7 Health Benefits of Sorghum Syrup to Support Your Life

Sorghum is an amazingly versatile grain that you can use like rice or quinoa but has countless more alternatives. With pearled and whole grain, syrup, wheat, flour, flake and so much more, sorghum is an ingredient you can get imaginative with. Bubble it, pop it, heat it, you can get inspired by sorghum and add […]

Unpredictable Health Benefits of Malted Sorghum

Health benefits of malted sorghum is a food that is highly recommended for consumption. Because these foods contain nutrient-dense. Not only that, sorghum is quality food with a processing system that takes into account the quality level of sorghum. Sorghum can be made into a variety of dishes. And suitable to be used as the […]

Wonderful Health Benefits of Sorghum Bicolor Leaf

Sorghum bicolor, or simply known as sorghum is a species of grass that is cultivated for its grain, to be used again for human plus animal consumption, plus ethanol production. In terms of food, they are among the world’s most important cereal grain along with rice, wheat, maize and barley. What are the wonderful health […]

Check These Health Benefits of Millet and Sorghum – Affordable Grains

In Southeast Asia, the production of grains is noticeably larger than other parts of the world. It mainly due to rice as one of the most consumed staple foods. Beside rice, there are also other variants of grains with multiple benefits. Some examples of multifunction grains are millet and sorghum. These grains are more affordable […]

13 Interesting Health Benefits of Sorghum Leaves – #1 For Detoxification

There are some health benefits of sorghum leaves that might not really familiar by the people. The sorghum leaves itself also rare to find. Including in Asia, since this plant is origin from Africa and only grow well in those country. Furthermore, the population is not many. Hence, it is not easy to get the […]

16 Impressive Health Benefits of Jowar You Might Never Know

Jowar is how most Indian call sorghum. Yes, jowar is that cream or light brown tiny grains with many health benefits. People might not know about what are the health benefits of jowar yet. But people have already known that this kind of grain is rich with carbohydrate. This is the reason why most Indian […]