20 Health Benefits of Apples During Pregnancy (#Proven)

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Expectant mothers need sufficient nutrition both for themselves and their fetus. Therefore, they must meticulously choose their food intake, including fruit. One of the fruits that is rich of nutrient is apple. The benefits of apple include in the 12 rank out of 100 nutritious fruits.

The Nutrient Value of 100 g of Apple (3.5 oz)

  • Energy 218 kJ (52 kcal)
  • Carbohydrate 13,81 g
  • Sugar 10,39 g
  • Fiber  2,4 g
  • Fat 0,17 g
  • Protein 0,26 g
  • Water 85,56 g
  • Vitamin A 3 mg (0%)
  • Thiamine (Vitamin. B1) 0.017 mg (1%)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin. B2) 0,026 mg (2%)
  • Niacin (Vitamin. B3) 0,091 mg (1%)
  • Pantotenat Acid (Vitamin B5) 0,061 mg (1%)
  • Vitamin B6 0,041 mg (3%)
  • Folic (Vitamin B9) 3 mg (1%)
  • Vitamin C 4.6 mg (8%)
  • Calcium 6 mg (1%)
  • Iron 0,12 mg (1%)
  • Magnesium 5 mg (1%)
  • Phosphorus 11 mg (2%)
  • Potassium 107 mg (2%)
  • Zinc 0,04 mg (0%)

With its high nutrients we could get 20 Health Benefits of Apple During Pregnancy, so you must eat apple regularly when get pregnancy.

1. Rich of Antioxidant.

Apple can fulfill the nutrition requirement for expectant mothers. Moreover, its ability to eradicate poisonous substances in our body is fascinating. Its antioxidant contents, flavonoid and polyphenolic  are proven effective to make our body healthy, especially for expectant mothers.

2. Constipation.

Constipation is the most common digestive problems for expectant mothers. The problem is caused by less intake of fiber. Certain action needs to be quickly taken unless it will put the fetus in harm because the toxin remains in the body. Fiber in apples is beneficial for facilitating the digestion process.

3. Reducing High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

The changes in expectant mothers is not only about their physical condition but also their emotional. Those changes make the blood pressure unstable which eventually will lead them to suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. Apple contains substance that is good for reducing cholesterol. Consuming apple regularly will control blood pressure becomes normal and the risk of high blood pressure can be avoided.

4. Reducing the Risk of Swollen Feet.

It does not only the stomach that grows bigger but also several parts of the body experience the same thing too. Swollen feet is the common case in expectant mothers.  Consuming apple regularly will reduce the risk of swollen feet.

5. Increasing Appetizer.

Sometimes expectant mothers loose their appetizer because they suffer from nausea. Meanwhile, in the early phases of pregnancy, expectant mothers should have nutritious intake. If the expectant mothers have less nutritious intake, the baby will experience the same thing, too. Therefore, it is important to have a good eating habit. Green apple or produced product of green apple is good for increasing appetizer.

6. Preventing DNA Breakdown.

Longer frequency of expectant mothers to stay outside of their house brings the risk of suffering from free radicals. It will put the fetus in harm which eventually lead to worse condition, such as birth defects and cancer. Besides, expectant mothers experience more burden when they move. This will lead to DNA breakdown. In the worse case, this will cause cancer. Green apple is the excellent choice to prevent DNA breakdown since it contains high antioxidant.

7. Promoting the Development of Healthy Fetus.

Apple is good for promoting the development of healthy fetus. The nutrition in apple help the fetus to develop well. Moreover, apple is good for preventing the risk of asthma that often happens to the fetus.

8. Reducing the Pain.

Pain is another common problem of expectant mothers. The womb is growing bigger and give certain pressures to expectant mothers. This makes expectant mothers will easily get tired. Consuming green apple during the early phase of pregnancy is good for reducing the pain. It cannot cure the pain but it will minimize it so expectant mothers will always look fit and healthy.

