5 Health Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

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Doing physical exercise is something great. You can do it simply by doing some physical activities.

You can choose whether you want to do it in the open air as in the park, field or beach, for the example.

Also, it is still possible even when you want to do it indoor: at the gym, fitness center, or even your own living room.

But actually, do you know that, when you are exercising with your pet, especially dog, you’ll have some extra benefits of exercising?

Yeah, exercising with your dog! So, it is not always about the benefits bringing your pet to work anymore.

For centuries, dog had already become the most loyal friend for human. It can be seen from the depiction of many songs, stories, cultures and custom, etc.

It was domesticated back from 15,000 years ago when some nomadic ancient hunters-gatherers domesticated the wolf as their pet.

It continued, until the ancient people domesticated the ancestors of nowadays dogs.

In that case, it is not so surprising if there are some people which treating their dog as their own ‘baby’.

Besides having known about health benefits having pet spayed or neutered, you should know about five health benefits of exercising with your dog that you can read below.

1. Fight the obesity.

Some of the research showed that, exercising with dog would eventually get rid the obesity.

It was shown from the fact that people who do some physical exercises or other fitness sports followed by their pet especially dog, more likely cooperative with the program.

They tend to stick with the activities and feel the affection. In other way, it’s not just you that always help your dog. Sometimes they can also give you a little help.

2. Let you walk a little bit longer.

Why don’t you try to do some walk in the park or sideways with your dog, and see how many miles you guys have already traveled?

By just walking, actually, there are many things which both of you can get: sturdier heart, lower the blood pressure, improve your stamina and energy, thicker bone, and away from mental diseases like stress or depression.

But before taking any kind of exercising program, make sure both of you visit each of your physician first for some advice, okay?

3. Try some water activities.

Maybe this kind of activities needs specific kind of dog, since not all the dog may follow their owner to swim.

But, if you have a dog which so loyal and keep sticking with you even though you’re getting wet in the pool, that’s a good one.

Swimming may be defined as an ‘all-in-one’ exercise and very recommended for people with arthritis.

Furthermore, it also may improve the endurance and strengthen the heart also lungs.

4. Reinforce the bond between you and the dog.

Each time you guys spend hours and any other hour together, it will grow the bond between you and your pet.

This is good for you since it may develop a good mental condition, defeat the loneliness, having ‘something’ that can be relied upon, etc.

Those mental conditions will help you to develop the daily good mood, thus, may improve your productivity, your performance at work, and keep your emotional state always balance.

So why don’t you think the health benefits pets for families?

5. Improve physical performance.

A lot of exercise means improved physical abilities. When you and your dog do the physical activity together, not only that your bond grow tighter, which already discussed within point above, but also improve the physical performance and ability.

Let’s just say that, maybe, today you and your dog take some walk for a single block. And tomorrow, you can make sure you guys strong enough for another more.

Then tomorrow again, and again, and again. In the end of the day, both of you even may go to cross the city by feet. You don’t find this thing as the health benefits of goldfish, right?

More than just benefits of therapy dogs for autism treatment, here are some exercises you may take with your dog:

  • Walking. Like already discussed within the point number 2 (two) and 5 (five) above, walking is the slightest and the easiest exercise that you can do with your dog. And actually, it also fun!
  • Swimming. Also already discussed within point number 3 (three) that swimming can also be the one which can you choose as the fun exercise with your dog.
  • Frisbee throwing. Dog and Frisbee, what a combination! It’s not just your bond will go deeper, but, it also my train your dog to behave.
  • Hiking. If you thing that the city is too crowded or something, why don’t you guys go to somewhere else that more natural. Do some hiking while taking some fresh air, is there any better?
  • Doga. This is the new one, and many dog persons take this exercise. Doga is a yoga class, but, allow your dog to join. You’ll be doing yoga next to your dog!

Those are five health benefits of exercising with your dog which can add some insight for you.