Amazing Mongolian Beef Health Benefits

Many already know how to taste the cuisine of Mongolia with the main ingredient of beef. Processed typical Mongolian beef is very soft and rich in spices. Meat is the staple food of the Mongolian people and the most famous in the world is Mongolian beef health benefits. This is because breeding is the profession […]

Health Benefits of Galbijjim – Korean Style Braised Short Ribs (Recipe)

Now that we are through in discussing about the health benefits of galbi, let’s move on to one of the dishes made using galbi beef, which is the galbijjim. Galbijjim, or braised short ribs is a stew dish that can be made using beef or pork galbi. They are traditionally a special-occasion dish consumed at […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Medium Rare Steak

Steaks are arguably one of the most savoury culinary inventions around. Imagine the aroma, the succulence of beef, the rich flavour it has once you cut a portion of beef and place it on your tongue. I’m pretty sure many of you would be craving for some by now. Unfortunately, due to high beef prices […]

14 Health Benefits of Eating Beef Liver #Top for Pregnancy

Still in the theme of health benefits, now we will talks about health benefits of eating beef liver. So far, we know that the foods that contain lots of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals and elements) that we need the most concentrated on fruits and vegetables. Although this is true, it is also found in the micro-nutrient […]

12 Health Benefits of Desiccated Beef Liver (No.1 for Muscle)

Desiccated beef liver is made from concentrated dried beef liver. The words “desiccated” means dried, so that this beef liver is commonly available on the form of powder. To make it easier to consume, desiccated beef liver commonly converted into capsules or tablet. This powder is very beneficial for people who hate to consume animal’s […]