Benefits of Doing Kapalbhati For Overall Health

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Have you heard about kapalbhati? It is a Sanskrit word which represent an exercise involving deep berating techniques.

Kapalbhati or kapalbhati pranayama means forehead shining from the breathing exercise. It means that this exercise strongly relates breathing with spiritual condition.

Some of you might relate it to yoga. And well, it is similar to yoga such as ­­­­ with its Benefits of Yoga For Men, women and kids. Kapalbhati is even called as one of the important aspects of yoga. It has been keeping people gain their overall health since ages.

The Benefits of Doing Kapalbhati

So, what are the benefits of doing kapalbhati? What can we get from this breathing exercise? Let’s check this out:

  1. Flush out toxic

Since kapalbhati involves breathing exercise, it optimizes our body in removing toxins and the unwanted material. It is possible as proper breathing will affect our body to have better metabolism system. This way, kapalbhati optimize the process of toxins removal and improve the overall health.

  1. Improve cognitive ability

The initial meaning of kapalbhati doesn’t come for no reason. The meaning, shining forehead is actually means that kapalbhati help a lot in the process of improving cognitive ability which focuses in brain. It is possible as kapalbhati enable the better circulation system within the body.

The better circulation lets our brain to get better access to nutrition and oxygen, so that it can work better and further able to improve memory and concentration power.

  1. Relieve stress

Who’ll deny the benefits of Health Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing for stress? In fact, combining breathing exercise with yogic poses is very effective to help you calm down from everything. This condition is potential to avoid and get away from any stress.

So, take some time to do kapalbhati amid your hectic activity to get the benefits of doing kapalbhati in relieving stress.

  1. Flatten belly

We know the Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss. Kapalbhati does the same thing on you. Girls might put a big concern about their belly, and even a little bit obsessed on having a flat belly.

Do you know that kapalbhati can be one of the potential solutions in getting flat belly? How can it be? Well kapalbhati involves breathing exercise which is very good to improve metabolism. In addition, kapalbhati also involves belly exercise which strengthen the belly muscle. This way, you can avoid fat stacking around belly.

  1. Improve lungs health

When you do kapalbhati, you’ll get accustomed to have proper breathing. The process of inhaling and exhaling help you to clean your lungs.

Not only cleaning the lungs, this exercise can also improve lungs strength and improve the lung capacity. It can also avoid you from getting respiratory problem such as asthma.

  1. Good for diabetes

Kapalbhati lets you abdominal organs to keep on active. It is good for diabetes, as it stimulates better metabolism and let the proper process of transforming energy from carbohydrate into energy.

This way, we can avoid blood sugar spike. So, kapalbhati is good to avoid and treat diabetes. It gives addition to the way people treat diabetes by consuming pharmaceutical and herbal medicine such as Benefits of Muskmelon for Diabetes Treatment and Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Diabetes.

  1. Improve beauty

Doing kapalbhati prananyam is potential to improve overall health. It lets your body to access better intake of air, energy, and nutrition. This activity will also let your bod to release all the bad in you.

It releases toxins and also all the mental discomfort. This process will make you healthier, and your face shine brighter. This is also the benefits of doing kapalbhati which means shining forehead. Well, it literally adds shine on your face.

Recommendation on How to Do Kapalbhati

This is the recommendation to do kapalbhati in order to get the benefits of doing kapalbhati.

  • First, make sure that you sit comfortably in the easy pose. Place both palms on your knees, and make sure they are facing upwards. When your palms are ready, direct your focus and awareness to the belly region.
  • The second, inhale deeply with your nostrils, make sure you fill both your lungs with air. Keep the breath slow and steady to get maximum air filling your lungs. Concentrate on your breathing in a calm manner.
  • Pull your stomach in as much as you can until you feel you abdominal muscle contracting. After that, exhale the air rapidly in a short burst followed by an automatic inhalation. While inhaling, you can feel that you don’t merely release air, but also all the bad in your body.

Do all the steps above for about 20 times while your eyes closed. Rest after you complete one round, and you can go again as much as you want to get optimum benefits of doing kapalbhati.