Amazing Benefits of Karnapidasana – Knees to Ears Pose

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Yoga is becoming a healthy trend today due to its amazing benefits for human health. There are a lot of Yoga pose that individually conducted regularly by people in order to achieve specific health goal and one of them is karnapidasana. Due to its unique pose, there are a lot of benefits of karnapidasana pose for human health.

What Is Karnapidasana?

Karnapidasana is also well known as knee to ear pose whereas for a perfect pose your knees should touch your ears. It is one of the advance poses so it is not something you could do if you are a beginner yoga practitioner. However, once you have learnt the basic you could do it yourself at home whenever you feel want to do it.

Health Benefits of Karnapidasana

Well before you decided to add karnapidasana as part of your daily routine is better for you to find out first about the health benefits of doing this yoga pose regularly.

  1. Improves Vitality

Vitality is vital for both men and women. Vitality is not only affecting their energy physically but also mentally. The advanced pose of karnapidasana is good to improve vitality.

  1. Optimizes the Energy Flow

Do you know that lack of exercise could affect your energy flow. Karnapidasana is one of the pose which is believed to open some paths to optimize the flow of your energy.

  1. Enhances Your Focus

One of the health benefits of exercise is able to enhance your focus and concentration. When you focus, doing your jobs and finishing your study will be easier.

  1. Good for Your Productivity

As mentioned in previous point, when you could focus, productivity will follow suit. It is easy for you to reach your working target.

  1. Ancient Methods to Treat Some Ear Problems Naturally

Infection is the main cause of ear problems but there are more like tinnitus and the loss of hearing ability. Karnapidasana is an ancient method used to treat the ear problems naturally.

  1. Good for Your Back Health

The pose of karnapidasana that force your back so your knees could touch your ears has a lot of health benefits for your back. It could improve your back health and prevent back pain.

  1. Improves Your Body Posture

When your back is in health condition, naturally your body posture will be improved. You could stand, sit or bend without having problem.

  1. Maintains the Flexibility of Bones

The health benefits of yoga for arthritis has been proven scientifically. As mentioned in previous point when you could move your body without having problems, it means you have good flexibility. Doing karnapidasana regularly could help you maintaining the flexibility of your bones.

  1. Improves Bones Strength

Not only flexibility that will be maintained but also karnapidasana is able to improve your bone strength. You could combine this healthy lifestyle with consuming foods that rich of health benefits of calcium.

  1. Makes A Peaceful of Mind

Work pressure, personal problem up to annoying thing you see in daily basis could affect your mind. Whenever you feel under pressure, doing karnapidasana could help you making a peaceful of mind to relieve your stress and fight the symptoms of depression.

  1. Solution to Mental and Physical Fatigue

Fatigue could affect both your mental and physical health. The factors that cause it are varying but doing karnapidasana pose regularly could help you dealing with mental and physical fatigue.

  1. Good for Digestive System

If you are suffering from constipation, bloating and acidity regularly; it means your digestive system is in trouble. Some studies stated that the pose of karnapidasana could help improving the digestive track.

  1. Empowers the Thyroid Gland

Thyroid gland has a lot of essential role in human body such as controlling breathing and heart rate. The karnapidasana pose is believed to be able in empowering the thyroid gland to optimize its function.

  1. Maintains Health Menstrual Cycle

For women having irregular menstrual cycle could be the sign of something serious. However, not only that it could affect fertility as well. If you have problem with your menstrual cycle, doing karnapidasana could be helpful though consulting your condition with your doctor is also important.

  1. Improves Muscle Strength

One of the amazing benefits of karnapidasana is good for the health of your muscle. It could improve the strength of your muscle and maintain its health.

  1. Helps Controlling Hypertension

Some studies have found out a strong and significant result of karnapidasana in helping controlling the symptoms of high blood pressure due to its ability improve blood flow.

  1. Reduces the Symptoms of Menopause

Not only good to improve menstrual cycle, doing karnapidasana regularly is also super helpful in reducing the symptoms of menopause in women.

  1. Helpful to Overcome Insomnia

There are a lot of factors that could cause insomnia. However, those who are conducting karnapidasana regularly before bed claimed that this pose is helping them overcoming their insomnia.

How to Do Karnapidasana?

For a beginner, finding out the basic how to do karnapidasana is essential. If it is difficult to do is better for you to join a yoga class for beginner and specifically ask your instructor to help you with the pose.

  • Lie down with your back in a resting position on the floor while both arms were positioned at the sides, palms down, with legs straight in front of you. Inhale.
  • While trying to exhale, raise your legs and then keep them straight 90 degree in the air.
  • Then try to place both of your legs over your head.
  • After that try to lift your butts so your knees will reach the floor and then try to press both of your knees near to your ears.
  • To support your hips keep your hands under your lower back with palms face down to the floor.
  • Hold the karnapidasana position around 6 up to 8 breathes.

As mentioned above it is not an easy pose to do but once you know the tricks you could do it yourself with some conditions; it is suggested to not doing karnapidasana during menstruation period or when you are suffering from diarrhea. Those who are suffering from the symptoms of asthma should consult the doctor first to do any yoga activities including karnapidasana.