10 Incredible Health Benefits of Tea Egg

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Egg can be cooked in many ways. Start from boiling, fried or steam. A unique kind of food made from egg is tea egg. Most people might wonder why it called a tea egg. But after looking at the food, surely you will understand that it colors like a tea. Not only delicious, but for sure there is a health benefits of tea egg to the body.

The tradition to make a tea egg is coming from Chinesse. But this cuisine also found in Indonesia as “pindang telur” and famous among many Indonesia people. The unique appearance of the egg making it famous. Not to mention that it has delicious taste for everybody.

This food can easily get and even easily made. It usually serve with vegetables and rice. More technique used more delicious the taste. Therefore, there are many ways to create this dishes. It might not be the same in every country. But it bring almost the same final color in the egg.

Nutritional Value of Tea Egg

According to a dietician at Aptima Nutrition and Sports Consultants, one tea egg consists of 70 calories, 7g protein and 170mg of cholesterol. It also content vitamin B, choline, vitamin A and phosphorous.

Below are some health benefits of tea egg:

1. Source of Protein

Tea egg is famous with the capability as a good source of protein. Due to the high protein content in an egg. Therefore, it is good to add the protein needs for the body. This is the same health benefits of grilled fish for bring high protein to the body.

2. Anti Oxidant

The tea egg which made from boiled tea is rich with anti oxidant capacity. Therefore, it helps to fight free radical effect and make the younger appearance of the look. Furthermore, it helps to avoid wrinkle appearance and avoid cancer cell to growth.

3. Weight Loss

Earing tea egg is good as a nutrient during diet. Therefore, it helps to optimize nutrient absorption and improve digestive metabolism. Hence, it will result weight reduction in the body. This is the same  health benefits of eggplant for weight loss in reduce the weight.

4. Develop The Muscle

The protein inside the egg can help to build a well muscle. Combine with daily exercise it can optimized muscle development and muscle strentgh. Therefore, it is common to include or having some eggs daily for some athletes.

5. Improve The Brain

Egg also good for the brain due too the protein capability of optimize the brain nerve. Furthermore, it stimulate the brain and improve memories. Therefore, this is the same health benefits of beets for the brain development.

6. Healthy Eyesight

Another health benefits of tea egg is too bring wellness of the eyesight. It contents vitamin A that can improve the eyes. Furthermore, it can avoid eye diseases such as cataract or glaucoma. 

7. Promote Energy

Consuming egg in certain value can help as an energy booster. It helps to promote energy and increase power to perform activities. Therefore, it is is the same health benefits whipped cream that can help to increase energy.

8. Bring Fullness

The tea egg also can help to bring fullness in stomach. Therefore, it can help with starving and avoid heartburn in the empty stomach. Hence, the tea egg is not only delicious but also bring fullness.

9. Healthy Diet

Including this dish as a daily diet menu will helpful for the digestive and body metabolism. Therefore, it is good to consume some numbers of egg in the diet. This is is the same health benefits of low fat chocolate milk that can help with diet.

10. Avoid Anemia

Another health benefits of tea egg is to improve iron production. Therefore, it help to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply. Furthermore, it is good to avoid anemia. Since it can avoid iron deficiency in performing blood particles inside the artery.

Recommended Intake of Tea Egg

Making a tea egg is not too difficult. For beginners, try to cook the egg through this steps:

  1. Hard boil several eggs as necessity.
  2. Gently crack the shells of the well done hard boiled eggs.
  3. Simmer the eggs in a brew of some tea with added common spices such as cinnamon and cloves.
  4. The simmering process purpose is to give the eggs some flavour, which shall be carried right through to the yolks.
  5. The process also gives the eggs their sepia colour and marbled look. This comes from the brew seeping through the cracks of the shells.
  6. When the process finish, the tea egg is now can serve by durect consume or by adding rice.

Side Effects of Tea Egg

Eventhough this food is delicious, but it might bring some side effects. Therefore, pay attention to below points when consuming this food:

  1. Avoid consume the tea egg if having allergic to the high protein food. Since egg usually can bring allergically reactions such ad redness, swollen mouth or face, itchiness, rash in the whole body and including breathing difficulties.
  2. Consume the egg in an empty stomach can produce some gasses. Therefore, it will lead to upset stomach and feel uncomfort stomach. It is suggested to eat the tea egg after breakfast or having any other meal first.
  3. Too many consume of the egg can bring a high level of cholesterol inside the blood. Therefore, it possible to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For the best number of the daily tea egg shall be consulted with nutritionist. Stroke patient shall avoid consuming too much of this dish.

Tea egg, in conclusion, can categorized as a healthy food. Therefore, trying to serve this meal as one of the breakfast menu will bring benefit to the health. To get a better taste, try to experiment with the ingredients. So it will result unique delicious kind of tea egg.