13 Super Health Benefits of Oatmeal In the Morning

Oatmeal is currently being popular as a part of society’s new healthy life style due to the slight of heart attack cases among people. Oatmeal, which is made from wheat grain, is a kind of super food claimed to have such complex carbo and fiber to balance the body needs nutrient. For some, health benefits […]

15 Health Benefits of Korralu #Best Super Food

Korallu, also better known as foxtail millet is a kind of cereal seeds plant which widely cultivated in mostly countries in East Asia and South East Asia. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not included as the country which has large plantation of millet even though it belongs to South East Asia part. For those living in East […]

30 Scientific Health Benefits of Whole Grains #Works for Diabetes Cure

In modern world, with so many options of diet program, people tend to be careful in choosing what they should eat today. When talking about grains, some warnings like “avoid wheat”, “weight gain” and “gluten content” are common to occur, in the end, people will avoid grains at all cost. However, those people just don’t […]

27 Health Benefits of Wheat Germ – Beauty – Diet – Body Performance

The number of people who are concerning about healthy living is progressively increasing today. Then, one of their concerns are about what they should put on their plates. It means that more understanding towards what foods that best for them to consume and what those foods will affect them. Health benefits of wheat germ is […]

17 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed and Side Effects

A pumpkin is actually belong to a type of squash and It is a member of Cucurbita family as well as squash and cucumbers. The name of pumpkin fruit is derived from the word “pepon” which in the Greek language means large melon. Pumpkin is a popular fruit and crop nowadays and it spread around […]

18 Health Benefits of Lentils (No.3 Best in Earth)

Health Benefits of Lentils very impressive for some side of human body and long life. Lentil is common crops which used as culinary purposes since long ago. Lentil belongs to legumes family and it is regard as the most ancient legumes plant that has been cultivated by human. Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) is a plant […]

15 Health Benefits of Semolina (No.1 Insane)

In this chance i will explain the health benefits of Semolina. Semolina or also known as suuji is one of wheat that use to make dish, cakes, or pastas. Semolina can be found plenty in India. The original texture of this wheat is a little bit coarsely. But the texture after it cooked is lovely and […]

Is Fenugreek Good for Diabetes ? (Scientific explanation)

Once you were diagnosed with diabetes, it doesn’t mean that your life will be ended. Instead, it is the time for you to be aware of your daily diet. Fenugreek is widely known as part of famous Indian spices which is produced from the seeds. However, the other parts of the plant could be use […]

10 Health Benefits of Ragi during Pregnancy (No.5 Excellent)

Ragi porridge is one of the foods easily found in Africa and Asia. While western people is using oat as cereal, ragi is what people in Asian, especially India, choose as their cereal. Just like oat, ragi is also having a lot of health benefits for a pregnant mother as well as a new mom […]

5 Side Effects of Fenugreek Seeds (No.3 Must Consider)

Fenugreek is a plant from the fabaceae or leguminous family. Fenugreek is also known in many other names such as greek hay, fenigreek and methi. It has a bitter taste, yet a unique sweet smell. Some say it is similar to the smell of a maple syrup. Fenugreek production mostly comes from South Asia, Middle […]