9 Amazing Benefits of Kiwi during Pregnancy (No.1 Important)

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Being a pregnant is every woman’s dream. They even try their best to get involved in special medical-training for getting pregnant. For pregnant women, being healthy is the important thing in order to make their babies get healthy as well. They also consult to special doctor who is really expert on pregnancy. While some will take natural treatment such as consuming fruits which have healthy benefit for their pregnancy.  There are many fruits which are beneficially useful to strengthen their pregnancy and keep the baby healthy in the womb. For example there are many fruits which are commonly consumed by pregnant women to make their baby stay healthy. One of those fruits is a kiwi. Many people has already known this small fruit is riched in nutrients.

The Rich Nutrients of Kiwi

Kiwi is a small yellow and green fruit which has another name as Chinese Gooseberry or Kiwifruit. It is the edible berry of a woody vine from the genus Anctinida. This small fruit has tiny black seeds and fuzzy brown skin and its skin and seed are edible. The most common cultivar  group of kiwifruit, Haryward, is oval. It has the rough texture on its skin. This yellow-green fruit also stores a lot of nutrients and it is very good to be tasted. Kiwi is rich in the source of vitamin C, E and A and also stores a good amount of dietary fiber too. The fruit also has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor.

Generally the genus actinida contains about 60 species of kiwis. The most well-known as kiwifruit. Those various species can vary in size, size, shape, hairiness, and color. The flesh can vary in color, juiciness, texture, and taste. The most well-known and common kiwifruit is fuzzy kiwifruit from species A. Deliciosa. This kiwi fruit can grow in the most temperate climates with adequate with summer heat.

The Real Benefit of Kiwi

Kiwi is being consumed in every countries currently. The progress of medical field also has made this small fruit as the effective way to treat or heal some diseases and for diet. Kiwi can be eaten raw or into juices and also it is used in baked goods mixed with meat or it is used as garnish in some cakes. The whole frut of kiwi including its rough skin is good for human consumption even in fact the skin is often discarded due to its rough texture. Kiwifruits have been used as garnish and it is sliced well. The nutrients in kiwi are well known as the natural treatment. It is proved by Chinese ancients who traditionally made this smalll fruits as medicine for children to help them grow and also for women who are in pregnancy and after given birth to help them recover.

Nutrition Facts of Kiwi

kiwi nutrition factsKiwi has tropical flavour and dull brown color which does not excite to many people. This kiwi does not contain any cholesterol and it is low in fat and sugar. It is also low in sodium and high in potassium. This tiny fruit provides phosphorous, magnesium and copper. This fantastic fruit is categorized as excellent fruit for diet of pregnant women due to being loaded with plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The reason why it is good for woman in pregnancy is that the medium size of kiwi is about 76 grams which provides 46 calories and 0.3 gram fat, 1 g protein, 11 g carbohydrates and 2.6 g in dietary fiber which is found partly in the edible skin. This fruit is rich in vitamin C (112% of the daily value per 100 grams) and vitamin K and also a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin E as nutrients tables, right. Meanwhile kiwi seeds oil contains average of 62% alpha-linolenic acid and an omega 3 fatty acid and kiwi pulp contains caretenoids such as provitamin A beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Those rich nutrients are recommended for women in pregnancy and based on that database of nutritions it becomes the main reason for women in pregnancy to take kiwi as their dietary fruit in order to make their health and baby keep healthy. Hereby the benefits of kiwi which are very important to be known for women in pregnancy:

1. Prevent Birth Defects

The folic acid provided in kiwi is really important nutrients and it is required to be consumed by pregnant women. This kind of nutrients ensures the good development of the basic vital organs of baby in the womb. Folate is generally member of vitamin B and it is the most important nutrient for stimulating, producing and maintaining the new cells for women in pregnancy and also their baby.

An adequate intake of dietary folate is necessary to prevent birth defects in unborn baby such as Spina Bifida that is medically known to refer in spinal cord that has not been developed fully. The doctors strongly recommend pregnant women and all women in childbearing years to take an extra amount of folic acid. Women in pregnancy planning has also consume the food rich in folic acid in their special diet at least a month or two before conception and Kiwi as will be effectively work on it.

2. Reducing the Rick of Hemorrhoids

Kiwi as a dietary fiber is really good for women in pregnancy since it is providing so many nutrients of dietary fiber. This small fruit will effectively reduce the risk of hemorrhoids and constipation for women in pregnancy. Consuming kiwi regularly will also be useful to keep digestive issues like gas, nauseam and also discomfort of stomach. The prebiotics of kiwi contains enzymes, dietary fiber and also phenolic compounds.

