12 Incredible Health Benefits of Dory Fish for Body

Eating is one of the activity that will never be boring. Besides because human need to eat, this activity is also a very fun activity where our hungry stomachs will be filled and our sensitive tongues will get a delicious meal. Eating also does not need to spend much energy. In addition, eating is also […]

25 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Snapper Fish

For most of Indonesian people, consuming fish is one of the common things to do since their markets are full of them. The fact that half of Indonesia’s territory is waters makes the people there have no problem at all to find fish at the sea and consume them.  One of the saltwater fish that […]

12 Surprising Benefits of Ornamental Fish for Health

When talking about the terms of fish, of course, it will appear the name of two types of fish most commonly discussed. Both types of fish are the type of edible fish and fish that can not be eaten. Types of edible or eatable fish usually come from 3 natural, freshwater, seawater and brackish water, […]

5 Health Benefits of Barramundi Fish That You Might Never Know

One of the fishermen’s favorite fish is the giant perch, or we can also call as barramundi fish. This fish has a pretty big body size and is known to be able to grow up to 60kg. However, with that being said, a lot of the barramundi that are caught by the fishermen only weight […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Red Snapper Fish (Protein Source)

Snapper fish is a type of fish found in many waters of Indonesia. Red Snapper (L. campechanus) is one of its kind. Just like the name suggests, this type of fish has a red scales. Fish is an important source of animal protein for the body. This type of snapper also has a higher vitamin […]

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Koi Fish (Great Hobby)

Koi fish are still one family with golden fish. Koi fish is also originated from Chinese plains and then later spread to Japan. Japan koi fish continue to be bred until arrived in Indonesia. Koi fish are very easy to encounter in Indonesia. In general, in almost every place of fish sales, the name of […]

22 Secret Health Benefits of Milkfish for The Body

Milkfish is one type of fish that is quite famous seafood among the people of Indonesia. But usually, milkfish is more famous for its processed milkfish presto, which makes it easier to consume. This is caused by the many thorns contained in the body of milkfish, so many people found it difficult to deal with […]

30 Health Benefits of Pomfret Fish (Research-Based)

One of the famous freshwater fish in Indonesia is the pomfret fish. Marukoban, or this pomfret fish, have a high concentration of nutrition in it. However, there are not many people who likes to consume it lately, the number of people who consume this fish is way lower than those who consume tuna or even […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Salmon Skin and Its Cautions

Next time you are preparing your own salmon dish and considering to remove the skin, you might have to think twice because there are actually multiple health advantages of eating salmon skin as well as health Benefits of Salmon Nutrition in Salmon Skin  Generally, salmons contain a high concentration of a substance named omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Salted Cod Fish #Unique Taste

Indonesian people are not, quiet familiar with cod because cod only lived in 4 seasons atlantic oceans. Some of you might be thinking, about how to cook cods without losing its benefits or, how many kinds of dishes can be made from cod. Actually, cod can be cooked in various ways, it is either steam […]