Amazing Health Benefits of Nigerian Amala

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Have you ever heard of “Amala” food?Amala is local food for the Nigerian population. When seen, Amala is shapedlike a delicious chocolate ice cream scoop. Health benefits of Nigerian amalaare made from sweet potatoes, cassava flour, or raw plantain flour.

How do you make Nigerian amala?

Amala ingredients are first peeled and then sliced ​​and cleaned until they are completely clean. Then dry the amala ingredients. When it’s dry, you can grind it into flour. Even if you use white sweet potatoes, Amala will still have a brown color. Because during the drying process, the benefits of sweet potatoes will turn brown.

How to serve Nigerian local food is very easy.Amala can be served with various soups such as efo, lia, ewedu, or black beansoup. You need to know, Amala has 3 types, namely Amala Issues, Amala Larun,and Amala Ogede.

Besides being delicious, the health benefitsof Nigerian amala contain the following benefits:

  • Prevents anemia

Amala consumption is very good for preventing anemia like the benefits of guara for anemia. Because these foods contain high iron.

  • High in carbohydrates

Amala is also the best food that can make your stomach full. Therefore, the carbohydrate content of the amala is very high. So that it can be an alternative source of your health benefits of carbohydrates.

  • Low cholesterol content

For sufferers of cholesterol, consuming the health benefits of Nigerian amala is permitted. Because this Nigerian local food contains low cholesterol. So it is not dangerous for those of you who have a history of cholesterol

  • Low glycemic index

The glycemic index influences blood sugar levels. Fortunately, the amala contains a low glycemic index so diabetics can consume it safely. The high glycemic index also affects obesity and heart disease risk. Read more: Benefits cloves diabetes

  • Good for weight loss

If you are on a diet program,consuming amala is the best solution. The high fiber content in Amala helps thedetox process in the body so that the digestive function becomes more optimal

  • Reducing the risk of colon cancer

Amala also containsantioxidants so do not be surprised if it can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  • Enhance immunity

When the weather is uncertain, the immunity often decreases. That’s when you need to consume foods that contain vitamins and antioxidants so that stamina is maintained. One example is Amala or health benefits astragalus root

  • Good for the eyes

Amala also serves to maintainthe health of your eyes. itchy and watery eyes can be cured by consuming amala

  • Healthy digestive system

High fiber is not only goodfor the detox process. But it also makes your digestive system healthy

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is a deadlydisease. The cause of the disease is homocysteine. To break down thesesubstances, vitamin B6 in amala can help.

Maybe you don’t like the health benefits ofNigerian amala. However, you must know that there are many benefits that youcan get by consuming them.