Here are the 5 Health Benefits of Salmon for Kids

Fish is a food that has many health benefits, especially for babies. In addition to its delicious taste, fish has a lot of ingredients needed by babies for their development, similar to the benefits of fish oil. Salmon itself has a high protein content when compared to other types of fish, the minerals and vitamins […]

The Benefits of Salmon Oil for Dogs Health – Recommendation – Cautions

At the time you notice a simple word ‘Salmon’, the first thing that pops up in your mind must be about ‘fish’, or maybe your brain immediately correlates it to ‘a tasty dish’. Aside from how tasty it is, many of you may also acknowledge numerous benefits of consuming salmon for health, as it can […]

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Salmon after Workout You Might Missed

Some people are addicted to working out. They do it as if they eats for life. Often, they dedicated to shape their body instead of being healthy. Much of these workout addict doesn’t care about what should they do, what to eat or what to drink after working out. much of them enjoying soda, high-fat […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Salmon Skin and Its Cautions

Next time you are preparing your own salmon dish and considering to remove the skin, you might have to think twice because there are actually multiple health advantages of eating salmon skin as well as health Benefits of Salmon Nutrition in Salmon Skin  Generally, salmons contain a high concentration of a substance named omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty […]

15 Health Benefits of Chum Salmon to Cure Various Diseases

Chum Salmon or with the name Oncorhynchus keta is one kind of fish that mostly can be found in all area of Pacific ocean. Salmon is one type of fish that is known to have the worst jump than any other types of fish. The existence of salmon chum is often used as staple food […]

35 Benefits of Salmon : Health – Brain – Diet

Salmon considered as one of the healthiest and most nutritious food in the world is not without reasons because salmon is rich of nutrients as well as beneficial for human’s health.  There are a lot of types of Salmon and Alaska salmon is not only tasty but also considered to be sustainable food so there […]