12 Astonishing Health Benefits of Green Fennel Seed

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Maybe it’s a bit unfamiliar in your daily words, but there is a plant from carrot family and it has lots of benefits for our body. It’s called fennel, and people mostly confuse this with parsley because it has similar form.

This plant has a thick scent and usually used for cooking, but nowadays it also uses for medical purposes. The green fennel seeds itself is known for giving lot of benefits to our body. Before we reveal more health secrets about this green fennel seeds, you might want to check health benefits of sunflower seed as well.

So here are 12 astonishing health benefits of green fennel seeds, check them out!

What is green fennel seed?

Green fennel seed is a seed that came from Foeniculum vulgare and it usually around 4-10 mm long, quite similar with sunflower seed but not as wide as sunflower seed. Basically this plant came from the shores of the Mediterranean but recently it has spread worldwide.

There are lot of nutrition contained in every 100 grams of green fennel seed. Start from carbohydrates, fat, protein, five kinds of vitamin, and eight kinds of mineral. And all of the benefits that those elements did to our body will be explained below.

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What is the good side effects of green fennel seed?

This amazing seed has gone through many experiments and researches, until researchers discovered that beside for cooking purposes, this seed has medical purposes as well.

Here are some good side effects of green fennel seed:

  1. Maintains healthy bones
    As explained above, green fennel seed contains lots of mineral, such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and zinc which gives great contribution for your bone health. Phosphate and calcium are important in bone structure, iron and zinc are crucial in collagen production and maturation, and magnesium are useful for bone matrix formation.
  2. Lowers blood pressure
    Researches found that taking green fennel seed regularly with the right doses will slowly lowers the blood pressure. As fennel contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium, these elements has proven able to lowers blood pressure. So it’s a good news for those who fighting with hypertension, you should try this amazing seed!
  3. Reduces heart attack risk
    Potassium and other elements contained in green fennel seed are very helpful in decreasing the amount of cholesterol inside the blood and resulting in decreasing the risk of heart attack.
  4. Reduces cancer risk
    Low cholesterol means low risk of cancer. Researches found that the amount of selenium in green fennel seed helps our liver enzyme to remove cancer-causing compounds inside our body. Plus, the beta-carotene inside this seed also optimizes the function of liver enzyme.
  5. Increases immunity
    Beside fighting over cancer and heart attack risk, selenium also helpful to increase our immunity, so for those who had problems with immunity then this is just the right knight in shining armor for you! You may also read about Health Benefits of Fish Flaxseed and Borage Oil
  6. Decreases the impact of inflammation
    The amount of choline contained in green fennel seed helps our body to reduce the impact of inflammation, and also improved blood circulation as well. 
  7. Improves metabolism system
    What’s more health benefits of green fennel seeds? Since green fennel seed contains Vitamin B-6, it gives great impact in improving our metabolism system. Plus the amount of fiber inside it, it just helps our intestines to digest our foods better!
  8. Improves skin health
    Raw green fennel seeds are rich with Vitamin C, and it’s a good news for your skin because it will make your skin glows and healthy for sure! It’s also helps your skin to fight against any pollution around you. You may also read about Health Benefits of Coriander Seeds Soaked in Water
  9. Great muscle pain killer
    When the green fennel seed are extracted into green fennel oil, it turned out gives us lots of benefit, especially as massage oil. Beside that, this oil is also can be used to relieve coughs and bronchitis as well! And its also applicable for babies, so don’t be afraid to use this oil anytime you need it.
  10. Fights over acne
    Consuming green fennel seeds regularly will also helps you to fight over acnes. Since the amount of minerals are quite plenty, your acne will be gone in no time! You may also read about Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil
  11. Helps purify blood
    The fiber in this seed helps you to purify the blood inside your body, which one of the action is removing the fat and cholesterol inside the blood. So you can say your hello to clean blood in your veins!
  12. Improves eyesight
    The great amount of Vitamin A inside this seeds will improves your eyesight as well. Even in some countries, the extracts of this seeds are used for fighting over glaucoma.

What are the bad side effects of green fennel seed?

There are not much researches that proved the bad side effects of this seed to our body, but some rejections response are similar to allergic reactions such as rash, swelling lips, or breathing problem. As for those who also consumes medicines containing antibiotics, it’s better to not consuming this seeds as well since it might react to the antibiotics. As for babies, it’s better to apply it for external use such as green fennel oil. Since the baby couldn’t adopt immediately to the elements inside green fennel seed.

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What is the recommendation intake for green fennel seed?

As the use of this seed are not very common in public, the recommendation intake is still remain unknown. It’s better to consult to your doctor for the best result. If you had some disease that might be able to be triggered by green fennel seed, the doctor will surely gives you the better alternatives. But for the extracted oil, there is no recommendation intake as long as its only used for external use only, such as massage oil.

So that’s all about 12 astonishing health benefits of green fennel seed, even though this seed gives us great health benefits, but there are also some bad side effects as well that we need to pay attention. Consulting it to your doctor before using the seed as your daily intake is recommended. Hope this information is useful!