12 Benefits of Egg White Soap for Skin Health – Strong Againts Acne

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We normally see eggs as a food, and rich source of protein when actually it is more than that. Eggs, especially chicken eggs, has many benefits for human being. Of course, its main use will remains food and protein source. But, don’t forget its extra benefits. For example, to treat influenza sometimes egg white is used, or when cooking, eggs are often included.

Eggs also found in cosmetics and skin health products. Eggs that used as ingredients for these products is almost always chicken eggs. Only the best chicken eggs are used to make cosmetic. It is normal to separate white part of the eggs from the yellowish part. This white part, commonly known as egg white, is preferred to make skincare products.

Soap producers supported by researchers have experimented egg white on their products. And the results are great. Egg white soap has proven to have many benefits for skin health and benefits of black soap for stretch marks. It has been used since ancient for skin treatment. Egg white is rich in nutrition, thereby making it suitable for skin treatment.

For more informations about benefits of egg white soap for skin health, continue reading.

Compositions of Egg White Soap

Egg white soap is basically a normal soap but extract of egg white is added to give additional properties useful for skin health. Egg white is very prominent in protein composition, this may be a factor of its usefulness in skin treatment. Egg white is dominantly water, and when dissolved 10% of it is protein, lipid, vitamins, minerals, fat, and glucose.

According to scientists, 33 grams egg white contains 3.6 grams of protein, 55 milligrams of sodium, 0.24 grams of carbs, no cholesterol, and around 148 proteins with ovalbumin at the highest abundance.

Well, what are the benefits of egg white for skin health?

1. It helps shrink large pores on skin

According to some researches, egg whites have certain properties that can give benefits of hibiscus leaves for hair treatments, and reduce the size of pores on skin. It’s true that going to beauty clinic can help, but it is not a bad idea to apply egg white soap first. Sooner or later the pores would less noticeable.

2. Egg white soap helps lift dead skin cells

Next benefits of egg white soap for skin health is its ability to lift dead skin cell. Dead skin cells may cause skin to lose its brightness and aura. In some cases, it looks dull and colorless. Use egg white soap every time when taking a shower. The dead skin cells can be removed with the healing properties of egg white.

3. Egg white soap is very useful for oil reduction

Oily skin may cause acne growth if not treated properly. So, before it’s too late, taking care of oily skin is a wise move. Egg white soap is very useful here, as it absorb the excessive oil, thus preventing acne problem and benefits of tofu for menopause.  

4. It helps reduce the amount of oil in hair scalp

Not only in the skin, excessive oil can also occur in head scalp. This may cause potential hair problems. Avoid air pollution, and protect scalp with egg white soap. This soap effectively reduce the oil in scalp with its unique properties.

5. It restores the skin freshness

Another good benefits of egg white soap for skin health. Skin that left without treatment will look darker and unclean. This is one of the reason to take a shower after a day full of activities. Especially when using egg white soap, the skin will restored to its initial state health benefits of neem soap and look fresh. Grab an egg white soap and gain this benefits.

6. It helps remove the dark spots because of acne

Well, acne removal is not a big deal nowadays, as there are many methods to remove it. But, sometimes removing it is just not enough, as it will still left dark spots after acne is removed. Don’t worry though, egg white soap can be a solution for this problem. Its natural ingredients combined with super effective egg white helps get rid of the dark spots quickly.

7. It assists in cleaning the black heads

Got some difficulties in removing black heads? Relax, egg white soap may help to do that. It has something to do with egg white’s astringent properties. It tightens the pores and lift the black heads up from the skin surface. If facial treatments is not enough, try combining it with egg white soap and see benefits banana soap if there is a change.

8. Egg white soap helps stall the sign of aging

With its rich nutritions, no wonder egg white soap can help stall the aging process. It acts similar to antioxidants, and fight off the causes of premature aging. As a result, the skin will stay fresh and look youthful.

9. It helps clean up all the dirts on the skin

Sometimes washing the skin with water is just not enough. There may still some germs and dirts left unnoticed. To completely clean the skin from the dirts, assistance from skin health products is required. That’s why dermatologists advise using soap while washing body parts.

Egg white soap contains some properties that can easily removes the dirt from the skin, that washing it only with water cannot do.

10. It helps restore under eye freshness

Another excellent benefits of egg white soap for skin health. To revert back under eye skin to how it used to look before those eye bags, try using egg white soap. Usually, many people recommend using sliced cucumber. However, egg white soap also can be used for eye bags removal.

11. It has skin whitening properties

There are many factors that cause dark skin. From sunlight to skin moisture, all of them can be prevented. By using egg white soap, it helps restore skin whiteness and protect it from dusts.

12. It acts as anti-bacteria agent

To stay healthy, skin need to protected from bacteria. Egg white soap contains anti-bacteria properties. It eliminates bacteria so the skin will safe from diseases.

Cautions in Using Egg White Soap

  • Do not consume it at all cost.
  • Keep it away from small children/toddler
  • Keep it in a place with normal temperature (slightly damp)
  • Avoid area around the eyes