18 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado During Pregnancy

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Before we talk about The Benefits of Avocado During Pregnancy. Let us know it deeper. Persea Americana is the latin of this fruit. This fruit is not from Indonesia. But is originated in Mexico.

Why this fruit is recommended during pregnancy? Because avocado has three health benefits, namely:


1. Curing Cramps In Pregnant Women

Cramps is something common for women. Especially when get pregnant. But know after read this artcile throw away your worry. Because with just consume avocado will reduce the cramps.
How it is work?
Just with help from potassium that contains in avocado. This substance is very good to reduce the suffer of cramps.

2. Reduce The Gastrointestinal Inflamation In Pregnant Woman

There are two important substances in avocado for reduce the gastrointestinal inflamation in pregnant woman. First, carotenoids as a beta carotene and lycopene. The caretonids and lyconpene are good enzyme that contains in avocado. Both of those substance are essential nutrient. By curing musocal lining of small intestine the caretonids and lyconpene will curing inflamation of stomach.

Maintain Health

3. Calcium Intake

Two in one and one in two. There are mother and the fetus in one body. This why mother in pregnancy need more nutrition than before. Mother need food double time for both of them. Avocado can fullfill this condition. Because calcium that contains in it can be a builder and shaper the baby’s bone.

4. Good Food For Good Brain

Based on a research, avocado is a good food for prevention from Alzheimer. Because avocado contains Omega 3 acids and Vitamin E. Both of this substances are proven to stop Alzheimer disease.
Do not waste this information father and mother. Keep routine consume avocado and prevent the baby from Alzheimer disease.

5. Helps Development of Brain and Nerves

For you who like to consume avocado this health benefits will come without asking. Especially for pregnant woman. Because to get his benefits pregnant mother just need to consume a cup of avocado juice.
In that cup there is 22 miligram of choline. This substance will help developing brain and nerves of the baby.

6. Improving Digestive Function

From middle time until the end of prenancy. Mother will get suffeer because of constipation. Avocado contains a lot of fiber. This substance is very needs for digest food properly. And do you know mother and father, that avocado with the fiber can increase the movement of bowel better.

7. Increase Absorption Of Nutrients

Vitamin A that contains in avocado has a good substance that called carotenoids.  This substance is very needs for pregnancy. Because pregnant woman needs more nutrients than before. But the it will useless if the absorption not maximum. So to increase the absorption of nutrients carotenoids in avocado is needed. This health benefits of avocado during pregnancy is base on research.

8. Intake of Vitamin B1 and B2

Eventhough the nausea is the sign of a woman pregnant. But is not really good for woman to feel that all the time. So it can overcome by a vitamin B1 and B2. Both of those vitamins are contains in avocado. So we can make it simple, “Avocado can overcome the nausea in pregnant woman”. Tiamin is another name of B1, can also reduce the mother pregnant nausea and vomiting.

The other health benefits of avocado during pregnancy of Vitamin B2 is decomposition nutrition for baby. This benefits is function of roboflavin, the other name of B2. This function is very important for preparing baby born and post lactation.

9. Intake of Vitamin B6

The function of avocado that can overcome the nausea in pregnant woman. Is not only can get from Vitamin B1 and B2. Sickness when get pregnant which mother always get in the morning. Vitamin B6 also can reduce that. Like Vitamin B1 and B2 above. This Vitamin B6 also contains in avocado. Vitamin B6 that also called as pridoksin has other health benefits during pregnancy, namely for durability.

10. Intake of Vitamin C

This part is very conneted with the health benefits of avocado during pregnancy about the iron. Because Vitamin C can be accelerate the absorption of iron in pregnant woman.
But there are two caution for this health benefits. First,  do not consume it to much. Second, consume Vitamin C drom natural resources. Because break both of it can cause miscarriage. Progesterone can be too much in mother and the fetus. Progesterone can be too much if consume Vitamin C to much and from unnatural resources.


11. Intake of Vitamin E

The nesxt health benefits of avocado during pregnancy that can maintain mother healthy is Vitamin E. The substance which contain in avocado can produce prolaction hormone.
This hormone has three benefits, for role in metabolism, control mother emotion, and forming red blood cells. If mother can sonsume avocado routine, the Vitamin E inside will give a good environment for baby inside too.
That for the baby but actually there is another good nes for moms. Avocado with Vitamin E can be antiaging.

12. Intake of Vitamin K

This Vitamin K is actually has a similar benefits with Vitamin E. Forming the red blood cells. But Vitamin has a different health benefits namely blood clotting and role bone formation for the fetus.
Vitamin is one of must fullfill nutrition by mother and father. Because this substance is very improtant for fetus healthy before get in world.



13. Prevent Anemia

The first health benefits of avocado during pregnancy is prevent anemia. Anemia causing by lack of iron. If mother lack of this good nutrition. This is very bad because will impact to the baby.
So pregnant woman is very recommended to consume avocado. Because this fruit contains the iron. Just consume a cut of it everyday. In one slice of avocado can fullfill pregnancy needs of the iron.

14. Preventing Babies From Deformities;

Irregular arrangement of permanent teeth because jaw disorder is the mening of deformity. This condition make the ceilings shapes is not in curved. Than it will impact for the teeth because it will late to change.
Avocado cantains folic acids in it. This acids is very important for development organs of baby. Baby who has deficiency of folic acid will get deformity for teeth and bone.

15. Preventing Compilations

Fatigue is something that mother will get during pregnancy. This condition can impact to bad compilations of disesases. Anemia, insomnia, preeclamsia, and changing of mood suddenly is the part of the compilations. From all of the compilations, I do think that that preeclamsia is something new to our ears. Pregnant women which got high blood pressure is called preeclamsia.
Preeclamsia is one of the higher mortality in infants. The infants will get poisoning of this preeclamsia. Percentage of preeclamsia is about 5-8 % of pregnancies.

16. Prevent Fetal From Disease or Disorder of Eye

To get his benefits mother just need to consume a cup of avocado juice. Like was said above is curing benefits of the holy fruits, avocado. There is a substance called carotenoids that contains in Vitamin A. This substance has the other benefits of avocado . The carotenoids that contains in Vitamin A will prevent fetal from disease or disorder of eye.
But not only prevent fetal from disease or disorder of eye. Lituen that contains in avocado also prevent mother from cataracts and macular degeneration.

17. Prevent From the Risk of Stroke

The other amazing thing about avocado’s benefits is prevent pregnant woman from stroke. Because avocado contains high folic acids.
This benefits can get is based on research pregnant woman which consume avocado the risk to get stroke is lower than who does not.

18. Prevent Neurological Defects In Fetuses

Folic acids has multiple health benefits. One of it is preventing babies from deformities above. The other one is prevent neurological defects in fetuses. In one cut of avocado can help mother and the fetuses from neurological defects. Because it contains 59 miligram of foic acid. So mother can consume the avocado according to the needs.

After all of the health benefits of avocado during pregnancy, do not forget to consume the avocado in routine time. Do not consume it just in day. Because it will not impact for something.