Is Fenugreek Good for Diabetes ? (Scientific explanation)

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Once you were diagnosed with diabetes, it doesn’t mean that your life will be ended. Instead, it is the time for you to be aware of your daily diet. Fenugreek is widely known as part of famous Indian spices which is produced from the seeds. However, the other parts of the plant could be use as herbs too, like the dried leaves that could be use as tea or the fresh leaves and the sprout that could be mixed as delicious salad. In some countries like in Ethiopia, fenugreek is also use as part of the medicine herbs which is believed to be able in treating diabetes.

Well, recent studies also have proven that some substances contained in fenugreek is good for diabetes patients. Below are the 10 reasons why fenugreek is good for Diabetes:

  1. High in Fiber

Fenugreek is high in soluble fiber called mucilaginous which already proven to be effective in lowering blood sugar. This kind of fiber could be found in the fenugreek seeds. Using fenugreek as part of your daily diet could help you maintaining your blood sugar level.

  1. Slowing Down the Absorption of Carbohydrate

By slowing down the absorption of carbohydrate, the production of glucose in blood is also slowed down. In other words, fenugreek has great contribution in limiting the amount of glucose to make the level under checked.

  1. Improving Insulin Tolerance

The other super power that fenugreek has is able to improve the insulin tolerance, so it is good for those who were diagnosed with diabetes type 2. The inability of body system in responding to insulin is the main cause of diabetes type 2. Fenugreek has ability to optimize the respond body to the insulin produced.

  1. Lowering LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

Cholesterol is one of the factors that could increase the risk of diabetes. Controlling it is the best solution to reduce the risk of diabetes.

  1. Controlling Appetite

Well, controlling appetite is not a big deal for some people but it could be difficult for people with diabetes. As rich in fiber, fenugreek has quality to make you feel full faster and reduce your appetite to consume foods that your body doesn’t need.

  1. Rich of Antioxidant

FenugreekAntioxidant might be famous as substance to fight free radical and powerful cell protector. So, what is the relation of diabetes? Well, free radical could cause oxidative damage and oxidative damage is closely related to the increasing of LDL or bad cholesterol and LDL is like a gate which if you enter it, diseases like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension were already waiting for you.

  1. Slowing Down Digestion

Having a slow digestion system is not always bad because in people with diabetes, slower digestion means slower production of glucose, slow glucose production means lower level of blood sugar.

  1. Optimizing the Absorption of Sugar

The main reason why sugar level in blood is due to the absorption of sugar in blood is not optimal. Sugar or glucose is essential source of energy; energy you use for your daily activity but due to some problems, all glucose in blood is not optimally turned into energy which causes the higher sugar level in blood that could cause diabetes.

  1. Increasing Insulin Production

In diabetes type 1, the production of insulin is the main problem. Insulin is chemical substance which has important role in removing excess glucose from the blood to be turned into energy or body fat.

  1. Good for Diet

Obesity is also the main reason behind diabetes type 2. Excess fat in the body causes insulin to not function optimally. By consuming healthy food and doing regular exercise still highly recommended for those who have problem with body weight. Healthy body shape means higher chance to avoid diabetes.

With all the benefits mentioned above, Fenugreek is not without risk. Perhaps it is still safe if you use it daily as cuisine spices but the problem will occur if you are consuming in high dosage, especially those who is taking fenugreek supplement.

  1. Bloating and Gas

Bloating might not cause serious disease but it could make you feel so uncomfortable.

  1. Low Blood Sugar Level

Consuming fenugreek in high dosage could cause a person suffering a low blood sugar which could lead to faint and much more serious conditions.

  1. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women

Not all foods that good to treat diabetes will be good for pregnant women who eager to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. One example is fenugreek, it is probably true that it could reduce the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women but fenugreek also has substances that could induce early labor that could lead to miscarriage and bleeding. However, consuming it as cuisine spices is still tolerable.

If talking about diabetes, some people might thought that this disease is hard to fight. What you need is just a will power that there is no disease that you cannot deal with. Dealing with diabetes is as easy as controlling your daily diet, however sometimes people don’t take this advice seriously and still depend on the medication prescribed by their doctor while they still continue their unhealthy lifestyle. Well, it is just a matter of choice, will you change your lifestyle or not?