These nutrients feed the probiotics bacteria in digestive system. As the fruit which stores probiotics, kiwi the effective fruit for pregnant women in order to reduce the diseases such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, gastritis, and even constipation.

3. Boosting the Energy and Immune System

The nutrients of kiwi such as vitamin C, D and a fat souble vitamin are really good to boost the energy either for women in pregnancy or for the baby as well. Meanwhile kiwi stores antioxidants which is capable of fighting off different kinds of the free radicals inside our body.

It is an excellent fruit to be consumed in order to boost the energy and strengthening the immune system. This antioxidant of kiwifruit can even reduce damage on fetus’ RNA and also DNA.

The antioxidants will also combat the dangerous and free radicals inside pregnant women’s bodies. Furthermore it keeps illness and diseases at bay and reduce oxidative stress in the cells.

4. Protecting from Cough and Cold

Being healthy for women in pregnancy is the most important thing they should hold on, since they also have to think about the baby’s health. The baby in wombs will be healthy if their mothers are also healthy. The unhealthy condition will cause a bad impact to baby as well.

The common disease such as coughs, cold and even wheezing are not common for women in pregnancy. Getting cold will also decrease the energy for women in pregnancy in which it will lead to another disease. So it is important for women in pregnancy to think about preventing from common disease and the effective way to prevent is consuming kiwi as dietary fiber.

Kiwi can bring positive impacts on the respiratory system. The study indicates that consuming Kiwi can reduce the problem relating to respiratory like wheezing, coughs and cold. It has also been found useful in treating asthma in children or baby. The flavonoids provided by kiwi increase the nutritional value of kiwi fruit which is useful to prevent dangerous effects of axidation inside the body.

5. Stimulating the Neurotransmitters

Kiwi is rich with vitamin C which is 140% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C. The high vitamin levels of kiwi make it excellent for women in pregnancy and also for developing baby in the womb. Kiwi will help form the neurotransmitters which is important for brain function.

This rich vitamin C will surely reduce the post pregnancy strecht marks as well. So, think about excellent brain function of baby, Kiwi is the best answer for it.

6. Regulating the Blood Sugar Levels

Natural sugar provided by kiwi is really helpful to control pregnant women’s blood sugar level. The low glycemic index in kiwi does not lead to an insulin spike. This natural sugar regulates the blood sugar level and it is really important as gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Women in pregnancy can consume this small fruit in order to prevent diabetes. Moreover consuming kiwi can reduce the risk of blood clotting and fats in blood relating to the blockages.

7. Balancing the Hormonal System

Hormonal fluctuation is general problem during pregnancy. Sometimes for women in pregnancy they will suddenly be emotional while in the short time they will change to be more edgy. Another situation will be depression, tiredness and stress. Eating kiwi will surely keep those problem at bay.

8. Preventing Anemia

Being a healthy pregnant woman is everyone’s dream. Pregnant women will do everything to make sure that they consume enough nutritions for the baby in the wombs.

Kiwi has a good balance essential nutrients which is very good to keep pregnant women healthy and ensure the proper development of fetus. This small fruit can even facilitate absorption of iron therefore it can reduce anemia among pregnant women.

How to Consume Kiwi for Pregnant Women?

Consuming kiwi for pregnant women’s health is easy enough to do. But for some people usually prefer to eat kiwi as it is while it can be mixed as fruit in salads, desserts and other dishes. Here are some recommendations in eating kiwi for women in pregnancy:

  1. Kiwi can be mixed with yogurt, salad or custard.
  2. Kiwi can also added to juice with adding into the blender and make it smooth so that it can be drunk as kiwi juice.
  3. In other side kiwi can go well with grilled chicken or fish.
  4. Kiwi is also available and delicious for making jam.

The Recommended Dosage of Consuming Kiwi

In order to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, consume 2-3 kiwi fruits every day. If You suffer from heritable allergy, gastritis, or other digestive problems it is better to stop eating kiwi because it can lead to bad impact to the baby. In consuming kiwi, just choose the best and fresh kiwi. Wash the kiwi very well and peel any pathogens and harmful chemicals on its rough skin. One this You should know that kiwi is highly acidic so do not eat too much because consuming too much can make Your mouth or tongue sores and even rashes. Kiwi is not only good for pregnant women but it is also good for all people. It will be much better if pregnant women consult to doctor before consuming it because the doctor will decide the dosage.