The Powerful Health Benefits of Thinai Rice from Tamil

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Thinai Rice named must be unfamiliar to several of you. It basically comes from Tamil culture as a part of offering to Lord Muruga of Tamil Nadu. It has several names like Bertia in Hindi, Awa in Japanese, Sekui in Malaysia, and Foxtail Millet in English. Here are more about Health Benefits of Tuwo Rice from Nigeria

The Benefits of Thinai Rice

Thinai rice originally comes from China. It first found in the Middle East and Europe, but some expert said it originated from China, particularly from Peiligang culture. Right now Thinai rice is not famous only in Asia countries but also in Rusia, Italia, and even North Africa. Here are more about Powerful Health Benefits of Pork Trotters Rice

This little grain actually has many health benefits despite its shape that maybe many people do not even bother because they think it is birdseed. So here some lists why you should eat Thinai rice.

Good antioxidant

Thinai rice consist s of several minerals and vitamin, one of the most important vitamin for an antioxidant function is vitamin B1. This vitamin helps control the aging process on our skin like wrinkles and age spots, also protect the organ from the side effect of our negative environment. Here are more Health Benefits Of Jungle Rice

Enhance good memory

Vitamin B1 additionally good to enhance good memory because it is allowing the brain’s function to concentrate and accept memories. It also can cure disease like Alzheimer’s, because it will slow the symptoms. Besides, vitamin B1 good for our nervous system and helps preserve our mental health.

Help to function some organs

Some organs like the brain, heart, and nervous system are the most crucial parts of our body. All of them helps our body to function in processing everyday activities. The brain needs iron to help to boost blood because our brain needs approximately 20 percent of the oxygen that blood brings. Iron has a main role to help carry the oxygen through our blood.

The researcher said that vitamin B1 helps to prevent some heart failure. It helps the heart to pump the blood by transferring the message through neurotransmitter. This message will be transferred to each cell to bring the response.

Strengthen muscle

Iron additionally helps to cure muscle pain by controlling its elasticity. Iron well-known to keep the health of muscle through strengthening muscle contractions. Loss amount of iron can lead to muscle pain and even weakness. Here are more about health benefits of black sticky rice

The Nutritions of Thinai Rice

Simply like the other types of rice or grain, to cook Thinai rice you can soak it with milk or water. Furthermore, inside of 100 grams of Thinai rice, there is a nutritions equivalent to this bellow list of nutrients.

  • 351 calories
  • 11,2 g of protein
  • 4 g of fat
  • 63,2 carbohydrate
  • 6,7 g of fiber
  • 31 mg of calcium
  • 12 g of moisture
  • 2,8 mg of iron
  • 4 g of lipid fat
  • 0,1 mg of riboflavin

Thinai is a tiny oval-shaped grain and has light yellow-brown color, but it basically a seed, tiny grain with gluten-free. May some of you have seen it inside birdseed mixed but did not know that it actually has a lot of nutrition and benefits to our body. Here the explanations on how Thinai rice is actually good for our health.