17 Common Symptoms of Dehydration (No.2 Deceive)

Symptoms of Dehydration is play important factor to help patient and prevent deadly syndrome. We bet that everyone of you ever suffer from dehydration. So, dehydration is the disorder when your body losses more fluids than you drink. The loss of these fluids is commonly comes from the excessive sweating. When too much water is […]

18 Symptoms of Streptococcus Bacteria Infections

Streptococcus groups of bacteria are commonly known as the harmful bacteria which will cause you some problems if these bacteria invade your body. Before we talk about the symptoms or causes that these bacteria could do, first we need to know that there are two groups of Streptococcus, which are Group A and Group B […]

17 Symptoms of Listeria Monocytogenes Infections

Do you ever know the bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes? This bacteria is the bacteria that commonly caused the infections called listeriosis. Basically, you could find this bacteria in a soil, dust, animal feces, processed foods, or raw meat. When this bacteria invade your body, there will be some symptoms that you will feel and some […]

15 Causes of Sleepy in The Morning (Danger Symptoms)

Have you ever felt so drowsy and sleepy in the morning? Many people have already experienced it in their lifetime since those sleepy and drowsy feeling in the morning could be caused by various disorders and disease. People will tend to feel so sleepy in the morning when they are experiencing some sleeping disorder during […]

30 Causes of Pins and Needles : Preventing & Treatment

Have you ever felt the pins and needles sensation? We bet that every one of you has already experienced it in your lifetime. Generally, pins and needles is a common condition and often nothing to be concerned about since its just a sign from your nerves that telling you that your specific part of the […]

8 Causes of Tired After Eating (No.6-8 Deadly)

Have you ever felt so drowsy and tired after eating? Most people had this experience and sometimes this phenomenon makes people become little bit concerns about their health conditions. People tend to afraid that they are suffering from specific diseases and they ended up asking questions like “Why am I tired after eating?”. For many […]

Black Spot on Lip : Causes, Treatment, Preventing

Don’t you just hate it when you are about to go out to meet your friends, family and relatives, or having an important meeting, and you just realized, what is that above my upper lips? Those stubborn little spots or even big patches of dark skin on the area between your nose and lips. Oh, […]

11 Black Spot On Tongue Causes (No.1 & 4 Most Frequent Cause)

Tongue is one of the vital organs to help us to talk and taste the food. The state of the tongue can be a good indicator of a person in good health or not. Normally, healthy tongue color is pink. Under certain conditions, the tongue may experience various problems. The emergence of black spots on the […]