Unpredictable Health Benefits of Zucchini Noodles

Maybe some of the readers are not familiar enough with the name zucchini especially in the form of processed zucchini noodles like the health benefits of Chinese noodles. But, in western foods, zucchini is often the main choice. Zucchini is a type of vegetable from the species of Cucurbita pepo and is often also called […]

Amazing Benefits of Zucchini during Pregnancy

Consuming a lot of vegetables during pregnancy is a must. Vegetables are not only great to help mothers overcome some digestion problems commonly occur during pregnancy such as constipation and slow bowel movement. Moreover, benefits of zucchini during pregnancy are not only great for the mother but also for the baby. What Is Zucchini? There […]

15 Hidden Health Benefits of Zucchini Leaves

Most of you probably have been familiar with pumpkins. Yes, we carve them into Jack-o’-lantern in Halloween. But alas, this time we are not going to talk about either pumpkins or Halloween. What we are going talk right now is zucchini. Zucchini have nothing to do with the Halloween, true. But, do you know that zucchini and […]

8 Health Benefits of Zucchini and Yellow Squash (Proven)

Zucchini or commonly called as small summer squash is one of fruit that is origin from America. Now zucchini has spread in several countries. This small summer squash have some varieties such as light green, green colors and yellow. The shape of this zucchini seems like cucumber. Even though zucchini is a fruit but it […]