13 Excellent Health Benefits of Gingerbread (No. 9 is Best!)

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There are many kinds of food options which you can choose for the consumption. In this article, we will talk about the one that has been favorite for everyone. Gingerbread is a kind of baked food that flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg with an addition of honey and sugar to sweeten. Consequently, gingerbread has the good nutrition contained in it. It is related to the presence of good ingredients such as ginger and cloves. These spices are valuable to promote the health.

In fact, gingerbread provides the benefits of niacin, folate, and other nutrients as well. At this point, one serving of gingerbread will give you 1.8 mg of niacin and 12 percent of folate for your recommended daily intake. These nutrients are the ones that have a role in maintaining the healthy cell development and promotes the gene activity.
As the consequence, to give you more information, we have listed the nutritional value of gingerbread below.

Nutritional Facts of Gingerbread

InformationAmount per 100g% Daily Value
Total Fat16 g24%
  Saturated Fat4.1 g20%
  Polyunsaturated Fat4.2 g
  Monounsaturated Fat7 g
Cholesterol32 mg10%
Sodium327 mg13%
Potassium439 mg12%
Total Carbohydrate49 g16%
Protein3.9 g7%

Calcium  7%

Iron  16%Vitamin B-6  10%
Vitamin B-12  1%Magnesium  17%

Vitamin D  0%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


After reading the information of the nutritional value of ginseng, then you can discover the health benefits of gingerbread below.

1. Source of Iron

The first health benefit provided by gingerbread is the presence of iron in it. In fact, by consuming one serving of 100g gingerbread, then you can achieve the benefits of 16% iron. In this case, gingerbread will help you to regulate the blood circulation in the body. As a result, it will ensure that the body parts get the nutrients by the absorption process of the blood. Indeed, iron is the essential nutrient to promote the body function. Thus, it is recommended to add gingerbread for your healthy snack options. Not only for the great taste but the healthy results which they offer to you.


2. Source of Calcium

Next, one of the health benefits of gingerbread is to give you the good source of calcium. In this case, gingerbread provides 7% calcium of your recommended daily intake per one serving. This is such a good news as you can get the best health results due to the presence of calcium. As the consequence, calcium is the major part which can help you to promote the healthy bones. It turns out that calcium can strengthen the bones structure and bones density as well. For the tips, to fulfill the nutrient needs in the body, then you can consume the kinds of dairy product such as milk, yogurt, kefir together with gingerbread for the healthiest option for sure.


3. Source of Sodium

We cannot deny that gingerbread provides the great source of minerals. At this point of the statement, gingerbread can give you 13% of sodium per serving for your recommended daily intake. As a result, the presence of sodium contained in gingerbread will help you to regulate the body function as well as balancing the hormones level in the body. Moreover, sodium is known to have an ability to control fluids level. Indeed, the sodium does the good work in the body. Therefore, if you want to boost the body function, then you can eat gingerbread for the food option.


4. Source of Potassium

One of the health benefits of gingerbread is to provide the source of potassium. We know that potassium is one of the essential minerals to promote the body function. In this case, potassium takes part in maintaining the strong muscle. Moreover, potassium can help to promote the cardiovascular health. It prevents the strain of heart and blood clots. As the consequence, it helps to protect the heart and prevent the heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Hence, if you want to achieve the benefits of potassium, then you can count on gingerbread and other healthy ingredients such as lettuce for sure.


5. Source of Protein

By consuming one serving of 100g gingerbread, then you can get 7% of recommended daily intake. This will bring health benefits for you such as boosting the energy level. Not only for that, the content of protein in gingerbread is beneficial to regenerate the broken cells with the new ones. As a result, it is valuable to promote the healthy cells and tissues as well. Therefore, it is a must to fulfill the protein needs in the body, then one of the great ways to do that is by adding gingerbread for your food option.


6. Source of Magnesium

A kind of minerals which is contained in gingerbread is the presence of gingerbread. It has shown that gingerbread can give you the excellent health benefits of magnesium. As the consequence, magnesium has a role in promoting the proper blood pressure levels together with calcium. Not only for that, it takes part in preventing hypertension as well as promoting the work of body metabolism, bone, and cell formation. At this point, magnesium has shown its positive result to the body. Thus, it is such a best way to have gingerbread for getting the best health results then.


7. Source of Folate

Consequently, by consuming gingerbread, then you can achieve the health benefits of folate as well. In this case, gingerbread can give the positive result in promoting the body function due to the presence of folate. For the tips, you can also get the folate nutrient by consuming other healthy foods such as broccoli, avocado, and okra. As a result, folate has a role in maintaining the healthy heart and promoting the development of healthy cells. Indeed, folate can promote the brain function and cognitive health for sure. Therefore, having gingerbread for the option will bring the positive effects to your body then.


8. Source of Niacin

The next health benefit of gingerbread is to give you the benefits of niacin. In fact, gingerbread will give you the amount of niacin to promote the body functions such as supporting the proper brain function and helps to treat arthritis. Indeed, the health benefits of gingerbread are numerous. Then, it is worth to consume gingerbread for obtaining the wonderful taste and benefits as well.

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9. Have Antioxidant properties

If you consume gingerbread that has the ginger and clove ingredients, the content of those ingredients will add the nutritional value. In fact, the presence of ginger will help to give you double-kicked benefits. In this case, ginger has been known as the great reliever and a natural treatment for certain diseases. This benefit is associated with the presence of antioxidant properties in it. Indeed, it has the beneficial antioxidants to protect the body against bacteria, viruses, and other bad pathogens.


10. Acts as Anti-inflammatory

Related with the previous statement, gingerbread has shown its potential effect to reduce cancer. This is related to the presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects in ginger. By this means, ginger can prevent the damage of free radicals effects. Therefore, by consuming gingerbread in a right way, then you can achieve the excellent health benefits of this food for sure.


11. Boosts Energy

Based on the previous statement, gingerbread will give you the benefit of protein to boost the energy level in the body. Not only for that, this is associated with the presence of fat in gingerbread to promote the body energy. In this case, by consuming one serving of gingerbread cookies, then it provides 7.3 grams of fat as well. As a result, you will get the addition of energy source. Hence, if you want to boost the energy for your daily activities, then having gingerbread for the consumption is something that should be taken into account.


12. Aids in Digestion

With the presence of the ginger ingredient in ginger, then this food will help you to deal with certain health problems. One of its benefits is to promote the healthy digestion. At this point, it also offers the ability to protect the digestion against inflammation. Then, gingerbread can help to deal with nausea, menstrual cramps, and morning sickness as well. Indeed, by consuming gingerbread, it will give you the best health results for sure.


13. Relieves Nausea

For the ginger content in gingerbread, then it will help you to treat nausea. This statement is also based on a study by University of Maryland Medical Center that stated ginger has been a natural treatment for motion sickness, pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting, chemotherapy nausea, osteoarthritis, and possibly heart disease. Hence, if you suffer from nausea, then eating gingerbread will help you to deal with this case.


To sum up, gingerbread can be the option for those who need the healthy foods. In this case, in order to boost the nutritional value of gingerbread, then you can add more ginger content and cloves as well. With these ingredients, then your gingerbread will be the most delicious and nutritious food you can have. As a result, with the right and proper consumption of gingerbread, then it will help you to promote the body function for sure. Stay healthy, there!