9. Reducing Nausea.

The stomach of expectant mothers is very sensitive. This is because the gastric acid is increasing that lead to nausea. Consuming apple regularly is the natural way to overcome that problem. The nutrition in apple can level down the gastric acid. A bit sour taste in apple is good to reduce the nausea. Therefore, consuming apple regularly is good for the first period of pregnancy where the case of nausea often comes.

10. Reducing the Risk of Obesity.

Apple contains nutrition that prevent expectant mothers to suffer from obesity. Obesity and diabetes are the common health problem in expectant mothers. Apple can reduce cholesterol and provide perfect nutrition is it is consumed based on the suggested portion.

11. Reducing the Risk of Premature Birth.

One of the most important benefits of apple for expectant mothers is reducing the risk of premature birth. Generally, premature birth is caused by the massive bile secretion that eventually lead to complication. Green apple is good for reducing the risk of premature birth. Besides, it is good for delivering process.

12. Opposing Cancer.

Apple for expectant mothers is beneficial for preventing cancer. Based on the research, several substances in apple can oppose cancer seed cells. It is said that people who like consuming apple are potentially free to prevent 42% of cancer.

13. Preventing Stroke.

Apple contains a lot of mineral. One of the minerals in apple is good for making and keeping healthy bones so that the risk of stroke can be avoided.

14. Fulfilling the Protein Intake.

Apple is one of the important vegetable protein source. The protein requirement for our body can be fulfilled by consuming peanuts. However, the benefits of protein can also be obtained from vegetable source. And green apple is the best answer.

15. Reducing the Risk of Diabetes.

Pain and illness complaints are common during the first phase of pregnancy. One of them is diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the most common problem during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is very risky both for expectant mothers and the baby because it hampers baby development. Apple has already contained of natural sweetener that can be absorbed by our body. It can also balance the level of our blood sugar. Therefore, Consuming green apple is good to control the level of the blood sugar. Besides, apple can keep the insulin level longer and makes us feel more full. Consuming green apple is good to control the level of the blood sugar.

14. Promoting Healthy Skin.

Expectant mothers often ignore their appearance. They might not be aware of the health of their skin, such as acnes, dry and dull skin. Green apple is the best “doctor” to overcome that problem. Green apples contains a lot of vitamin that keep expectant mothers’ skin smooth and healthy.

15. Preventing Asthma and Bronchitis.

Expectant mothers are strongly suggested to consume apple since it contains nutrition that is sufficient for them. Moreover, apple brings benefit for the expectant mothers and their baby. In fact, consuming apple regularly can overcome asthma and prevent our lungs. Expectant mothers who regularly consume apple are not only protecting themselves but also their baby. 

16. Promoting the Beauty.

Eating apple regularly in fact can make expectant mothers look more beautiful. The chewing process makes their face muscles keep moving as if they join facial gymnastics. This movement prevents their face from wrinkles and tired face.

17. Preventing Alzheimer Children.

Apple can prevent Alzheimer because it contains asetikolin or the substance that delivers the message among the nerve cells. Consuming apples regularly during pregnancy will maintain the children’s memory and prevent them from Alzheimer.

18. Preventing Pre-Eclampsia. 

Pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure brings dangerous effect for expectant mothers since it can trigger miscarriage. Reducing salt intake can prevent expectant mothers from pre-eclampsia by adding the vitamin C intake from apple.

19. Reducing Cholesterol Level.

Another important benefit of apple for expectant mother is its unbelievable ability to reduce the risk of high cholesterol. There are indeed some cases that trigger the causes of high cholesterol during pregnancy. The lowering secretion level after consuming apple is important to control high cholesterol that brings both the expectant mother and the fetus in danger.

20. Promoting Healthy Heart.

Apple contains vitamin A, C, flavonoid, phosphor, and calcium. Besides, apple contain iron and potassium that are extremely beneficial for the heart. Heart is the vital organ in this life. Let alone for expectant mothers and the fetus.

Hopefully the expression about “An apple a day keep the doctor away” can be well applied by expectant mothers since apple offers numerous benefits both for themselves and their fetus.