11 Surprising Health Benefits of Koi Fish (Great Hobby)

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Koi fish are still one family with golden fish. Koi fish is also originated from Chinese plains and then later spread to Japan. Japan koi fish continue to be bred until arrived in Indonesia.

Koi fish are very easy to encounter in Indonesia. In general, in almost every place of fish sales, the name of koi fish is never left unmentioned. One characteristic of this koi fish is the color that is diverse and patterned so that most of koi fish is used and bred as ornamental fish.

Koi fish are easily cultivated because of their environmentally friendly food and the ability of these fish to adapt to the environment in which they live. Koi fish also has a gentle nature, that’s why in Japan this fish is believed to bring luck, love and affection.

In its own price range, Koi fish are quite expensive and most often bought by consumers as ornamental fish for their aquarium. This type of koi fish is also very diverse and unique. In each body only koi fish, it can have up to four different colors. And for the age of koi fish including fish that can be long to survive, the age for this koi fish is 200 years. There is lot of people who make koi fish as ornaments or other sources of benefits because the content contained in koi fish meat is as follows:

  • Omega 3 is useful for the brain in the growth period in improving intelligence.
  • Protein is one of the compounds that are useful for regenerating old body cells replaced by new body cells.
  • Phosphorus that has benefits for bone health.
  • Vitamin D is the same function as phosphorus to prevent osteoporosis.

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That is some content of compounds contained in koi fish. The benefits derived from koi fish in the usefulness of health include:

  1. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a compound that has a yellow color in the body. In fact good cholesterol have to be maintained in the heart health so it still in a normal amount. If the cholesterol levels in the body is excessive then this can be dangerous for heart health. Some of the cause of increased cholesterol levels is food and age.

In addition the dietary factors are also kept in mind. Avoid consumption of sugar and foods that contain oil because there is high cholesterol in it. But there are some fish that can help cure and reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood by lowering it. One of the alternatives is fish, and the type which commonly used is koi fish. You can make this koi fish as a complementary sauce of rice because besides the delicious taste of the fish is also useful for health.

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  1. Good for heart health

There are some health benefits of Koi Fish. The heart is an important organ that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. The heart that is an important organ is also sometimes susceptible to diseases such as heart failure, stroke and heart disease. Some foods such as koi fish meat can help to keep your heart healthy well. For that do not hesitate to make this delicious fish meat as your sauce everyday. 

  1. Can be used to help lose weight

One of the health benefits of Koi Fish in the field of beauty is to help the diet program. Diet is one step to set meal schedule in a healthy and orderly way. This diet program is more in demanded by women than men. How to make this koi fish as a daily menu helps lose weight is to eat it with white rice. This is because koi fish have a high protein content and make a longer satiety.

  1. Improve sight level and maintain healthy eyes

Benefits of the eye is very much to live everyday life. So no wonder maintaining eye health itself is a very important job. The good news to maintain eye health can be done in a more simple way that is by eating koi fish as a complementary sauce to eat rice. It turns out that koi fish is very useful to nourish the eyes.

That is the description of the benefits of koi fish in the field of health to prevent cancer and some other diseases.

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The Advantages of Koi Fish for Pet

Koi fish in addition to delicious meat and rich in benefits to prevent various diseases, also much maintained as ornamental fish. This is because the benefits of koi fish as an ornamental fish for koi fish lovers are as follows:

  1. As a business alternatives

Koi fish business is very profitable because koi lovers are so many and will always increasing.The beauty of koi fish can make many people immediately fall in love. Koi fish business also does not require a big cost in breeding because this fish is easy to adapt. And the selling price of koi fish is very expensive, you can imagine how much profit is obtained when koi fish is developed as a business venture.

  1. As a hobby

For some people to keep koi fish can be as a hobby that at the same time to fill the spare time when there is no activity. Koi fish is a fish that is soft and tame, which is also so exciting to be used as toys to spare time. 

  1. As an ornamental fish for aquarium

Maintaining this koi fish can also be used as an ornamental fish in the aquarium. The empty aquarium can be filled with koi fish with additional stuff like some rocks in the aquarium to make it look real and live. Seeing aquarium can sometimes be a separate therapy for the soul and eyes because the scenery is presented so beautiful to the eye.

  1. Entertainment

Furthermore, keeping koi fish can be a special entertainment for you. Viewing such an event can be a special entertainment for those of you who really enjoy it.

  1. Bring good luck

Some people also have the belief that this koi fish can also bring good luck. This is because koi fish is considered as a symbol of love and prosperity, especially in the country of origin of Japan.

Those are some of the benefits that you can feel when choosing a hobby to nurture and breed koi fish inside your home.