10 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Bean Hummus

Black beans hummus is often also referred to as Arab nuts or the Middle East because it comes from there. In other languages, it is also called chickpeas. This type of bean is a superfood which means it has a very excellent nutritional content for human health. In addition to delicious eaten as a snack, […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Black Beans During Pregnancy

Black beans have the scientific name of Phaseolus Vulgaris, as the name suggests black beans have a shiny black color. Black beans are very popular among vegetarians, usually combined with brown rice to get optimal benefits of healthy carbohydrates and complete protein. Health benefits of black beans during pregnancy have a nutrient content that is […]

10 Super Health Benefits of African Walnut

Walnuts are one of the types of beans that are usually consumed as a light snack. Although the shape is small than peanuts in general, this bean has a delicious taste and also tasty. Health benefits of African walnut is not only known as a snack, but it is also useful in the world of […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Locust Beans

Nuts are one of the foods highly recommended by health experts to be consumed. Therefore, these foods contain high fiber and also some other nutrients. One of the famous bean types has many benefits is locust beans. Locust bean is a kind of nuts commonly used as a spice for soups and stews. These beans […]

21 Impressive Health Benefits of Barlotti Beans You Should Know

The health benefits of beans may always surprise us. The more development on science always find something new about the health benefits of natural ingredients we used to think just taste good and make us sated. People used to love meat and put the dairy product in the top list of nutritious food. But now, […]

16 Health Benefits of Jugo Beans You Never Known Before

Sometimes we think that healthy nutrient can only be obtained from superior ingredients such high quality meat, deep sea fishes, or the rare fruit. Sometimes we never notice that the ingredients around us can be beneficial for our health. Likewise, Jugo beans which are originated from West Africa are commonly sold in traditional market around […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Soap Nut for Hair

Peanuts are usually used to make a delicious food menu. These foods are very easy to find around us. The price also varies, ranging from cheap like peanuts to expensive as almonds. But did you know that nuts can also be used to treat hair? One of them is the health benefits of soap nut […]

15 Incredible Health Benefits of Sword Bean #Best for Diet

For you guys who loves to eat various kind of beans, you must be familiar with sword beans. Sword beans in the food form is known as a snack while relaxing, because it has a delicious and tasty feel in our mouth. In Indonesia, there are three kinds of sword beans that is usually consume […]

13 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Eating Raw Groundnuts

Groundnuts or we know as peanut might be your essential favorite flavor. You like it in a jar of creamy peanuts butter which give you Benefits of Rice Cake and Peanut Butter for Our Health, crunchy ice cream topping, or when they accompany your salad and give it different rich taste. To infer, groundnut might […]

Get The Health Benefits of Bunya Nuts for Remedies!

Bunya nuts are from the bunya pine found in Queensland, Australia. In addition, you can also find these bunya nuts in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. Bunya nuts have a sweet taste when cooked, and taste like potatoes or chestnuts. To remove the wooden shell that coats the nuts you just have to […]