5 Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes for Skin #1 Beauty Tips

Of course, if you heard word “tomato”, it have been familiar for you, right? Although, it is Often said a vegetable, actually it is belong to category of fruits. Yes, tomato has red orange round shape. Beside it is so delicious to be a food, there are many health benefits of tomatoes, too. It can […]

6 Benefits of Noni Juice for Skin and Overall Health

Noni has unique shape and strong scent when it was ripe. It is also bitter and rough when you consumed it. Actually noni has some effective hidden benefits to cure many diseases. Noni contains important protein, vitamins and minerals such as selenium (Anti oxidant source), antra quinines, proxeronine, phenylalanine, magnesium, and many more. Besides that, […]

11 Top Benefits of Drinking Salt Water for Skin and Health

Seawater has salty taste because there is salt content in it. Seawater usually call with saltwater, too. Saltwater can be an interesting tourist location. Some people love sea because they can look off without limits in the sea. Do you want to try to take a bath in the sea? On the weekend, The children […]

5 Mirocolous Health Benefits of Pomegranate Seeds

Do  you ever consume pomegranate? Maybe we always hear its name but many people have consumed  it. It is caused that many people only use it as a plant house. Pomegranate (Punica granatum) shape is round with diameter 5 – 12 cm and it has varieties color from purple green, white, brown red or purple […]

4 Unknown Health Benefits of Apple Seeds

Who don’t know Apple? Yes, All of people in the world know about this fruit. It has special shape and green or red skin. Many people love this fruit because it has delicious and unique tasty. Besides, Apple has a lot of nutritional value and nutrients, so apple is very good for our body health. […]

10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Mango Seeds

Mango has a Latin name Mangifera Indica, as its name, this fruit come from India. The mango distribution in Indonesia has spread. So we are easy to find it. Mango has the size of a fist and its shape round or oval as its kind. Because there are many varieties of mango. Mango contains good […]

31 Amazing Fuji Apple Health Benefits (Nutrients Source)

Fuji Apple is a kind of apple which is developed by farmer in Japan. It is a crossbreed from two kinds of American Apple, they are red delicious and old virginia rails genet. Fuji Apple is one of 15 apple cultivars which is popular in US and Indonesia. Its pulp is solid, more fresh and […]

23 Health Benefits of Solanum Nigrum (Black nightshade)

Who have known Solanum Nigrum? Fruit that is also known with Leunca for Sundanese, is used as vegetable. So no wonder, if there is not much people who know this fruit. But who know, indeed this infamous fruit has interesting benefits. For more detail, this article below will explain about health benefits of Solanum Nigrum. […]

11 Incredible Health Benefits of Dutch Eggplant for You

Although it has “eggplant” name, but this fruit doesn’t have shape and taste as same as another eggplant, such as purple eggplant and green eggplant. But based on its name, this fruit is called Dutch eggplant because it is carried and introduced by Dutch. So, many people know this fruit as Dutch eggplant until now. […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Solanum Torvum (Turkey Berry)

Solanum Torvum has another nicknames like rimbang or tekokak, (Turkey Berry). Its Latin Name is Solanum ferogium jaccq. Commonly, this plant is not planted, but it grows itself  in the backyard or garden. Solanum Torvum has many nutritional value in its seed and fruit. The dried fruit has solasonine around 0.1%, but raw Solanum Torvum […]