6 Amazing Health Benefits of Quail Eggs for Toddler

When your little one starts to eat meals, of course, all mothers want to give their kids nutritional intakes such as eggs, because they are rich in benefits and vitamins, as fully explained in the health benefits of brown eggs. But compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs are more recommended for babies and toddlers. Compared […]

7 Hard-to-miss Health Benefits of Hard Boiled Eggs for Breakfast

Everyone has certainly consumed chicken eggs whether the boiled eggs or maybe omelets. But usually, people will eat boiled eggs because it is much healthier, as you can see in the health benefits of salted eggs. Boiled eggs are also widely consumed for those who diet on rice, because this food will make the stomach […]

11 Impressing Health Benefits of Salted Eggs #Indonesian Food

Salted egg also known as a century egg, people splits cleanly into ‘enjoy it’ or ‘umm, no thanks’. Some of you might be love its lingering-salty sensation, or really do hate it for reasons. Salted egg is the product of preserving egg made by curing duck or chicken eggs in brine solution (mostly duck eggs […]

18 Proven Health Benefits of Brown Eggs You Should Know

Egg is one of the most reachable source of animal protein and the other beneficial value we can only get from animal product. We can also find eggs in anything we eat every day. Besides eating eggs alone, we also use egg in some other processed food such bread, noodle, cake, and many more. Basically […]

18 Health Benefits of Eggs and Avocado #1 Nutrient Dense Food

Sometimes we find a food with its perfect combination, just like salt and pepper, or milk and banana. And when we mention eggs, do you have in mind what is the most suitable companion for eggs? You might have combined eggs with many foods and taste alright after all. But have you ever imagine that […]

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Pigeon Eggs #1 Traditional Cure

We can find pigeon (columbidae) in all the world. It has plump body with short neck and beak. In nature, pigeon build its nest from sticks. Its nest will be placed on the tree, baluster or land. That thing is depend on pigeon species. Some people considered that if they cared pigeon, they will not […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Eating Goose Egg

Goose is one of birds which is many kept in Indonesia, beside duck, duckling , and muscovy duck. Anatomy body of goose is similar to duck, but it has bigger posture and weight than duck. Commonly, the people keep goose as hobby or they will be take its meat. A part of goose which was […]

16 Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs (#1 Top Nutrient Sources)

Eggs are foods rich in nutrients. Eggs can be obtained from farm animals that produce eggs such as chickens, geese, and ducks. But the type of eggs that are more often chosen to be consumed are eggs that come from chicken. How to consume this egg also varies depending on the taste of the audience. […]

13 Health Benefits of Duck Eggs (#No.8 is Amazing)

As we already know, duck is one of fowl that is eligible. We can eat every part of duck, including its egg, just like chicken. People eat duck egg in a different way at each country. Such as in Indonesia, particularly in Java Island, people bury it in a mud for couple days so that […]