16 Health Benefits of Jugo Beans You Never Known Before

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Sometimes we think that healthy nutrient can only be obtained from superior ingredients such high quality meat, deep sea fishes, or the rare fruit. Sometimes we never notice that the ingredients around us can be beneficial for our health.

Likewise, Jugo beans which are originated from West Africa are commonly sold in traditional market around Africa. Now, it is also traded all over the world through online marketplace. People love snacking on these cheap beans without noticing that this African groundnut is actually can give you the health benefits of Jugo beans.

Jugo beans can be easily grown in dry soil, with a small wrinkled pods, it contains one or two seeds inside. The beans or the seeds are commonly light brown, red, dark brown, and even black in color. If you have in mind, it is similar to the raw coffee beans. People can consume it whether it is fresh or dried. But make sure to boil or roast the beans perfectly. After that, we can just pop the beans into our mouth as snack. Or else, we can also create flour from these beans and use the flour for any kinds of food including cake, cookies, and others.

Nutritional Information of Jugo Beans

One of the reasons in consuming Jugo beans is for the health benefits of jugo beans. The health benefits of jugo beans come from the precious nutrition in it such as:

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Cholesterol

Health Benefits of Jugo Beans

Jugo beans which is also called as Bambara beans possess many health benefits for our body. The health benefits of jugo beans are:

  1. Prevent arthritis

This African groundnut is known to have high level of calcium, the same benefits we can get from  Health Benefits of Honey Beans You Should Know as African super food. As we know, calcium is very beneficial for the bones. By providing the sufficient nutrition for bone, we can avoid bone related diseases such arthritis.

  1. Maintain healthy bones

The amino acids in jugo beans are able to maintain healthy bones as it helps the genesis of collagen. Collagen is very important as bones composing element. Not only important for bones, collagen is also beneficial for the connective tissue formation, tendon, and skin health.

  1. Treat anemia

Beans and nuts are commonly able to present health benefits regarding to the high level of mineral in it. Just like the Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts, jugo beans or Bambara groundnuts are also able to provide sufficient amount of mineral, especially iron which is very helpful in treating anemia. Iron improves the red blood cell production.

As we know, anemia occurs when we are lack of red blood cell. Therefore, regular consumption of jugo beans is able to treat anemia along with its symptoms such dizziness, fatigue, and dark circle.

  1. Promote body growth in children

Children need complex nutrients to grow well. Therefore, it is important to give perfect nutrition to children. The high content of carbohydrate, protein, calories, and mineral from jugo beans are able to manage malnutrition and make sure the nutrition taken by children aids their growth. It is also good for babies, just like the quality of Health Benefits of Mung Beans for Babies

  1. Treat insomnia

Jugo beans are one of the natural ingredients which help treating insomnia. It is possible since the beans contain amino acids. Amino acids are able to stimulate our brain in releasing serotonin hormone which keep us calm and keep away stress. This way, we can have better sleep quality.

  1. Maintain healthy digestion

This African beans can present the ability as micro bacterial agent as one of the health benefits of jugo beans. Specifically when the beans are cultivated into milk, it produces more probiotics thanthose in dairy milk.

Thus, the probiotics are able to maintain the healthy digestive track and deal with some diseases such irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and inflammatory bowel disease.

  1. Treat diarrhea

During diarrhea, we often lose our nutrients, especially minerals. Nevertheless, we know that we need minerals to keep our wellness and boost the recovery process.

In this case, the consumption of jugo beans is able to replace the loss of minerals. It is possible since jugo beans is known to have good amount in minerals. Jugo beans also have therapeutic effect to the irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Prevent stomach cancer

The consumption of jugo beans is known to be able in prevents stomach cancer, and further reduces the danger of stomach cancer. It is possible since jugo beans contain fatty acids which are effective in suppressing carcinogenic substances in the stomach.

This way, it prevents any infection along the mucus lining of the stomach. The action involves prevention toward inflammation due to the growth of tumor.

  1. Lower cholesterol

As jugo beans contain good amount of lysine, it is possible for jugo bans to improve the production of carnitine. Later, carnitine will help eliminate the bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, the body will quickly break down fatty acids into energy.

  1. Prevent unhealthy snacking habit

A study proved that the flour from Bambara or jugo beans contains protein higher than wheat flour. The study analyzes the use of jugo beans flour into cookies. As the result, the cookies using jugo beans grow bigger in the oven than the cookies use wheat flour. Thus, consuming foods from jugo beans flour may provide you extra protein. The high protein will keep you satiated.

This way, you’ll avoid to craving for the other unhealthy snack between your meal times. Or else, you may alternate your snack into the healthier snack such cheese puto, the happening traditional snack from Asia. Thus, you may obtain the  Health Benefits of Puto Cheese . 

The other health benefits of jugo beans are:

  1. Nourish skin
  2. Control weight
  3. Anti-inflammatory property
  4. Gluten free
  5. Good for hearth
  6. Relieve stress

Recommendation in Consuming Jugo Beans

It is important to make sure that you cook the beans before consuming it. Whether you like it fresh or dried, make sure you boil or roast the beans. It is because jugo beans tend to be toxic when consumed raw. Far different from groundnuts or peanuts, which are able to be raw-consumed and give Health Benefits of Eating Raw Groundnuts. Generally they are two ways to consume jugo beans.

The first is consuming the whole grain beans as roasted beans snack or boil and stir fry the beans for your meal. Or else, you can also make flour from the beans and use the flour for anything such cake, dumpling, and even porridge. For the recommended intake, you can eat jugo beans as long as it doesn’t exceed 20 grams in a day.

It is also safe for you to consume the beans every day in no more than 90 days. You should also be aware of the allergic risk, as those who are allergic to legumes may not eat jugo beans. By paying attention to the recommendation in consuming jugo beans, you are able to obtain the health benefits of jugo beans.