Benefits of Omelette Good for Weight Loss – Extra Energy for Breakfast

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Omelette is probably the most favorite breakfast menu, not only it is easy to make but also super tasty and healthy. Recent studies also stated the possibility of eating omelette for breakfast could help with weight loss, though some people are still wondering or doubting about the benefits of omelette good for weight loss.

What Is Omelette?

You must be surprised about the fact that the type of omelette in each country is different. While omelette in American or European style is commonly mixed with milk or butter so the omelette has creamy flavor, in Asian countries like Indian, Indonesia, Malaysia or even Thailand prefer the omelette to be full of seasoning, so instead of creamy, the flavor could be spicy and salty. However, no matter what the flavor is the main ingredient of omelette is fresh eggs, so this type of food is rich of protein which is perfect for breakfast but is it true that omelette is also great as weight loss foods?

Nutritional Values of Omelette

The nutritional values of omelette are depending on what ingredient you add to the omelette. If you prefer the European or American style with creamy texture and then it is probably no good for weight loss but if you prefer it with Asian style which is full of seasoning and less dairy product is probably good for weight loss, though most Asian prefer to fry the omelette using palm oil based product which could increase the fat level. So, if you want to have healthy omelette for weight loss, you should pay attention to what ingredients added to the eggs mixture and how it fried. Below is the list of benefits of omelette good for weight loss.

  1. Excellent Source of Energy

One of the reasons why a person could have excessive fat cell in their body is because they don’t have change to turn those fat cells into energy. However, omelette when consumed during breakfast is excellent source of energy because it is rich of protein.

  1. Rich of Protein

Protein is one of the essential compounds to help turning fat cells into energy and optimize the building of muscle mass. It means you keep maintaining the weight gain and at the same time is idealizing the muscles tone and mass for ideal body shape.

  1. Replacement of Carbohydrate

There are a lot of people are depending on consuming carbohydrate for the source of energy. However, carbohydrate is the root of weight gain and by replacing it with food rich of protein like omelette you could still get the energy booster you need without worrying about weight gain.

  1. Rich of Essential Minerals

Eggs are excellent source of some essential vitamins and minerals. Minerals are excellent for weight loss especially iron that will help optimizing the production of RBCs to help distributing oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and benefits of calcium is excellent to promote bone health. Moreover, health benefits of potassium are also great for cardiovascular health by controlling the amount of sodium in body system.

  1. Excellent Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid

The omega 3 fatty acids health benefits are not magically removing the excessive fat in your body but when you have regular exercise in the morning, omega 3 you get from eggs may help optimizing the after effect of your exercise.

  1. Keeps You Full Longer

Based on some scientific studies, all foods that are rich of protein could keep you feel full a bit longer. It means just by consuming omelette for breakfast could help you controlling your appetite and prevent you from doing unnecessary snacking.

  1. Promotes Brain Health

If you think that brain health has nothing to do with weight loss and then you are wrong. When your brain could work optimally, there are some calories that are also burnt which is beneficial for weight loss.

  1. Excellent Source of Essential Vitamins

The best thing about omelette is you could add some additional ingredients to add more vitamins. For example by adding tomato you add more vitamin A and beta-carotene. Not only tomato you could add more greens like kale or green onion for extra flavor and extra vitamins.

How to Serve Omelette for Weight Loss

As mentioned above there are several types of omelette and some of them are great for weight loss while others are not good for weight loss. Below is a recommended recipe of omelette which is great for those who are currently in weight loss diet.

  • Whisk together 4 large fresh eggs and pinch of kosher salt. You could control the amount of salt based on your own taste but more salt means more sodium in your omelette.
  • Prepare brown mustard seeds and fry it with olive oil until the seeds pop.
  • Add finely chopped green onion to the mix and cook it until soft.
  • Then add diced tomato to the mix until very soft.
  • The last, add the egg mixture to the pan, spread evenly and cook it for about 2 minutes or until the edges are set. Lift the omelette and let the opposite side to cook perfectly.
  • Serve it with sprinkle of black pepper for extra flavor.

The olive oil is a good choice to help controlling the excessive or unnecessary fat and prevent the symptoms of high blood pressure. Though eggs are quite high in cholesterol but when mixed with tomato which is rich of antioxidant, the level is still within the dietary recommendation. Benefits of omelette good for weight loss are depending on how you serve it and when you consume it. The best time to consume it is during breakfast because all the calories will be burnt through activities you will do all day long, so you don’t need to worry about extra fat that may cause some weight gain.