about what is Tuwo rice and what’s the health benefits this Tuwo rice has. 

First, we should know the origin of this rice, it comes from Nigeria, one of its most traditional way to serve rice. It usually formed of a sticky round shape made by short-grain rice or sometimes mixed with rice flavor. Tuwo Rice often served with Nigerian soup like Miyan Kuka, Miyan Taushe, or any other Nigerian foods. 

Because it basically made from rice, it has an abundant amount of health nutritions our body needed. So here the explanation of Tuwo Rice benefits and nutrition. Read Health Benefits of Matcha Powder and Health Benefits of Green Tea for Joint Pain.

The Benefits of Tuwo Rice

Tuwo rice main ingredients is a bowl of short-grain rice, often mixed with rice flavor, the most traditional ways sometimes used rice only in the making process. But in the origin country, it does not matter which rice you used or you just can use the local rice type to make it. So what is there a health benefit for consuming Tuwo Rice? Here the answer.

The main resource of energy

Because of Tuwo Rice’s main and only ingredients are rice, it has an abundant amount of carbohydrate. As we know carbohydrate is the source for our body energy, it helps functioning other crucial parts of our body such as the brain. It also helps functioning any other metabolic system. Here are more about Health Benefits of Warthog Meat Compared to Beef and Pork

Maintaining blood pressure

How rice can maintain someone’s blood pressure? It simply because rice has a low amount of sodium, the main formula that caused blood pressure. With avoiding some amount of it it will release stress and strain from vein and arteries make our blood pressure stay in control. Here are more about Health Benefits of Rat Meat that Amaze You

Good for skin

In some countries like India and Japan, have been practically used rice water to cure some skin problem like inflamed skin surface or to rejuvenate our skin make us look younger. The researcher said that rice has an anti-inflammatory formula that helps control irritation and redness. Also, consist of antioxidant helps prevent wrinkles and any sign of aging.  Here are more about Health Benefits of Warthog Meat Compared to Beef and Pork

The Nutritions of Tuwo Rice

Just like the other types of rice, short-grain rice is the most usual typical rice, but it just the size differences that differentiate it from other rice. Like its names, short-grain rice has a tiny, longer, and wide shape.

It is soft and tender when cook. Often used for sushi or salad. As per 1 cup rice to make the Tuwo Rice consists of a lot of a number of nutritions. Here what nutritions are consists inside Tuwo Rice.

  • 242 Calories
  • 0,35 g Fat
  • 53,44 Carbohydrate
  • 2 mg Calcium
  • 2,73 mg Iron
  • 48 mg of Potassium
  • 4,39 Protein

Because Tuwo Rice is made from rice, it is important to mark that consuming too much rice can cause several diseases like type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular health.

Do not forget always washing rice before it cooked, precaution-may some vitamin remove because of the water, and make sure the rice soft and sticky to avoid getting any stomach ache.