18 Benefits of Drinking Ginger Tea for Weight Loss Treatments

Ginger or plant with the Latin name Zingiber officinale known as a plant that can be used as a spice that also has health benefits. Ginger has a finger-shaped rhizome and bulging in the segment. As a function as spice, ginger is known as one of the spices that can seasoning the food, and can […]

26 Top Health Benefits of Ginger Root Tea #No.1 is Unbelievable

Ginger is probably one of the most popular herb plant ever existed on Earth. Originated from China, ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, which is close kin to other herb plants such as turmeric, cardomon and galangal. It is believed that ginger gained in popularity started in India, about 200 B.C, when it was written […]

20 Top Health Benefits of Ginger Milk – Cold and Flu – Weight Loss Treatments

Ginger milk is one of “potion” that can cure many illness or prevent illness to attack our body. But not all of us know what is the benefits of ginger milk for our body? Well, let’s find out! Ginger is one of herbal plant that has a lot of benefits for body, whether to cure […]

16 Gold Kili Ginger Drink Benefits (No.8 All Get it)

Gold Kili Ginger Drink is a product of ginger powder people like to consume and pick. It offers high quality taste as well as natural ingredients in practical package so they should not need to cook or process—peeling, slicing, boiling water and the likes—ginger by themselves but still could access the natural benefit of this […]

10 Proven Health Benefit of Ginger-Honey Mixture

The natural herbs currently are being focused as the most effective way to heal and treat some diseases naturally. One of the most common herbs which currently is being used commercially as the treatment and healing is Ginger. Ginger is very good for human health due to its turmeric and cardamom. Those are very important […]

11 Benefits of Ginger for Diabetes (Is Good or Not ? )

Ginger is a herbal plant which has thick tuberous rhizome and has lots of benefits for human body including the effect to certain disease such as diabetes. Diabetes is one of disease which has been spread world wide and become an epidemic nowadays. People tend to suffer diabetes, most of them are type 2, because […]

3 Proven Health Benefits of Fermented Ginger Beer

Ginger has been known since thousand years. It is one of other member of family Zingiberaceae include turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. The strange thing is ginger doesn’t grow in the wild and its actual origins are uncertain. Ginger used as a flavor long time ago. Ginger was important exported trade from India to Roman Empire. […]

54 Proven Benefits of Ginger For Health #1 Herbal Remedy

Every mothers who always cook must be very familiar with ginger. Besides ginger has a sense of taste and flavor, it is also used as a medicine. Usually, ginger is well-known used as a spice and as a medicine. The dominant taste of ginger is spicy ginger because it contains Ketones compounds named Zingeron. Ginger can […]

6 Proven Benefits of Ginger for Skin With Its Treatment

Many people don’t Benefits of Ginger for Skin since this herbs The first things which would come in your mind when hearing the word ginger may refer to Korea, spice, hair treatment or its function to improve stamina. It is not surprising as this far, ginger is commonly known as one of traditional spices which […]