Benefits of Jump Roping for Athletes – Body Endurance and Speed

Jump roping uses jump ropes, which are the tools used for jumping as the rope swings so that it passes under the feet and above the heads to make a full loop. Jump roping, aside from being used as a recreation is also used as a professional sport. Professional jump rope events are separated by […]

Wonderful Holistic Benefits of Shaolin Qigong – Exercise

Qigong which is pronounced as chi kung known as Chinese traditional holistic practice. Qigong was developed by shaolin monks. This is also the reason why this technique is called as shaolin qigong. Different from kung fu, we can say that in qigong we are required to involve the cosmic energy and mental focus more than […]

The Psychological Benefits Of Kung Fu You Should Know

Martial arts especially kung fu have many benefits. It not only presents the physical benefits but also mental benefits. Talking about mental benefits of kung fu, how about the psychological benefits of kung fu? What are the benefits of this Chinese martial art for our psychological state? Let’s talk deeper about this. You’ll only need […]

Here’s The Benefits of Kung Fu Horse Stance for Physic and Mental Health

People awareness of health is improved recently. There are many new methods found to facilitate people interest on health. one of the methods is the development of traditional dance and martial art which suddenly become popular as method to facilitate the development of physical activities to support health. As we know, Zumba from brazil is […]

11 Benefits of Standing Russian Twist Exercise for Body Balance

Many sport lovers know that there are several benefits of standing Russian twist exercise. This is mainly for body balance and the weight management too. Furthermore, it will help to increase some wellness and deals with several symptom. Hence, it is one of the recommended exercise to perform if wish to get a healthier body […]

10 Optimum Benefits of Russian Twist Exercise to Shaping Waist

Having routine exercise always become a good thing. Including getting the benefits of Russian twist exercise. This exercise might be familiar for some people that often doing sport that help to relieve the muscle tension. Some even combine it with some exercise tools such as barbell or ball. Russian twist itself actually an exercise for […]

15 Effective Benefits of Body Pump for Weight Loss Treatment

Currently, the benefits of body pump for weight loss treatment in one of the famous way. Therefore, many gym class provide this class whether for man and also for woman. The body pump is not only good to manage a fasten weight loss, but it also help improving many aspect of the body and health. […]

11 Proven Health Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises

In this modern and trendy era, there are many ways in keeping body healthy and having a good body shape. It’s undeniable that every person need to look beautiful and gorgeous. Between many ways in exercise ,there is Dumbbell Exercise that popular for muscular development. Actually, there are much more exercise type that could be […]

15 Best Health Benefits of Sits Up for Females Everyday

Doing exercise will bring many advantages, including the health benefits of sits up for females. The era making various food is giving too many fat into the body. Not to mention the risk of having various diseases due to the eating behavior. Therefore, to balance the condition, it needs proper exercise and fitness. This can […]

12 Health Benefits Of Muay Thai for Females Body Shape

Exercise is not only fun, but there also some health benefits of Muay Thai for females. It is now a common sports and loveable by many females. No wonder that currently Muay Thai class is fully booked and Muay Thai personal trainer is having double session every day. This is one of the sport that […]