17 Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil Base on Research

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Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil Base on Research already known around the world. Omega 3 is a type of fatty acid contained in fish oil, which provides numerous benefits for health for years. There have been many researches proving the health benefits of omega 3 and this is why people are so interested consuming fish oil either from supplements or fatty fish. Combination of fatty fish and fish oil supplements can be a great option for those who don’t really eat enough fatty fish in their meals. People’s attention of omega 3 benefits is increasing today because omega 3 deficiency can lead to many kinds of deathly illnesses. So it is important to keep your body filled with omega 3 because there is a long list of benefits to reap.

  1. Relieving Anxiety

Being under pressure is really hard to face. It makes you can’t think straight to address your problem. This kind of anxiety comes from your brain, influences your emotion and it ends up with depression behavior. Fish oil with its omega 3 can help your brain to develop and reduce anxiety. This is why children should eat omega 3 earlier to prevent them from any kind of depression later when they are older.

  1. Reducing ADHD Symptoms

As has been said above that fish oil can help to develop the brain, it is also useful in reducing the ADHD symptoms. This is because human’s brain is 60-percent containing fats including the omega 3 and 6. Consuming fish oil will provide more omega 3 needed in your brain so that it can work better. However, in order to reducing ADHD behavior disorders, a diet should be planned to ensure that you have enough omega 3 intake daily. You can eat many kinds of foods containing omega 3 such as walnuts, fatty fish, leafy vegetables and many more.

  1. Treating Arthritis

The benefits of fish oil in treating arthritis have been proved by a study that consuming fish oil can help reducing the disease. This research included three groups that had significantly got the disease reduced after the groups divided into three parts, one group with fish oil, the second with borage seed and the other one with the combination. The three of them ended with a great result.

  1. Killing Cancers

The ability of omega 3 in killing cancer is well known. This is one of the strong benefits of fish oil. Many types of cancers such as breast and colon can be treated with fish oil therapy. This is why omega 3 has been widely used in cancer drugs to make them work better in healing the disease. The EPA and DHA contained in fish oil are the most beneficial fatty acids useful in treating cancer. More importantly, omega 3 can also be used as a standalone drug for cancer.

  1. Treating Alzheimer

Alzheimer is closely related with brain as this disease mostly happens to elderly who are risky in getting memory loss due to their ages. The benefits of fish oil for brain are not only helpful for ADHD or anxiety, but also effective for treating Alzheimer. It works by making the cognitive decline in adult’s brain slower while preventing bran atrophy from happening.

  1. Preventing Diabetes

Unhealthy lifestyle tends to lead to many kinds of illness including diabetes. Consuming fish oil can help to reducing your risk of getting diabetes because omega 3 works by protecting hippocampus cells, which when they are destroyed, diabetes can happen. There are also some roots in your body causing diabetes can be reversed by omega 3. Moreover, consuming fish oil can help to treat diabetes, not only prevent it from coming.

  1. Reversing Cardiovascular Disease

Containing anti-inflammatory properties, fatty acids are great in reversing cardiovascular disease. So consuming fat is very helpful in dealing with this disease as long as you go with the right one, which is the polyunsaturated fat.

  1. Reduce Depression

Still about mental disorders, fish oil is great in addressing depression as it is closely related with your brain. Consuming omega 3 will help your brain to improve its nutrition and amino acid, which can help it to concentrate better. With your concentration metabolized, disorders caused by depression can be reduced.

  1. Boosting Immune

Your immune system is very important to boost since they can prevent the causes of illness from coming to your body. However, when you have weak immune system, your health can be at risks of many kinds of diseases. Consuming fish oil can help your immune system boosted, protecting your health from virus and other causes. It is also said that fish oil consumed with astaxanthin can make it more effective.

  1. Reversing Eye Disorders

The richness of DHA and EPA contained in fish oil is beneficial in reversing eye disorders related with age. Taking oil fish, both from supplements and naturally coming from fatty fish can help to lower the symptoms significantly.

  1. Reducing Weight

Not only is it good for your health, omega 3 is also excellent for reducing your weight. Doing a diet with exercises and healthy meals will be more completed with fish oil. It is important to combine exercises and fish oil, not only each of them alone because they are related to each other to make your fat burned. Obesity is one of the causes of diabetes and heart disease, so reducing your bad fat from your body is a great solution for keeping them away. Take omega 3 daily and get some exercises three times in a week for four months can help you end up with a nice result. If you are consuming fish oil supplement, make sure to check the supplement contain EPA and DHA in the right significant amount of your intake.

  1. Improving Bone Health

Calcium and magnesium are important for your bones, but DHA is also required to keep the density of your bone. Note that your bone density can’t be maintained just by taking omega 3 only, but you must complete it with some training related with strengthening your bone. Preventing osteoporosis is also possible if you are consistent with this routine.

  1. Protecting from Air Pollution

While you have known many benefits of omega for your health, this fatty acid is also useful in protecting your body from air pollution. It has been proved through a research in 2012 that women taking fish oil about 3 grams every day for a month didn’t get any negative effects by air pollution. This is compared to women taking placebo in the same amount of time who were getting some negative responses. If you are living in the city or in an area where the air pollution is quite high, consuming fish oil can be necessary.

  1. Boosting Memory

Due to its effectiveness in providing nutrient for your brain, fish oil also works by boosting your memory. This is also why omega 3 is helpful in reducing Alzheimer symptoms. It influences the cognitive functioning and brain areas making the power in your brain better. Taking fish oil for elderly can be also a great option from preventing them getting a memory loss caused by age. Not only the health of your body, but also the health of your brain can be maintained with omega 3.

  1. Preserving Lean Muscle

Cancer patients doing chemotherapy tend to lose their muscle weight and it makes them slimmer and unhealthy. To complete the cancer treatment, consuming fish oil can help them maintain their muscle. So taking fish oil while doing the treatment can help them feel better with the weight is still stabilized.

  1. Improving Fetus

It is good for pregnant women to consume fish oil for giving benefits to the fetus. The motor, sensory and cognitive development of your fetus can be well improved by taking omega 3 properly. However, this should be done three months before giving birth the baby, not from the early pregnancy. Check it with your doctor first to see the best way to consume it.

How to Properly Consume It

omega 3 intake per dayIn order to get the benefits of omega 3, you need to take the right amount of fish oil.

  • The recommended omega 3 intake is no more than 3 grams per day.

If you need to take more than that under certain circumstances, ensure to check it with your doctor first. Don’t just blindly consume it without guidelines. Taking omega 3 too much, more than 3 grams can lead to bleeding. Other side effects might happen during the consumption are stomach upset fishy breath and fishy tasted mouth.

Other Omega 3 Sources

While most people consume fatty fish to get the benefits of omega 3, there are also some sources of omega 3 that you can take such as rapeseed and flaxseed, especially in the kind of oil. You can add them to your daily meals or snacks for taking the benefits. However, note that what is containing in those foods is different from omega 3 from fish oil, which contains EPA and DHA. Those other sources are containing ALA, which is less beneficial than the DHA and EPA from fish oil.