Is Fenugreek Good for Diabetes ? (Scientific explanation)

Once you were diagnosed with diabetes, it doesn’t mean that your life will be ended. Instead, it is the time for you to be aware of your daily diet. Fenugreek is widely known as part of famous Indian spices which is produced from the seeds. However, the other parts of the plant could be use […]

Is Dates Good For Diabetic Patient ? (# Expert Judges)

For Muslims, dates (palm fruits) is very popular for fasting. Therefore, dates are rich in nutrients that good to add to our daily intake. This fruits from East contains vitamin A, thiamine, vitamin B complex, folate, vitamin C, E, K, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Dates contain high […]

11 Benefits of Ginger for Diabetes (Is Good or Not ? )

Ginger is a herbal plant which has thick tuberous rhizome and has lots of benefits for human body including the effect to certain disease such as diabetes. Diabetes is one of disease which has been spread world wide and become an epidemic nowadays. People tend to suffer diabetes, most of them are type 2, because […]

6 Reasons Why Green Tea is Best for Diabetes Patients

Green tea, which is the products made from Camellia sinensis leaves, is one of the varieties of tea, alongside with black tea and oolong tea. While it is originates from China, but right in the moment you can find it all around the world. Green tea, which is commonly served as a beverage, also has […]

Is Tea Good for Diabetes Patient ? (#Expert Explanations)

Tea is world’s favorite and healthiest drink. It is not only simple and delicious beverages but centuries of studies have found that tea is also beneficial for health and highly recommended to be consumed daily. Recent studies found that polyphenols found in tea could help in reducing the risk of diabetes by increasing the insulin […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Okra for Diabetes (#1 Relieve Diabetes)

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas organ in the body can no longer produce enough insulin, where the insulin acts as blood sugar-regulating hormone. Lack of insulin production causes the blood sugar continues to rise only in the blood and cannot be distributed into the body’s cells. If this condition continues, […]

8 Causes of Tired After Eating (No.6-8 Deadly)

Have you ever felt so drowsy and tired after eating? Most people had this experience and sometimes this phenomenon makes people become little bit concerns about their health conditions. People tend to afraid that they are suffering from specific diseases and they ended up asking questions like “Why am I tired after eating?”. For many […]

20 Diabetes Symptoms Unconsciously (Women & Man)

Diabetes is a condition when the level of blood glucose in the body is higher than normal. Blood glucose is the content of sugar in the blood and is used for creating energy, so this is actually an important element. Glucose can stay in your blood when you eat foods containing glucose such s bread, […]

21 Real Benefits of Brown Rice For Health – Weight Loss – Diabetes

Benefits of Brown Rice for losing weight is the most popular in the world, there are many people eat this for thier diet program. We all know brown rice as a healthy menu for weight loss and diabetes. The calorie content in brown rice is lower when compared to white rice is good for diet […]

11 Long Term Effects of Type 2 Diabetes in the body – Complications

Almost every person at risk for developing diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation shown that every nine minutes someone dies by diabetes. Experts define diabetes as a disease or a chronic metabolic disorder with multiple aetiologies characterized by high blood sugar levels accompanied by impaired metabolism of lipids proteins and carbohydrates as a result of insufficiency […]