12 Surprising Benefits of Ornamental Fish for Health

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When talking about the terms of fish, of course, it will appear the name of two types of fish most commonly discussed. Both types of fish are the type of edible fish and fish that can not be eaten. Types of edible or eatable fish usually come from 3 natural, freshwater, seawater and brackish water, as well as non-edible or non-eatable fish species

For the non-edible or non-eatable fish type, there are usually many factors that cause the fish to not be eaten. These factors include:

  • Toxic
  • Harmful to the health of the body
  • Difficult to process
  • It is a protected animal species
  • Is a type of ornamental fish

But this time, we will discuss about ornamental fish in general. Ornamental fish itself is generally a type of fish that can not be eaten, because usually ornamental fish contain aesthetic elements that is really unfortunate if it being eaten. In general, there are 2 things that can make a person to keep ornamental fish, such as :

  • As a hobby
  • As an investment

In general, in Indonesia, many types of ornamental fish are sold in the market. Some are very cheap, ranging from 10 thousands to tens of millions rupiahs, depending on the quality and the size. Starting from just a size of the fingertip, to a very large or even few meters long. Basically, although not edible, or unethical when eaten, ornamental fish still have many benefits.

Here are some benefits of ornamental fish, for yourself as well as for others who see it.

1. As a hobby supplier

The benefits of the first ornamental fish will be obtained when you keep the ornamental fish as a hobby. The name of the hobby, surely will give effect to the satisfaction of anyone who do it. This effect of satisfaction can be obtained when:

  • Successfully maintain ornamental fish with certain species
  • Has a large collection of ornamental fish
  • Able to care for ornamental fish well
  • See home and aquarium conditions are colorful and interesting

2. As a free time filler

Caring for ornamental fish is just like taking care of the animals, it can fill your spare time to just play or see the aquarium. You can also fill the spare time by cleaning the aquarium regularly and will add value to the fun, especially when having enough spare time. Having a pet does a lot of benefits such as:

3. As a media to make us feel closer to nature

One of the positive benefits of ornamental fish for ourselves is to make ourselves feels become closer to nature. By treating and maintaining ornamental fish, and look at the beautiful ornamental fish, then at that time we will feel closer to nature. At that time, feeling alone will be the best chance to feel grateful for how great his creation.

4. As a stress reliever

Are you experiencing very heavy pressures in the workplace? Or may already feel stress or depression with your current life condition. If so, maintaining an ornamental fish might can help you to lower the level of stress or depression you experienced. Ornamental fish placed in an aquarium or pond, can make you feel relaxed and more calm. To add the relaxation effects, you can some types of accessories, such as:

  • Bubble fountain
  • River rocks
  • Rural music
  • Panorama  

5. Beautify the room

One of the health benefits of ornamental fish is to increase the aesthetics value and beautify the room. Ornamental fish usually have an attractive color and is really pleasing to the eye. Of course the existence of ornamental fish in the room can give the impression of beautifying the room coupled with a good layout.

With ornament fish, then the room will be more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. There is also an alternatives benefits which is the benefits of mukene fish for our health.

6. Hockey or fortune carrier

One of the suggestive benefits inherent in the ornamental fish is the ornamental fish can bring hockey and luck for the owner. This is a suggestive myth, but it is still inherent in Indonesian society, even the world, and many are proven. Usually these types of fish include:

  • Arowana fish
  • Louhan fish
  • Goldfish Chef
  • Koi fish

Basically the four fish above have an interesting style and texture, as well as a unique shape. This is mostly associated with the effects of hockey carriers or luck for those who have them.

7. As an investment

Some types of ornamental fish have fantastic prices, which also relate to the belief in a hockey or auspicious carrier. One of them is arowana fish whose price can reach tens of millions rupiah. This is one type of investment that is quite tempting and also have been done by a lot of people.   

8. Can be a business alternatives

If arowana fish is way too expensive to be able to buy, ornamental fish sales might be able to be an alternatives for your bussiness. You can start by selling low-priced ornamental fish first. Basically the ornamental fish will continue to grow, because it already has its own place in the hearts of ornamental fish enthusiasts, so you do not have to worry about losing customers. Ornamental fish cultivation of various other fish can also be a business land such as:

9. Prestige and show off event

This one is a benefit that may not be good, but it is real. Some types of ornamental fish can be one indicator of the high prestige of a person, especially among ornamental fish enthusiasts. The higher the aesthetic and economic value of the benefits of the ornamental fish that are kept will show the higher the prestige of the owner of the fish. Maybe this is one of the things that should be reduced in the future.

These are some of the health benefits of ornamental fish for yourself as well as for others. Perhaps some of the above benefits can not be directly felt, because it is still a type of suggestion. Hope it can be useful one day.