What Are The Benefits of Laying on Your Left Side Relate to Longevity

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Many people loves to lay on the left side. But not all understand what are the benefits of laying on your left side. Since this is ordinary habit that common. Therefore, sometimes people only do it before thinking further what are the advantages. Apparently, there are many benefits to gain when doing the activity. Mainly it can relate with people’s longevity. That is why this habit is one of a good and positive habit to do. Furthermore, by having this habit, it will bring the body and wellness keep maintain.

Usually this activity perform while sleeping. That is why this habit works optimum during sleeping too. Furthermore, not only during sleeping, but it also perform in daily exercise when doing some yoga or other light exercise. The exercise also common to perform in the gym class. Where the stretching and cooling down also consist of the activity. Mainly to get a good and optimum breath.

How to Lay on The Left Side

To perform the activity is actually not difficult. Therefore, if needs to perform this exercise, simply do following step:

  • Do some stretching first to make sure all the muscle and the body parts is flexible enough.
  • Make sure to choose a flat surface and put on some matrass for better benefit and avoid further injury.
  • Sit first on the floor before getting to this pose.
  • Slowly lay back on the floor or matrass surface. Turn the body to the left side.
  • Fix the pose and choose a comfort position. Do the pose for several minutes.

Incase need to know further what are the benefits of laying on your left side, check below for the details.

1. Good Respiratory

It has been known that laying on the left side will bring an optimum works of the lung. It can help to manage a better lung capacity in absorb oxygen. Therefore, it can lead to a good respiratory system too. The same way as the health benefits of nasal rinse that works to improve the respiratory system too.

2. Ease Breath

When the respiratory system working well, it means the oxygen level in the body system will perform better too. Therefore, it will be a good mechanism for bring an easier breath too. That is why the respiratory will affect the quality of the breath.

3. Lymphatic System

Several research shown that laying on the left side also good for the lymphatic system. Somehow the position can help to optimum the blood flow through the lymphatic system and manage a better lymphatic process. That is why many people believes the health benefits of lying on your left side can manage a better secretion process in produce a better body system and functions.

4. Blood Circulation

Some people still doubt on what are the benefits of laying on your left side. But many people understand that it also can improve the blood circulation. Therefore, include the pose in the daily exercise believe will manage a better blood flow and avoid further problems with the blood cod. Furthermore, it can lead to avoid cardiovascular system and manage a better longevity.

5. Optimum Metabolism

when the oxygen level is optimum, this can be another way to improve the body metabolism system too. Therefore, it can help to produce a fasten metabolic rate that will lead to better energy converting from the absorbed food. This is the same way as the health benefits of aronia berry juice that can help to improve the body metabolism system too.

6. Detoxification

A good lymphatic system also a good way to manage with better detoxification process. Therefore, it can help to flush out all the toxin out from the body. Furthermore, it will cleanse all the body system and manage a better longevity. When the body is clean then the natural metabolism process will perform better.

7. Optimum Brain

Another advantage of doing the pose is to help bring an optimum brain. Therefore, it can help to keep a positive mind and manage a better thinking too. Furthermore, it will run the same as the benefits of playing sudoku for brain health that good for bring a better brain thinking too.

8. Heart Vessel

An optimum oxygen level will manage to keep a better heart vessel too. It will optimum the work of the blood circulation around the heart vessel to pump more oxygen and blood into the heart. This can help to avoid any possibility of heart attack and lead to better healthier heart.

9. Avoid Insomnia

The position can help to bring a better sleep and avoid further problems with insomnia. It helps to relax the body and mind including manage a better respiratory during sleeping. This is the same way as the health benefits of valerian tea that works to avoid insomnia signs too. 

10. Better Sleep

When the body avoid experience insomnia, it means the body also lead to a better and qualified sleeping. This can help to optimum relaxation including to avoid further stresses. That is why the position is good to bring a better sleep at night.

11. Proper Digestion

Laying on the left side also believe can manage a better intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it leads to a better digestive and avoid any digestive problems such as constipation.

Recommendation of Lay on The Left Side

Even the activity claim can benefit for the body and wellness, still there are several problems that possible to happen. Therefore, to get optimum benefits from the activity, simply check on below recommendations:

  • Avoid keeping the position if feeling dizziness or nausea. It might be a sign of some problems on the blood circulation system.
  • Do the activity carefully and avoid further injury if possible.
  • Make sure to keep the position in certain time only. Since there is a possibility it will create blood cod when perform too long.

Those all the simple information related with what are the benefits of laying on your left side. Therefore, this can help to bring better longevity. Furthermore, it is good for the entire body system too. As long as the several recommendation above is attend. Then the activity can help to bring optimum result when perform in daily.