11 Surprising Health Benefits of Koi Fish (Great Hobby)

Koi fish are still one family with golden fish. Koi fish is also originated from Chinese plains and then later spread to Japan. Japan koi fish continue to be bred until arrived in Indonesia. Koi fish are very easy to encounter in Indonesia. In general, in almost every place of fish sales, the name of […]

12 Health Benefits of Ashitaba Leaves – Herbal Remedy

What do you know about ashitaba leaves? Well, in recent years the number of people who aware of the health benefits of ashitaba leaves is increasing especially when the Japanese claim this plant to be among essential list Japanese herbal medicine well known as Kampo medication. What is Ashitaba Leaves? Ashitaba leaves is also well […]

20 List of Japanese Herbal Medicine from Kampo Medication

Kampo is a study about herbs which is originated from traditional Chinese medicine. Though there are specific regulations about traditional medication in Japan but Kampo is still very popular. So, whatever list of Japanese herbal medicine found in Kampo may work wonders to your health though of course eating habit and daily habit are having […]