6 Health Benefits Of Crushed Egg Shell #1 Top Home Remedy

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For ages, people have been used egg for its benefits. for instances, we have known the Health Benefits of Eating Eggs For Breakfast Everyday, Health Benefits of Eggs in Pregnancy, and also the Benefits of Applying Egg Yolk on Hair. However, some of us might never know that the whole part of egg is beneficial. Wait a minutes. Are we talking about the egg shell?

Yes, we are talking about the beneficial value from egg shell, thee thin and hard outer part of the egg. Some of you might ever see some artist employ crushed eggshell into a work of art. It is usually in a form of mosaic picture decorated with the crushed egg shell in any forms, sizes, and colors.

But how about the health benefits of the egg shell? Have you acknowledge the health benefits of crushed egg shell? Well, in this article, we are going to discuss about thee health benefits of crushed egg shell.

Nutritional Information of Crushed Egg Shell

Most of us might just throw away the egg shell after we take out the egg. And after that, the shell might be no more than useless garbage. But surprisingly the shell, especially the crushed one, is actually potent for some health benefits of crushed egg shell.

The health benefits can be obtained as the shell contains some beneficial values for human such as protein and calcium. As one of the animal product, egg shell contains protein which is very beneficial for cell regeneration. Just by looking at the structure of the shell, we are able to acknowledge that the shell contains a high level of calcium.

As we know, we always need calcium for the overall health and for bones and teeth specifically. Besides calcium, we can also find the other kinds of minerals form egg shell, such as:

  • magnesium
  • strontium
  • fluoride
  • selenium.

The other beneficial components of egg shell are:

  • collagen
  • chondroitin
  • glucosamine
  • hyaluronic acid.

The Health Benefits of Crushed Egg Shell

By the nutritional information of crushed egg shell above, we can tell that we can obtain health benefits from the shell we usually toss it to the garbage bin.  And to make it detail, here are thee health benefits of crushed egg shell we should know:

  1. Soothe joints pain

A vigorous activity may lead you to the painful joints, especially for those over 30 years old. The painful joints is mainly caused by thee sore join. In this case, crushed egg shell is able to relieve the painful joints. You just need to make a mixture of crushed egg shell with apple cider vinegar in a glass jar.

Put the lid of the jar and let the mixture sit for two days. The vinegar well dissolves the shell, so that it makes a very good mixture. When the solution is ready, you can rub it on to the painful part. It will help soothing thee inflammation. You can use the solution more than once. Make sure you screw the jar shut and safe it in the dry and cool place.

  1. Treat skin irritation

The solution of crushed egg shell and apple cider vinegar can also treat the skin irritation. It relieve itching and redness as the symptom of skin irritation. Dab the solution on to the irritated skin and let it dry. You’ll find your skin quickly relieved by this homemade remedy.

In addition, apple cider vinegar has been acknowledged as the beneficial home remedy. Especially when we make solution of water with apple cider vinegar for the Health Benefits of Water and Apple Cider Vinegar.

  1. Peels dry cuticle

We might often find the skin around the fingernail gets dry and peeling. And we can help to bite it and roughly peel the dry skin. further, we will end up with worsen and painful cuticle. Instead of biting the cuticle, we need to apply something to soften the dry cuticle and peel it safely.

We can simply apply lotion to the dry cuticle. However, it will only soften the skin. If we want to peel it, we can apply crushed egg shell on it. Add some drops of water to crushed egg shell. Apply the solution on the cuticle, and let it dry. When it is dried, rub the egg shell, and you’ll find thee cuticle soften and healthier.

  1. Soften skin

Surprisingly, we can have the health benefits of crushed egg shell for skin.  We can employ the crushed egg shell into an inexpensive homemade facial mask. Put the finely crushed of one or two egg shell with egg with. As we know, egg white can bring the Health Benefits of Egg White on Face. Whisk the mixture well.

Then, apply the maker just like when you applying another kind of mask. Once it is dried, rinse off with the lukewarm water. In the end, you’ll find your skin softer and brighter from the first usage. It is possible since the egg shell is able to gently buff away the dry and dead skin. In addition, the calcium of thee egg shell is actively promote the cell regeneration and result the more radiant skin.

  1. Reduce acidity in coffee

Most of you might agree if we say coffee as the most powerful wake up drink to start the day. However, some of us can stand the acidity of coffee, especially in an empty stomach. For the solution, we can add creamer to add the delicacy and put aside the acidity.

Otherwise, we can also reduce the acidity. In this case the crushed egg shell is able to reduce the coffee’s acidity. We can add the finely crushed egg shell on the ground before we brew the coffee. We’ll find the coffee be softer and easier on stomach without reducing its powerful effect of caffeine.

  1. Prevent osteoporosis

A research in 2003 proved that involving crushed egg shell powder into health supplement is able to prevent osteoporosis in post menopause women. It is because e high level dietary calcium from eggshell which able to add the bone density and avoid the bone loss. Therefore, egg shell powder is effective in preventing and treating osteoporosis.

Precautions in Using Crushed Egg Shell

There are some precautions you should consider before using the crushed egg shell.

  • First, make sure that you use the clean eggshell. The eggshell may be contaminated by bacteria such salmonella enteritidis. Therefore, we need to boil or bake the egg shell before using it, especially when we use the egg shell for oral supplement.
  • If you use the crushed egg shell for an oral supplement, grind the shell finely to obtain the health benefits of crushed egg shell. The large fragment may injure the digestive track.

Recommendation in Using Crushed Egg Shell

To make a finely crushed egg shell powder, you can use pestle and mortar. For the efficient and faster result, you can also equip yourself with dry blender to crush the shell into powder. Or else, you may check the health food shops if the egg shell powder is readily available. Once you get the powder, you can use the powder for both topical use and oral supplement. For oral supplement, you can add the powder into your healthy juice or your favorite foods such spaghetti, pizza, and bread.

And if we talk about the recommended intake, 2.5 grams of egg shell in a day is sufficient to give health benefits of crushed egg shell for adult. In addition, it is better to ask for some advice from your doctor to make sure that the use of eggshell will give benefits for your health condition. On the other hand, the excessive use may result the excessive calcium which lead to the kidney stones and heart problems.