10 Fabulous Benefits of Orange Peel Powder for Oily Skin Through Everyday Treatment

The sound of the benefits of orange peel powder for oily skin might be rare to heard. Therefore, many people still not aware on this advantage. This is why the orange peel usually waste and not use anymore. Even several people still prefer to use it for mosquito repellent. But the health advantages of this […]

12 Super Benefits of Black Raspberry Powder for Cancer Treatments

Some people have thoughts of the benefits of black raspberry powder for cancer treatments. However, this is apparently not only myth or theories. There is a research that has been prove the capability of this fruit as one of the method to inhibit various kind of cancer, including esophageal, colon, breast and including skin cancer. […]

Health Benefits of Jamun Seed Powder – Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Hmmm, jamun? What’s that? The term jamun may sound unfamiliar, however the true form of it is definitely familiar to Indonesians. Yes, jamun is actually jamblang in Indonesian, or the black plum in English. Its scientific name is the “Syzygium cumini.” Meanwhile jamun is the Indian term of the fruit, citing its origins in the […]

10 Benefits of Ashwagandha Powder for Height Increase

One of the herbal plant that famous in India is including the benefits of ashwagandha powder for height. This is also famous with the name of Indian ginseng and has been known for many centuries can help to deal with numerous health condition. Furthermore, it is an interesting fact that commonly this powder is the […]

12 Miraculous Health Benefits of Black Ant Powder

Polyrhachis Ant or black ant is a tonic herbal from China. It was reckoned as one of the “forever young foods” that consumed for daily diets or known as dietary supplement. Moreover, it also has many benefits which supports in many functions for all of the body. The health benefits of black ant are to […]

35 Scientific Health Benefits of Cocoa (Unsweetened Cocoa Powder)

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a tropical evergreen tree which the seeds are widely well known as the main ingredients of chocolate products. The Maya considered it as the drink of Gods as the Greek word also has similar meaning because Theo means God and broma means drink. Well, don’t consider cocoa is the same with […]

13 Health Benefits of Nutmeg Powder (No.7 Amazing)

What is the first thing that come to your mind when you heard Nutmeg powder? Is it soup? spices? or both? Yup. It can be possible. Nutmeg powder is originally made from nutmeg seed and has become a popular spices around the world. If you love to see cooking show, you may already recognize this […]

5 Health Benefits of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Most of you may have tried the sweet taste and delicate of chocolate. But how about cocoa powder? Have you ever know the benefits of unsweetened cocoa powder? Indeed, chocolate is one of the most delicious and most popular candy. But the effects is believed unhealthy and make fat your belly. Well, that is not […]